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  1. Not really, no. I'd liken them to a cat's tail. They can be controlled, and are useful for certain things, but aren't legitimately prehensile.
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    I've been thinking about a puzzle to put in my upcoming EotE game at some point, but I haven't quite figured out exactly how to make it work yet. So, the idea is this: For whatever reason, the crew needs a new computer. Maybe it's a central computer for their ship. Maybe it's a new astronav system. Maybe it's a personal computer for the group's slicer. Whatever it is, they need a new one. The problem is, they are on a very remote world, and there are limits to what they can get. The local junk dealer only has one unit left, and it is very, very old. Like, so old that it requires translation to even use old. What this does mechanically is upgrade the difficulty of every check they make with the new computer. However, the user (slicer, navigator, mechanic, whoever) knows they aren't using the system to its full potential because of translation issues. Well, the issue is that the computer was designed using something weird like base 6 or base 7 instead of base 10. So, once they figure that out, the checks are not only no longer upgraded in difficulty, but they actually receive a boost die because the computers were designed by a species that was particularly competent at whatever the computer was designed to do in the first place. This also adds a potential story hook, if the players decide to track down this species to see what other goodies they might have to upgrade their ship. Or, the species could be tracked down as a way to solve the mystery of the strange new computer system. Either way, it's a fun way to add a new species into your game.
  3. The D&D game I've been running (that we are putting on hold for a while to start our first EotE game) has had a lot of splitting up, and I've tried my very hardest to actually reward the players for doing that, as it has mostly made the story more interesting for all involved. I'm hoping they continue this in EotE because there is even more potential for this sort of story in the Star Wars galaxy. It is, in fact, my fantasy that the game will actually split in to two (or more!) campaigns based on them splitting up, only to eventually get back together for certain climactic encounters.
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