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  1. I would love a new version of TIE Fighter with modern graphics. Or even X-Wing. XvT was just too centered around the online battle. I loved the story line that TIE Fighter had - that was missing in XvT.
  2. Do we have any idea yet on when the Wave 1 reprints are going to start showing up in stores? I really want a Y-Wing and another X-Wing but I'm not paying the outrageous eBay prices. I know it is listed as "Q4"........but do we know when?
  3. All good points. I imagine the licensing was very expensive.
  4. As a part time IOS developer, I agree that this would not be a simple undertaking. We play the game at my day job over lunch, but there are tons of friends of mine that live far and wide from where I am at that I would love to be able to play with on a turn basis. I would *love* to work on this though if FFG is listening.
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