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  1. Hello everyone! I wanted to let you know that The Wealthy Wampa has launched! What is the Wealthy Wampa? It is a Star Wars Destiny site and podcast. It is also a cantina where a Mon Calamari and a Stormtrooper meet to talk about, and play, Star Wars Destiny. So far, we have two episodes released... and more are on the way (every two weeks). We also have articles about the game, with more being added at least once a week. So, please come visit us at www.thewealthywampa.com. Also, like us on Facebook and follow us on the Twitters (@wealthywampa).
  2. Don't underestimate the power of trading with other players. Trading can be a fantastic tool to flesh out your sets and, since the rarity of a particular card isn't hidden or secret, it'll be easy to trade.
  3. I think this hidden information aspect is actually one of the most interesting parts of the game. Between the hidden dice and the hidden cards... things are gonna get weird.
  4. I think a Plano tray will be perfect to start with. I play a game called Dice Masters, and a company released a product called Zen Bins that is really handy for that game. The dice in Destiny are a bit bigger. So that won't work (unless they come out with a larger tray for the larger dice). I imagine on game day, though, the good ol' plastic box with multiple dividers will be good enough for a team's dice and tokens.
  5. Hello, Is anyone in Louisville, KY playing this game? Or does anyone know of anyone in Louisville playing?
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