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  1. I'm not understanding this. An inside joke? Or is Thorongil shorthand for some card? Anyway, I find it odd that Helm of Secrecy says to discard all tokens from it, which I would take to include damage tokens. But then the last line says to move damage token over, so apparently those are not to be removed. Odd phrasing, unless I'm missing something.
  2. To anyone interested, I wrote the artist. His response is below, but basically, it was artistic license, as suspected... Wow, this is a very old piece but if I remember correctly I think i did not get much context to it. We usually dont for regular pieces like that. The statue is of an elf and the location being Lothlorien is correct i believe. But in terms of the Lore im not really sure. I personally did not base it on anyone in particular.
  3. I've always liked the artwork on this card, but I have to admit... I can't place it in the LotR world. Apparently it's a statue that's been around a long time. But where? Why? What's it represent? Given the quote, I'm guessing it's a statue of an elf in Lothlorien, but I don't recall any such reference, so maybe I'm way off. Plus, it seems odd on the forest floor rather than in the treetops. I love identifying artwork in this game within LotR, but this has me stumped. Is it a monument to someone or some event? Or merely artistic liberty without a specific reference and I'm overthinking it?
  4. Can you trigger Elvenking on a ready hero, only to bring a silvan ally back into your hand?
  5. The Gollum side of hero Smeagol says he's immune to "non-Gollum card effects." Since it doesn't say "player card effects," I assume that means no shadow cards (other than Stinker) can affect him, such as increasing his attack? And treacheries that may affect enemies, such as pulling them into staging, cannot move him? Etc?
  6. I realize Bilbo can't cause them damage, but can he still simply "choose" such an enemy to only boost his willpower?
  7. Before I check if I've quested successfully, suppose I exhaust Radagast's Staff, and then want to play a Tactics Creature via Hirgon. His response says, "...reducing its cost by 1 (to a minimum of 1)..." If the ally costs 3, I assume it now costs 1. (Staff is -2, and Hirgon can't reduce it further). But what if the ally costs 2 (or 1). Would it cost 0 because Hirgon can't reduce it further? Or still 1? The real question is, does Hirgon still pay 1 for a 0-cost ally? So even without Radagast's Staff, the only eligible Tactic ally (as of now) is Dunedain Hunter.
  8. Can you still use Steed of Imladris if there's no active location, just for the discard? Likewise, if the active location is immune, can you still use it just for the discard? (Obviously no progress placed in that case.) Seems I can as the only real condition is hero commits to quest, but not sure.
  9. From an immune enemy, can you discard an attachment, such as via Miner of the Iron Hills? I assume you can, just like you can cancel a shadow card from an immune enemy, but thought I'd double check.
  10. With other chars is also fine. If ever alone, the card would say so, such as on the attachment Firefoot. Deja vu
  11. Drew this enemy card... http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Hobgoblin-TWoR And the card from the top of my deck was a trap. Is it considered attached to him as a trap? Or I have to defeat him first, then I can play it later as a trap?
  12. Thanks. And that's an official ruling, or just what the community believes? Not to be devil's advocate, but that "Limit +3 to each" does seem rather definite, and doesn't explicitly say it's in regards to the attachments.
  13. Guardian of Esgaroth says "Limit +3 to each" but I assume that's only for the 3 attachments on him and not a max on his stats overall. Meaning, if one of his attachments is Wild Stallion, then he'd have +4 to each stat? And just as if you had ally Faramir in play, then he could be +5 willpower... but I'm not sure, as maybe "Limit +3 to each" should be viewed as an overall max on each stat. Thoughts?
  14. OK, so in standard game mode, the game is over (at the end of the round) after I destroy 1 lieutenant. Thanks.
  15. I wasn't clear. I see how a lieutenant ends up in the vd (city strength 0 and I destroyed him). What I don't understand is how I can ever reveal a new stage 3 card and the "When Revealed" condition says the lieutenant might be in the vd. Because by that time, the game is over, so it'll never happen. (But maybe that's really only relevant in Epic mode, and is impossible in Standard?)
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