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  1. Dungeon Warg (in Cirith Gurat) has Surge and the text "When Revealed: Dungeon Warg makes an immediate attack against the player who controls the most allies." It so happened that between Thalin questing and a Gondorian Spearman with Spear of the Citadel that the Dungeon Warg (3 life) was killed when it attacked. Does the Surge still trigger?
  2. Way to go! It's certainly a great feeling of accomplishment. And 5 rounds -- impressive!
  3. Another question early in this quest. I'm playing with traps, and the only enemy has Entangling Net on it. A treachery card (Taken Prisoner) says the first player attaches an ally he controls to an unattached enemy. Does "unattached enemy" mean not guarding an ally as an objective? Or any type of attachment? So does my Entangling Net mean he doesn't take an ally? (Makes thematic sense). But what if the enemy had Mordor Warg attached as a mount -- could he also not take an ally as an objective? (Doesn't make thematic sense.) Various aspects of this quest are proving frustrating right away as I simply want to play the quest. And play it right. I'm learning toward saying "unattached enemy" means it has no type of attachment at. Otherwise, you could get a lot of stacked cards, which is kind of a hassle -- an enemy, with a mount attachment, with a trap attachment, and also an ally-objective attachment. Thoughts?
  4. I'm pretty sure the Orcs would lock up Westfold Horse-breeder with a horse in her cell to keep her company -- it's just common courtesy. I suppose this ultimately falls under the "Whatever makes the game harder..." policy. Ugh.
  5. Good thoughts, everyone. Seems to me the first time a captured ally, who was never "in play", would trigger their "enter play" effect the first time they are liberated, as they are now "entering play" as an ally and player card for the first time. But any captured allies, who were already in play, would not. Unfortunately, that means tracking a state of some cards, which I don't care for, but it's not major -- can just put a resource token on those.
  6. I'm trying this quest for the first time and I'm a bit confused. Rules talk about captured characters losing their type, etc. But right away during setup, I have 2 allies taken prisoner with "enters play" effects (Westfold Horse-breeder and Galadhrim Minstrel). My question is, do their abilities trigger right away (probably not) or when they are freed (maybe?) or for some odd reason, never? It's odd because they are entering play... yet after they're attached, they're considered objectives. Were they considered allies just before? Or is it only when they are freed and that they become allies, and are considered to "enter play" at that time and I gain their benefit? Though if that's true, does that mean if they are later captured and again freed, their ability again triggers?
  7. Well done. 7 is doable, as you'll find. Maybe my original 6 heroes could have done it, but I was really glad to have 8. I won't spoil anything as assume you want to figure it out. Enjoy!
  8. Undeveloped Traits

    I'd like a few creative Eagle cards. Ents have 3 non-character cards and Eagles only have 1. Some kind of unique ally and/or attachment combo with limited staying power? I don't know how it'd look but something more and different. There aren't manly more people groups in Middle Earth, so by default, maybe Wose?
  9. But you can't have a 6th turn as it's too late -- you'd lose at the end of the 5th round, right after you remove the 5th resource.
  10. You say 5 counters means 6 turns, but I'm not tracking. You take 1 resource off at the end of each round, and if there are none left, you lose. 5 counters = 5 rounds. Am I missing something?
  11. Need Advice - The Black Gate Opens

    I've recently lamented this quest as being Nightmare-level, which saddens me as I want to always take my original heroes all through the campaign, but that's a different story. How I lasted 8 rounds in The Black Gate Opens isn't nearly as... creative?... but more straightforward, so take what you will. I did so with my first group of heroes via some key Spirit cards. I play two-handed, and had Glorfindel, Beregond (tactics), Beorn, and Cirdan, Arwen, Lanwyn. The Spirit cards I used (many of which I proxied to have 3 in each deck) were... West Road Traveller: Whenever I had her in hand, I traveled to the location that puts an enemy under it. Next round I'd play her to swap that location with a different one. By the end, I had 3 enemies trapped under that location. Curious Brandybuck: Entered play free and never left, as I never had enough willpower to explore the active location, yet the active location still leaves when you fail. Heirs of Earendil: Maybe I only had 3 in the 1st deck? I need control of Aragorn to play it, but it worked great against the location that's 4 threat and 1 quest point. (Though may need to play it on the location that makes everything else immune when it becomes the active location.) Thror's Key: To nullify worst locations. (Maybe only had 3 in 2nd deck?) Test of Will, Hasty Stroke, and Unexpected Courage: Was sparing with ToW initially due to attacks from Mouth, but with UEs on Beregond (or chump blocker) could do at times. Some solid tactic cards were Proud Hunters, and Hour of Wrath for Beregond. Given Surges, Lanwyn was great with extra willpower and/or readying for attacks. Also had Behind Strong Walls and Desperate Defense for Beregond if needed. Beregond was rock star (7 defense with boons and Shield of Gondor). I had other cards, of course, but was very pleased with West Road Traveller, Curious Brandybuck, and Heirs of Earendil.
  12. Very powerful willpower deck, and finishing Mount Doom in 5 rounds is super impressive. So you must have cleared the 1st stage turn 1, the 2nd stage turn 2, then over 2 turns passed fortitude tests to put more than 5 progress on the 3rd stage, then cleared Mt Doom in the 5th round and passed a fortitude test? Yeah... there's NO chance any of my current saga heroes could manage that. Not even close to that much willpower. You're better than me! When taking new heroes through the saga, I often don't defeat quests on the first try.
  13. Nice! You (and others) keep us posted on your progress! Agreed, Rouxxor, that Test of Will had more limited use, but I still found it very useful at times. I was mainly thinking of different cards I'd never used before. I'm curious -- for those who completed the last 2 quests, how many resources did you get on Black Gate that let you make it through Mt Doom? I really wanted 8 with my first heroes, which I finally got, but I suppose with more tweaking, maybe I could have done Mt Doom in 7 turns, but it would have been quite a bit harder.
  14. As I said earlier, I at least wanted to try and prove myself wrong... but I've failed... With my 2nd group of heroes from a prior run-thru (no Spirit) I've tweaked and played The Black Gate Opens several times, until I finally had an ideal card draw and good options with an early Steward, 2 early Gildor's Counsels, etc. However, with average willpower and not enough readying effects or cancellation, I only got 6 resources on the Black Gate. For these heroes, it's likely possible to do a bit better with builds I'm not seeing and a bit more luck (Gwaihir never showed), or maybe these heroes can somehow do the final quest in 6 rounds in ways I'm not seeing... but the fun factor has quickly dwindled, and I love the game too much to risk burn out by getting hung up on trying to force these heroes all the way. So IMHO, the last 2 saga quests feel Nightmare-level (which I never felt in prior saga quests) which, to me, means they require specific builds, possibly beyond the heroes you've brought so far. (I found Spirit had excellent options to deal with the last couple of quests, with 4-6 cards being key). Of course, for those who welcome changing heroes, it doesn't matter. But it's deflating to me, knowing you can create go-to decks for these last 3 quests from the ground up, without penalty, which in my mind, undermines the campaign experience. Still, there's lots of thematic goodness in these quests, as mechanically, they are very clever.
  15. He replied very quickly. I wrote... And he replied...