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  1. Aragorn (with Anduril) is defending. The shadow effect on the attacker says, "Attacking enemy makes an additional attack after this one." I assume Aragorn can first attack right away, and only if the enemy survives does it get to attack again. Correct? My reasoning is the additional attack happens "after this one" and once that has resolved is when Anduril allows its attack. The response text on Anduril: "After an attack in which the attached hero defended resolves, exhaust Anduril to target the enemy that just attacked..."
  2. Big news?

    Wow, this "big news" means nothing to me -- my wallet stays happy. Would be very bummed if new cycle hadn't just been announced. Though I find it most odd that the app has the same title as the physical game, when they are obviously so different. That's unnecessarily confusing for newbies to either game.
  3. FAQ 1.9 Released

    You make a good point. Certainly, buffing poor cards would be most welcome, no question. I'm definitely open to now using Boromir without feeling lame, as he'd feel thematic rather than superhuman. I suppose the same for Hama, though I never purposefully tried to avoid him; I must have been doing so subconsciously. As for Caldara, I never had a desire to try her Prince Imrahil / Sword-thain shenanigans, so no strong opinion. I appreciate that she's harder to setup, but really, triggering her ability even once with such cards seems quite effective as your "big turn," so triggering more than once seems some anti-climatic to me. However, again, this is all coming from a non-NM player, and it's those who will probably feel the biggest sting.
  4. FAQ 1.9 Released

    Sooo... just to be clear... you're saying you don't like the changes!? I'll be contrary and say I like the changes. Sure, buffing some poor cards would be great, but nerfing OP cards is better. I've not played with Boromir for 2 years because he's lame and boring. And while I'm a bit bummed about Hama, I realize I haven't used him for 2 years either, as the recycle effect can be so potent due to some amazing Tactics events. (However, I'm not a big NM player, so for those players, I can somewhat sympathize.) Still, if it's that big a deal, play how you want. A tirade accomplishes nothing, and it's obvious Caleb loves the source material and wants the best for players, but they can't please everyone. Also, I say bring on chars like Tom Cotton, which is unexpected and fun. And it's a pro that he's not a pre-existing Hobbit, that way you can try him with any of the prior Hobbits.
  5. FAQ 1.9 Released

    The Proud Hunters / Beorn ruling doesn't really seem intuitive to me, but I won't complain. The new 1.57 reads: "A player is immediately eliminated from the game the moment his threat reaches his threat elimination level regardless of card effects in play." Doesn't "regardless of card effects in play" technically and completely negate Favor of the Valar? I'm sure that wasn't the intent, but reads like it.
  6. I added it to the comments after dalestephenson mentioned it. It feels like there's good interactions, but there was a bit more with Close Call and Well Warned. But when I dropped Close Call, I dropped the other as threat wasn't an issue as I keep completing quests fairly quick. The one Silver Harp I like to play is only to keep both cards that Cirdan draws. Is Silver Harp not best option for him when including Elven-light? If so, I'll need an example as I'm not tracking. What you said about allies is true, though I tend avoid Outlands, and I've had little need for chump blockers here. However, you're very correct about Steward of Gondor. I'd grown a bit tired of over-relying on it so I dropped it. Still, for optimal play (before I published) I should have put it in and kept my own self-hindering choices to myself. I've now added that to the notes. Good thoughts.
  7. Hehe. I just proxy them in one deck. Maybe I should have said that.
  8. Been having lots of fun and success with these 2 decks and wanted to share. They've done well with tougher quests, and so far dominated the early saga quests. I'm planning to take them all the way to Mount Doom. I've not used Beorn in a long while and these emerged from trying to protect him. Together, these have lots of quest, attack, and defense... http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6633 http://ringsdb.com/decklist/view/6634
  9. Current Quest timing question

    Looks like naverag is right. Caleb's response... A side quest is only considered the “current quest” until the end of the phase, so the main quest would once again be considered the current quest as soon as the end of the phase triggers. Since the ability in question triggers “at the end of the quest phase” that means the main quest is the current quest for the purpose of resolving its effect. Therefore, you must place 1 progress on the main quest even if you placed progress on a side quest that round.
  10. 5) I guess not (quest card doesn't say it) so it seems viable to "drop" them by adding your own restricted items. That's never occurred to me. (Thematically, you only needed them to find the prisoner and exit tunnel... fun idea to get rid of them as you rush out while grabbing your gear. :)) 6) Not sure I follow, but you can only buy attachments during the planning phase. But you can buy as many as you can afford, in whatever order you want. 7) The Hunt for Gollum (see list order here: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/77423/lord-rings-card-game/wiki) To others reading this, regarding (5), is that a known/common strategy, to "drop" the restricted objectives this way during stage 3? (Usually I try to bolt out and it doesn't matter, but it's a nice option I'd never considered.)
  11. 3) Correct 4) Yes, you can play Mastery before determining the combat damage.
  12. 1) Iron Shackles is an attachment that triggers when you draw, which you're not, so your resolution sounds correct -- put Iron Shackles back on top after you look at the top cards. 2) Absolutely. You choose when to play Quick Strike -- can be during encounter phase, before enemy has a shadow card, or during combat, when it does have one. Either way, with the enemy destroyed, there is no attack to resolve. Same idea with Spear of the Citadel on an enemy with 1 life remaining -- the enemy is killed before it can attack.
  13. Current Quest timing question

    Good thoughts. I've sent a message to Caleb as it seems rather murky.
  14. I'm about to try NM Carrock for first time. Setup says... Forced: At the end of the quest phase, if no progress was placed on the current quest this phase, place 1 progress on the current quest (bypassing the active location). So my thought is to use side quests to stall the process, but it got me thinking. If I select a side quest to be the current quest and it's completed, does the main quest now become the current quest and I'd still have to put 1 progress on it? When you select a side quest to be the current quest, it lasts until end of phase, so not sure in the timing... or if I'm overthinking it and even completed, the one I picked is still the current quest and no progress is added. Anyone know?