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  1. And Photoshop is my friend for the multiple games I run. For token, maps, assets etc. But that is not the point. The point would be to have maps ready for use upon purchase. And that comes back to the original point that high resolution maps would be nice for several reasons.
  2. I have those, I use those. They work. Big problem with them is, that they are 4th edition. So they show places and routes that may not exist in 5th or do not exist yet. And they are not the art style that ffg is going with L5R. I love the rokugan map from FFG, but it is not large enough and does not have a high enough resolution to be useful other than for show. Same with the other maps, they are pretty, but they are not functional. For example the Mask of the Oni Daylight Castle Map. It is pretty, but there is only one version that has labels on it. One without would be cool, and one without the hidden caves and tunnels (Same with Emerald Champion Castle Map) and so on. Not to mention the same problem with resolution and size. I can work with them, but they could be more functional. I play exclusively via online platforms, as mentioned in above post, so those things are key and necessary for smooth play.
  3. I second that. The digital versions lack the detail that is available on paper. I own all digital assets and can only play it via online platforms and the maps are essential from time to time. It worked for emerald empire, it can work for other digital versions too.
  4. Usually it takes about 2-4 weeks after the printed release for it to make its way to drivethruRPG. I am hoping rather sooner than later.
  5. You are right. Maybe you picked it up in the short story "Flying Chariot, Standing" that has been released. It depicts a meeting between a Unicorn Courtier and the Imperial Herald.
  6. No pacifism here. If you go over your endurance you get the incapacitated condition, rendering you unable to defend yourself. If you decide to attack that enemy one more time it is an automatic critical strike and the target gains the unconscious condition. Sure, you could use an off-hand fist strike to get a rather weak deadliness. Even earth stance doesn't help, as it only helps against spending Opportunity to inflict a critical strike or conditions.
  7. Prudii


    ROLE: Player LOOKING FOR: GM/Group TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Dark Heresy, REGION: Austria, Europe SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Mostly on the Weekend all day but willing to play during the week on afternoons. The time is GMT+1. GAME STYLE: I prefer a good mix of combat from time to time and interesting investigation work the rest of it (Investigation work as main target is also great). Contact: Skype ( philipettl ) , a PM or Roll20.net ( Philip E. https://app.roll20.net/users/282319/philip-e ) I own almost all of the rule- and guidebooks for Dark Heresy.
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