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  1. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2019/1/30/the-future-of-organized-play/ So I have a question: Will there be any initiatives for Organized Play that aren't competitive card and mini games? Specifically, with their be support for FFG's various Role-Playing Properties similar to D&D Adventurer's League or Pathfinder/Starfinder's Society? (Adventures designed to be run at conventions, Organized RPG rules.) I think FFG has a real opportunity to carve out their own niche in the convention scene and the FLGS that isn't being covered by D&D and Pathfinder, but it requires a certain level of organization and support similar to the more competitive games FFG has to offer.
  2. I run the app on my phone and can't access the app without a 4G signal. Some FLGS have the gaming area in the basement with no Wi-Fi.
  3. Having Republic and CIS conversion kits may seem like "Double Dipping" a little too much. Since they did a Starter Box for Force Awakens, it's possible the Republic/CIS follows the same model. Have a new "Core" with 1 Jedi Interceptor versus 2 Vulture Droids Wave 1 then becomes: Republic 1 Small Ship - Jedi Interceptor 1 Small Ship - V-wing maybe? 1 Small or Medium Ship - ARC-170 (For no other reason to create an ARC-170 with a Medium base slot) 1 Large Ship - Republic Gunship CIS 1 Small Ship - Vulture Droid 1 Small Ship - Sheathipede Shuttle (Since they have the mold already) or possibly the CIS Heavy Figther (Grevious' Fighter in RoTS) 1 Small or Medium Ship - HMP Droid Gunship or some variation of Vulture bomber or the previous heavy fighter 1 Medium or Large Ship - Sith Infiltrator Here's the thing, I'm not sure they'll add ships to the Scum faction to differentiate "Clone Wars Scum". I'm not sure they want to bloat the scum faction relative to the other factions. First Wave of 2.0 (Including the TIE reaper and Saw's Renegades) was 3 Rebel Ships, 3 Imperial Ships, and 3 Scum ships. I could see them doing a 4 republic and 4 CIS models. It's possible that when it comes time to go back to the Scum faction, they'll release Clone Wars era ships. However, unless FFG is told to produce specific models by Disney, I don't see that happening any time soon.
  4. If they were going to add the Sentinel Shuttle as a Large Ship, I'd wish they pull the Lambda back to a medium. Or at least some clarification what makes a medium ship versus a large ship.
  5. Raithnor

    U-Wings in 2.0

    Leveraging Heff's ability was the first thing I tried doing in 2.0, it works okay but given how the rules are structured Heff's ability doesn't do a whole lot. At most you will get two extra actions, after that point Heff runs out of actions that can be performed. Zeb can be a liability, unless you have Swarm Tactics loaning Heff a better initiative. Intimidation is a good card, but it doesn't really synergize with Heff. Despite being a small base, Arvel might be a better choice. Arvel can shoot at what he's bumping without being shot back, so he doesn't have Zeb's drawback. Also Arvel can boost into bumping another ship, so low initiative ships will suffer from Intimidate more consistently. I also added AP-5 in the Phantom II, which is a White Coordinate that can be used on someone who's stressed which is more flexible that a regular coordinate.
  6. I'd be really leery of ships with a chrome finish like the Naboo ships. If the chrome starts flaking off it could look like garbage. The N-1s could get away with it, since only the front and bottom are Chrome.
  7. The LAATs I see filling a similar role as the Auzituck Gunships since the Wookiees adapted the later from the former. The general rule of thumb for large base ships has been: "Is the ship about 30M in length?" The rule isn't strictly applied though, but base size is sometime an indicator of speed as opposed to how much of a physical footprint the ship occupies. The G-9 rigger I could see occupying the Large Slot, you have Skywalker, Kenobi, and Tano as pilots.
  8. This is a good primer on ships of the CIS:
  9. They should be a general rule: "Anything that sounds like it might have a Earth origin (Roman/Greek Letters, various animals, terms that only have meaning in an Earth historical context) has it's origins in Pre-Republic Human Culture and the precise origins have been lost to time." That would end a lot of these arguments.
  10. I saw this. I think the author made an oversight by saying the U-Wing's only function is as a troop carrier. You can put an Electronic Warfare group on the U-Wing to help co-ordinate the battle similar to modern AWACS. So despite not having the same speed as the faster fighters, the U-Wing can still contribute something to the battlespace other than as troop carrier. That's my only nitpick, the rest of the video was fairly spot-on. It's still a logistical nightmare compared to having 2 Xs or 2 As, 2 Ys or 2 Bs. I'm getting a very "Dirty Dozen"-feel to the concept though, you're bringing in a diverse group of specialists for an objective. So if nothing else the book will demonstrate what a Y-Wing brings that a B-Wing doesn't and vice versa. Same for a X-wing versus an A-wing.
  11. Dumb question: Should the Jumpmaster be a medium ship? (If it isn't already, I might have missed that memo.) The canonical size puts it closer to the U-Wing and Firespray than the YT-1300 and the YV-666.
  12. I feel like the title "Lando's Millennium Falcon" title sort of buries the lead a little bit. Rolling an additional attack die seems more important that some of the shuttle business, even with adding two extra shields.
  13. I also went to B&N to see if they had any XWing 1.0 on clearance, sadly everything was full price. Although it a deal can be had online, it would be easy to say: "I'm going to pick up at X-store." I'm in a position where I have enough ship from each faction to justify a conversion kit, but I don't have every mini that they produced. However I don't like jumping from faction to faction every other week. So it's hard for me to buy up all of the Scum ship I don't own. Or ships like the TIE Aggressor and Striker which are kinda... meh.
  14. "Decreasing its profile" could also be argued in term of "Increasing its agility".
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