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  1. Hi again RB says that if character doesn't have exotic weapon trining (in particular one) he gets -20 to ws/bs tests. OK. But take doom siren - exotic weapon isn't it? and that badass has spray trait which states that it DOESN'T need to take BS test to hit. How it combines with the exotic weapon rule? Means that without that talent u can not use it whatsoever? please explain it to me sir. greets
  2. no no no it's not the case, don't care on PC. i mean adversaies and their tables. in example look at the incubus profile in both systems or hellbrute one. changed values in that charts in profit of OW ones. why? they were too weak in BC? (personally think yes, correct?)
  3. sory 4 my English; i mean all that table which contains characteristics like Strenght, BS, WS etc
  4. Hi there, I have a question to some BC veterans. Recently i compared differences in adversaries speciffication between BC and OW. I noticed that in the mayor way they're similar but generally characteristics table is a little stronger for OW. The point is that in BC you could play space marines, which indicates all that power armour and another strong stuff. In OW u re a guardsmen, so in general u re much more fragile. What version of characteristics table do u use/prefere? are that printed in OW books just updated ones or what? Am a little confused. thx for advice
  5. I am really excited for that game! When the Invasion was announced i was happy, but back then i had wished similar LCG game in WH40k Universe. Dreams come true but... Looking at the Alliance chart some thoughts are hitting me hard: 1) Eldar and Dark Eldar in team ? No way. 2) Space Marines and Tau ... emm? Mabe if switch nr 1) and 2) ? I mean Eldars some rare times cooperated with SM. Its not a big differance but Eldar and Dark Eldar in team are a little pain in the.. a. what do u think?
  6. (...) especially since chaos marines aren't practicallty speaking immune to insanity and fear in the way their loyalist cousins are (...) in my opinion that rule (also in wh40k battle - know no fear) is really ridiculous. I mean - CSM have seen and experienced more nightmarish stuff than normal SM, especially all traitor legionaires - Death Guard running with fear away from the lesser deamon while SM recruit doesn't sounds like pile of ... . thanks for the armour answer but what with others? also i would like to get 100% sure answer on Favoured of the Warp talent. Its 3 tier and really do not so much, its just too expensive, isn't it?
  7. Hi there! Am GM for a some time long and absolutely lovin thet game as much as chaos alone. Through my sessions i've started to wonder about some issues in rules, here they are - please help me with some: 1) In ToB there was a special trate form mounts - reinforced - means that SM could ride it, and only then - that trait is ONLY in ToB... it referes also to beast (and organical mounts I assume) - but in ToE there is not such trait.... also Disc of Tzeench in ToF doesn't have it... so whats that? is it deliberately or creators simply have forgotten of that trait? can SM ride on mounts in ToE or ToF? (i also assume thet yes, but what is going with the reinforced trait? is it just one-book stuff?), 2) there are few new talents in ToE - but what with alignment? is there any appropriate table or sth? if i choose one what it does with alingment path? which god is assosciated? 3) Favoured by the warp talent - is not triggered when there are perils of the warp, is it in situation when I roll on PotW table or even when rolling in Psychic Phenomenon Table - result 75+? for example i pushed and in PP table i rolled 76 - can i trigger another rol from favoured by the Warp talent or not? i think yes - becouse it is a tier 3 talent but literally interpreting - no clue, 4) some mutation have specific further features in particular god's path, but what with unaligned characters? they are alligned with all of the gods so can such PC take one of the following effects for example in Tail mutation? 5) I have all the books and think this is brilliant stuff, but i have a strange impression that Lesser Deamons such a Deamonettes, Horrors, Bloodletters, Plaguebearers are underpowered... - just that deamons (except Great ones) in rule book are worst than in the following supplement ones, am i correct? there is no problem for SM to kick that deamons out of one's way - i know that i can modify statistics but for simple mechanic, what u think? 6) SM power armour have 8all and 10 body armour value, but in Rubric Marine Table in ToF i cannot find that 10armour on body... is that another bug? i appreciate any help, and sorry for language - am not a native English, cheers!
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