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  1. Great Looking Balanced Rules Imminent Release Pick Two. Honestly, I can understand you from a point of view of "He got an ice cream, I want one too!" Yea, I'm an Imp player too, and I want a nice Epic ship as well. But I just finished buying TWO a month or two ago. I haven't even had time to game them ONCE. Give FFG a break, they havn't wronged us yet. And GW have. Almost every day. *pats my nephilim jetfighter* It's okay, I'm sure the 8th edition codex will give you a decent cost and ruleset. But till then, the wolf gunships make you a $100 paperweight.
  2. I would love to see a Corsec faction if nothing more than to see X-wings (one piloted by Corran Horn no less) side by side with TIE Interceptors.
  3. Well, to be fair, the Dark Lord is the only pilot that makes the ship good. So there is no reason NOT to pilot him right now anyways...
  4. Battalia


    use this URL to see a bigger pic: https://pbs.twimg.com/media/BvF8iP0IIAAMXdI.jpg:large Stats look to be 3-1-4-4 You look to be correct, barrel roll.
  5. I'm KINDA hoping for X-wings and Interceptors in the 3rd faction simply to make a CorSec themed force... But seeing as those 2 are pretty iconic for both factions, it would likely not happen.
  6. That assault frigate looks really ugly, but it is hard to tell from that picture alone The pic doesn't do it much injustice unfortunately.
  7. 3rd faction. Scum and Villainy...
  8. with Fleet Officer (3) And Veteran Instincts (1) With Ysanne (4) Tactical Jammer (1) Determination (1) Fly Captain Kirk between the admiral for a free evade, and if they shoot kirk then he gets super tanky real quickly. The Admiral can provide focus for the both of them allowing kirk to focus for flex or go all out attack with Target Lock. 32 HP isn't going to shift quickly and those turrets will see your opponents frustrated at every turn.
  9. I almost want to run the rear admiral and Kenkirk (who will obviously only be referred to as Capt. Kirk) together. 10 points for upgrades can make them pretty punchy too.
  10. I also bought it to simply throw dice while on break at work, for theory crafting. I was expecting something half arsed, and when I first got it, I thought it was. But when you figure out the short-cuts its actually not bad, and I'd say I could probably throw the dice and modify quicker than someone with real dice, so no problem of slowing the game there. But thats with me looking at the screen. Trying to crowd 2 people around it may be more interesting. I'd give it a try, but like all FFG products, its not bad. Perhaps a tad overpriced for what you get, but not bad.
  11. Battalia

    I suck at X-wing.

    As they say, you can take the world champions list and lose with it. You may be changing too often. You don't know what works and what doesn't work after the change, and some of it has to do with your opponents lists changing as well. Find something you LIKE to fly, and game it 3-4 times before changing. Then you can learn and adapt to FLYING your list properly, then take the math-hammer to it and change it slightly.
  12. Kind of like Star Trek Attack Wing but to scale? Honestly, I wouldn't mind TOO much about something like this where a star destroyer is the size of a millennium falcon... But I just can't see it working out well. Maybe once X-Wing is wrapped up, its a possibility, but the two would play too similarly and call from the same players that they would via too much for the same attention. I'd probably buy the miniatures, but I'd choose one or the other to play, not both.
  13. Battalia

    Slave-1 Repaint

    Looks great. I think a light wash to bring out the details would finish it off real well.
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