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  1. Before I check if I've quested successfully, suppose I exhaust Radagast's Staff, and then want to play a Tactics Creature via Hirgon. His response says, "...reducing its cost by 1 (to a minimum of 1)..." If the ally costs 3, I assume it now costs 1. (Staff is -2, and Hirgon can't reduce it further). But what if the ally costs 2 (or 1). Would it cost 0 because Hirgon can't reduce it further? Or still 1? The real question is, does Hirgon still pay 1 for a 0-cost ally? So even without Radagast's Staff, the only eligible Tactic ally (as of now) is Dunedain Hunter.
  2. Can you still use Steed of Imladris if there's no active location, just for the discard? Likewise, if the active location is immune, can you still use it just for the discard? (Obviously no progress placed in that case.) Seems I can as the only real condition is hero commits to quest, but not sure.
  3. From an immune enemy, can you discard an attachment, such as via Miner of the Iron Hills? I assume you can, just like you can cancel a shadow card from an immune enemy, but thought I'd double check.
  4. With other chars is also fine. If ever alone, the card would say so, such as on the attachment Firefoot. Deja vu
  5. Drew this enemy card... http://hallofbeorn.com/LotR/Details/Hobgoblin-TWoR And the card from the top of my deck was a trap. Is it considered attached to him as a trap? Or I have to defeat him first, then I can play it later as a trap?
  6. Thanks. And that's an official ruling, or just what the community believes? Not to be devil's advocate, but that "Limit +3 to each" does seem rather definite, and doesn't explicitly say it's in regards to the attachments.
  7. Guardian of Esgaroth says "Limit +3 to each" but I assume that's only for the 3 attachments on him and not a max on his stats overall. Meaning, if one of his attachments is Wild Stallion, then he'd have +4 to each stat? And just as if you had ally Faramir in play, then he could be +5 willpower... but I'm not sure, as maybe "Limit +3 to each" should be viewed as an overall max on each stat. Thoughts?
  8. OK, so in standard game mode, the game is over (at the end of the round) after I destroy 1 lieutenant. Thanks.
  9. I wasn't clear. I see how a lieutenant ends up in the vd (city strength 0 and I destroyed him). What I don't understand is how I can ever reveal a new stage 3 card and the "When Revealed" condition says the lieutenant might be in the vd. Because by that time, the game is over, so it'll never happen. (But maybe that's really only relevant in Epic mode, and is impossible in Standard?)
  10. Sounds good. So then how is it ever possible a Lieutenant will exist in the victory display, as per the "When Revealed" wording on the stage 3 cards?
  11. Yes, as I said, when the city strength is 0, I can destroy the 1 Lieutenant in play. But in stand game mode, there can only be 1 Lieutenant in play at a time -- the other 3 are all "out of play". Therefore, at the end of the round, it appears I have met the win condition, because there are now no Lieutenants in play. So in standard game mode, all you need to do is destroy 1 Lieutenant and you win?
  12. In standard game mode, it says on the card: "At the end of the round, if Dol Guldur's city strength is 0 and there are no Lieutenant enemies in play, Dol Guldur is captured and the players win the game." I'd been thinking I'd have to destroy more than 1 Lieutenant due to the "When Revealed" on each stage 3 saying the relevant Lieutenant goes into staging, unless it's in the victory display. However, in looking again at the card above, it seems like a kind of "passive game state" I'm to always check, where as soon as it's true (meaning I need to destroy 1 Lieutenant, and that's only possible when the city strength is 0) then at the end of that round -- before I'd do any Forced effects -- I instantly win. Is that right? Or am I missing something where the Forced effects are to first take place and rotate in another Lieutenant after I've destroyed my first one?
  13. In the new Wilds set, there's a "Dragon Breath" condition on the dragon that says, "Forced: When attached enemy attacks you, deal 1 damage to each character you control." If I have 1 ally with 1 life that I wanted to defend against the attack, does the attack kill the ally, and then my heroes all take 1 damage? Or does the enemy apply the 1 wound to everyone first, thereby killing the ally before he can block, and cause me to take the attack undefended? (Thereby vaporizing a hero.)
  14. Interesting situation... A trap is in staging. The treachery card "Frenzied Creature" comes out that says, "When Revealed: Add the top card of the Evil Creatures deck to the staging area and attach Frenized Creature to it. (Counts as a Condition attachment with the text: Attached enemy gets +1 threat, +1 attack, +1 defense and is immune to player card effects." So does the creature go into staging as per the first part of the text... then the trap's passive ability first kicks in, trapping the creature (and Damrod draws a card)... and only then does the attachment go on the creature? If so, and the enemy is now immune, does the enemy get out of the trap and the trap stays in play... or does the the enemy still remain trapped? Or rather than all that, does the creature immediately become immune (by ignoring the strict order of the treachery wording) and never gets trapped to begin with? (I think I'll play it this way as it seems the intent, but seemed interesting enough to warrant a post.)
  15. Been a few months, so thought I'd re-visit this thread. I know many said they have no problem swapping out their heroes, but I really enjoy the boons I've earned -- having to drop heroes and their boons feels very un-saga-ish to me. But I'm also realizing I don't always play with "dream teams" (as many do) but I like to experiment. To me, it feels like the saga gives you that wiggle room... up until the very end. Anyway, now that I assume more have completed the entire saga, I was curious if there were any more thoughts.
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