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  1. So I want to start with saying I didn’t read this whole thread, but there’s some faulty info right at the start. The source of the Jedi being 6000 years old comes from the novel Tarkin and not The Last Jedi. And in that novel, that date is given to when a Sith shrine was built in Coruscant, on the mountain that would one day become the Jedi temple. 6000 is the earliest date in the current continuity, and so the Jedi are at the very least 6000 years old. There are some holes however, as the Jedi logically predate the Sith, and the Sith would not build that temple until some time during or after the Hundred Year Darkness.
  2. Another thing that seems missed is that a Triumph can be used to activate weapon qualities too. 15/100 seems really low if that’s being factored in also.
  3. I'd make Talents and a stat block for a normal wolf and a werewolf Have a Lycanthropy talent that allows transformation into a wolf where you use the stats for the normal wolf, or at least the physical characteristics. Then Improved Lycanthropy where you turn into a werewolf, and use the higher of your's or the werewolve's characteristics. Custom spells could probably handle anything else a lycan does. The setting I'm working on uses a re-working of Obligation for all supernatural creatures, and so the chance of transforming from moonlight would only be present when there Obligation triggers. Exposure to moonlight would call for a Discipline check to prevent from transforming, or to come down from a rage when already transformed. Vampires would also be from a Talent, and once that's taken then Talents replicating what Eliza from the adventure is capable of. And the option to buy the spells she uses.
  4. So I don’t know how likely it is I’ll actually make a Destiny setting since to make it how I’d like it seems like a lot of work, but I had a use for the Force die in that. So in the video game all your special abilities are on a cooldown. To simulate that in Genesys I would have players be able to roll the Force die each round, and either use the points they generate right then, or pool them between rounds. Weaker abilities would only need a few points to activate, while something major like using your Super would require many.
  5. I know Artisan Dice was unable to make Star Wars Dice because of the copyright in the symbols, I wonder if Genesys dice might be a possibility.
  6. Revanchist7

    West Marches

    I had to look it up after seeing this, but it's basically a style of gaming that's suitable for large groups and abandons the idea of a campaign in favor of exploring a sandbox. The PCs are explorers stationed in a settlement at the edge of a huge wilderness. The players decided where they would like to explore out of game and inform the GM ahead of time. When it's time for the session whoever wants to play plays, and whoever isn't interested stays back.
  7. Oooh oooh oooh I got it. Dark Souls.
  8. Or they can do what they/LFL wants. Something that's neat, honors the past, and will make them some money.
  9. Revanchist7


    Lol yeah, all of my complaints go out the window if you look at F4
  10. Revanchist7


    Unpopular opinion since Edge of the Wasteland helped inspire Genesys, but Fallout for me needs to be percentile based with perks and SPECIAL. Without those it just isn't Fallout.
  11. I see a couple of mentions of Destiny and that makes me happy. I had been thinking about making a Destiny hack even before this was announced, although my plans make liberal use of the Force die which this will lack.
  12. Miraluka are showing up in that new Mace Windu comic, just saying...
  13. See, I really like Kylo, he's interesting and different. And basically canon Jacen Solo, which is what I really wanted the sequels to be about. I liked the film though.
  14. Yeah, he cowrote with Lawrence Kasden. Michael Arndt did a really early draft of the script, and Lucas provided the initial outline.
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