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  1. It is fairly easy to manipulate an e-copy of an upgrade card to give an unfair advantage. The easiest way to stop cheating at official events is not "self-policing" by the players or TOs, but by removing the ability to cheat in certain ways. In this case, they remove the possibility (or at least minimize it as best as they can) by requiring only official cards and no proxies. Keeps the ground as level as possible for all players.
  2. That's a possibility, although I think it would be a bit too coincidental. I tried to take into account what we know so far about Episode VII: The planet is named Jakku, over which apparently there was a huge battle between the Rebellion and the Empire. The last known person to pilot the Falcon was Lando, who was also owner/operator of Bespin. Bespin was where Luke lost the saber. Rey salvages scraps from the hulks left over from the Battle of Jakku. After that, it's all speculation: Lando and the Falcon would likely be at the Battle of Jakku. Lando found or was given the saber on Bespin. Lando kept the saber with him. Lando lost the saber or was forced to leave the saber in the Falcon. Rey finds the Falcon and the saber. Han and Chewie find Rey when looking for the Falcon. Edit: And I realize that my scenario is no less coincidental.
  3. So here's my theory on Luke's saber showing up in Ep. VII: As we know, Luke loses his saber and hand on Bespin. They end up caught in something similar to what caught Luke, and don't fall all the way to the planet core. An employee of Bespin finds them and reports it to Lando. Lando stores the saber for safekeeping while Luke is hiding out and training with Yoda. While training, Luke crafts a new saber. Fast-forward to the Battle of Endor. Lando heads that way in the Falcon with the saber stored in the ship, ready to give it back to Luke. But Lando sees that Luke already has a new saber, so he doesn't give Luke's original back to him, maybe hoping to sell it for a profit (he is a scoundrel, after all). Lando is the last person we see flying the Falcon in the OT. Fast-forward to the Battle of Jakku. Lando is there in the Falcon again, since this is (apparently) a pretty major action in the continuing war. He has since either forgotten about the saber stored on the Falcon or just stores it in there to keep it close. The Falcon crash-lands on Jakku and Lando and crew have to abandon ship pretty quickly (maybe still under fire from the Empire). The saber sits in the Falcon, forgotten, until Rey (a junker on the planet Jakku) stumbles across the wreckage of the Falcon and finds the saber. Coincidentally, Han and Chewie find the Falcon at the same time, recognize the saber in Rey's hand, and want to return it to its rightful owner (Luke). So there you go. A more realistic way (at least more realistic than the saber falling through the freakin' atmosphere) for Luke's lightsaber to end up on a different planet to kick off the new trilogy.
  4. Thanks My main problem it that I don't know exactly what to expect. My experience is limited to the Spiel Messe in Essen (Germany) but that is a Fair, with companies basically displaying their new stuff, not a convention of gamers in the sense Gen Con is. So, I have problems to imagine what the Gen Con experience will be. I will try narrow down my search and see what happen :) I am really excited about going there :) Imagine a room the size of a football pitch that houses all of the companies showing stuff off similarly to what you describe with the Spiel Messe, with two or three more rooms the same size full of gamers of all types, playing games of all types, in official and non-official tournaments. Just don't go there hoping to see absolutely everything. Even if you go all day for the four days, you probably won't see everything or play every game there. Edit: Oh, there will also be several smaller rooms with more games going on as well, it's all spread out over a pretty large convention center.
  5. For questions of duration of the effects, a single line added to each card could help maintain balance. Example: Duration: Entire Game or Duration: Until original criteria are no longer met This way, if an effect is deemed too powerful (e.g., a Formation of 3 X-Wings gets an additional red die when attacking), it can be modified by the duration so if the list ever drops to two or fewer X-Wings, the effect is lost. Rogue Squadron Requirement: 3 or more X-Wings, one of which must be Wedge Antilles Effect: All X-Wings gain +1 Red die when attacking with their primary weapon Duration: Lasts until there are 2 or fewer X-Wings remaining in the squadron Cost: 2 or Rogue Squadron Requirement: 3 or more X-Wings, one of which must be Wedge Antilles Effect: All X-Wings gain +2 PS to their Pilot Skill Duration: Entire game Cost: 2
  6. If you can't decide before you go, get Generic tickets and see what catches your eye when you get there. Spots usually fill up quick, though, so I would save that as a last resort.
  7. Good point!It would be easy enough to make an adapter stem piece, though. To OP: yes, it would be different, but is variety a good enough reason to implement something? If you play D&D Attack Wing, the Wyvern unit has an adapter. The model has a small-stem opening in it, but it's a large-base unit.
  8. But he's so roly-poly and cute! I had my doubts on BB8 after the first teaser, figuring that it was a digital addition that was going to appear out of place. My concerns dissipated quickly when I learned he was a practical model that actually works and moves like that. Now I'm just impressed. ^This. As soon as he/she/it rolled out onto the stage at Celebration, I was sold. That's just impressive.
  9. To further improve them, you could recast Anakin (both child and teen) with people who could act, and hire a script re-writer to smooth out some of George's cringe-inducing dialog.
  10. It looks more to me that it is a modified TIE, with a thin slit of a viewport instead of the large round/octagonal one. Maybe a hero's personal craft? Edit: Ninja'd
  11. Wow, BB-8 as a practical model. Impressive
  12. But in Armada, it's not a pure "360* firing arc", because even though the ships can fire in any direction, they can't fire equally in every direction. E.g., the Victory Star Destroyer can throw 6 dice at an enemy ship in its front arc, but only 2 dice from the rear arc. And the VSD only has 1 shield in the rear arc (as opposed to 3 in the front), so there is every reason to keep enemy ships from outflanking you and it definitely keeps things from getting boring.
  13. Another option for the BSG Armada is to have the Battlestars broken up into different versions: BS Mk I for the older ones, and BS Mk II for the newer ones. Have them be generic with Title options that include special abilities (e.g., the Pegasus title would be able to spend Engineering points to replace destroyed Viper squads, Galactica would get an extra Brace token, etc.). That gives you two different models (Mk I and Mk II), with different cards and abilities for individual ships. And of course, Vipers. Lots of Vipers.
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