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  1. Just make your own tuck boxes to fit a sleeved deck. Could use cereal box cardboard with the brown inside facing out and label each box with the decks Archon name and Houses on it. Or, if you took certain cuts of certain boxes, you could glue them together with the coloured sides facing out and have some unique, colorful designs. Cheap and easy way to store your decks.
  2. And now I seen the question has already been answered. Guess I should finish reading all the comments before posting.
  3. I think this right here is the strongest argument. Yes, the wording can be interpreted both ways. But one must look at the intent of the card and what it does wholly. If the wording is meant to allow you to resolve both damage types, wouldn't that make the card a little to powerful for 0 cost?
  4. Don't know how I missed that.
  5. The other night I was playing my ePoe/eMaz against a friend's eKylo/eVader and we came into a predicament. I had first turn and played Fast hands on Poe. He played Forcespeed on Vader. I played Hit and Run, rolled in Poe, resolved a Poe resource. Rolled in Maz, resolved a Maz focus to resolved a Poe special to throw a strength 4 Rocket Launcher hit against Kylo. My friend rolled in Vader with his Forcespeed. I played Retreat. And this is where we ran into the predicament... He resolved a Forcespeed special to take 2 more actions before being forced to end the action phase. Can that be done? Does the special for Forcespeed actually have the ability over ride Retreat for two more actions? I said I didn't think so. My reasoning is because you can't even use Forcespeed to take extra actions after claiming the Emperor's Throne Room. He figurus that Forcespeeds special jumps in front of Retreat's ending of the action phase in the timeline. We searched for an answer to this, but ended up just flippin a coin to resolve the dispute (which I won ). Can someone please source an actual ruling on this, please? That is if there's been one.
  6. I say make him a Yellow character. I think the game would be served well to have some 4, 5, and 6 point cost character's. None with an elite version, even if unique. Crumb, for example, could be a villian rogue who costs 5 points, has 5 hit points, a die with 1 melee (cuz he's scrappy), 1 disrupt (for obvious reasons), +1 resource (cuz he steals), 3 blanks, and maybe comes with some form of weak special ability, like... "When this character's character die removes the last hit point from an opponents character, you may randomly discard a card from that opponents hand." Could have Ewoks, Ugnaughts, Jawas, etc, etc... I think having filler characters like this would cause players to find more ways of playing the less used characters. Characters who are not as competitive do to a lack of synergistic options for them. Especially characters who's points only add up to 23, 24, 25 and 26, and rarely get played together because of that.
  7. I'm wanting to use Overconfidence with an ePalpatine deck. His dice side's being 3,2,2,2,1,- means he stands a good chance of having his die roll higher on average than most others. Thanks for the clarification.
  8. I've had the same issue where I bought a whole box and had two packs where the dice and cards were mixed up. One pack had Chirrut's card with an Overkill die. Another pack with the Overkill card and the Chirrut die. I bet if you had bought the whole box, you would have ended up with them all matching up in the end. Someone out there probably got the opposite mix ups from yours.
  9. It doesn't say "then". The full text reads... "Heal 5 damage from a unique Blue character. You may play an upgrade from your discard pile on it for free." But you are still right. You cannot play the free upgrade because it has to go on the unique Blue character that was healed (defined by the "on it" text), which there isn't one of to heal.
  10. Personally I prefer Electroshock, simply because it doesn't give your opponent the benefit of a resource. Ralely when I have an Electroshock to use, do I have an opponents die to remove that's worth 3+ that would warrant the One Quarter Portion instead.
  11. Curious... When I play Overconfidence, can I choose to reroll one of my dice, and one of my opponents? My guess is that I can, as it simply says "Spot a blue character to reroll 2 dice." There is no specifics as to who's dice must be chosen.
  12. You can find the game night reprint versions of the Royal Guard cards on Ebay. The nice thing is they are double sided (red version on oneside, grey on the other). Pricey though. I just paid $20, plus shipping, for two of them off one seller. Haven't seen Saboteurs on there yet. Have those Game Night kits even released yet with the Saboteur cards?
  13. I think it will be on Endor or Yavin. It would be pretty cool if it was Dantooine. Any way it comes, I just hope it includes Scout Troopers and/or regular Imperial Army troops, plus Rebel Commandos. What I would really like to see is a box set that has Endor and Death Star map tiles, with missions at both locations. The Death Star tiles could also be used to represent Imperial fortifications on Endor as well. Would be a good way to introduce Scout Troopers and Commandos. I will settle for regular Imperial Troops as a 3 figure pack expansion on their own. Edit: Oh. And Ewoks!Including an Ewok player character. Jk. Or am I? I don't know. Maybe? Whatever.
  14. Endor. With Ewoks, rebel commandos, standard Imperial army troops, and scout troopers with one scout on a speederbike. Or a Corusant campaign would be pretty cool. Could introduce some cool new scum models that way. Troop types could be gangs and police/security forces.
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