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  1. Hmm I like the idea of the card sort of being a catalyst for bad things to happen, or worsen situations that would fit it. It also gives me a way of using it without having a player in my group becoming possessed by a daemon. (They are also new to the universe) I'd love to hear other ideas still, since as Rumil pointed out, I should prolly let them forget about it for a bit
  2. Hey, I'm a relatively new GM so bear over with me on various mistakes i make I'm currently running a campaign with some of the starter adventures and while running "Illumination" the psyker of the group, picked up the last tarot card when the Daemon died. He hasn't reported this tarot card as being found and plans on keeping it (I'm thinking) Now we are running "Purge the unclean" we are in the first part of "rejoice for you are true" I got them pretty well introduced to the task at hand, without the card being part of the solution. So now my question is to you, other more experienced players then me, how do I punish him for keeping this card? I was thinking something about the events that happened with Aristarchus should be somewhat replicated, and force the Daemon to corrupt his mind. How would you guys play this out... or do you have any other ideas. Anything is very welcome.
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