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  1. Just curious. Navigator says you cannot rotate the dial to a red maneuver if stressed. Hera says we can execute a red maneuver even if stressed. I don't see how Hera allows Navigator to dial (the part that happens just before executing) a red maneuver of stressed. If you can't rotate/turn your dial to a red maneuver then you can't execute it, regardless whether or not if you're allowed to execute red maneuvers while stressed. [Edit P.S. yes I see that if you are not stressed you can change your dial to any maneuver after lower P.S. move] You set your dial to a straight (any straight), then use Navi to rotate to the desired speed and Stay on Target to switch the direction. That way Navi never has to see a red maneuver. It's all on how you stack the triggers my friend. Yep, I got that part. I was asking that if Han was stressed from last turn I didn't see how he could select any maneuver with or without Hera. Navigator does not let you select a red maneuver if you have any stress. Wouldn't the maneuver be green/white when Navi changes it, and then change to red when Stay on Target kicks in? Wouldn't the Navi effect already be over with at that point? I'm not 100% certain now that you bring it up, but that was my take on it. When he is not stressed Han could take any maneuver. At least that's how I see it. But if he starts a turn stressed then that would limit his options. So I'm not sure how Hera is helping. But if you exchanged Hera for Kyle Kartan, then Han could clear his stress every turn before it ends. Then every turn he could take any maneuver after other pilots have gone. Impressive. So your idea was good, just need to handle the stress for the next turn. But! Now Han doesn't have C-3PO which he has come to rely on for defense. So an ultra-tanky Falcon with C-3PO Or a ship that can determine it's move after almost everyone else. Yet, even so we are talking about an ultra-maneuverable PWT ship with emphasis on the turret part.Han Solo (46)Stay On Target (2)Kyle Katarn (3)Navigator (3)Millennium Falcon (1)Total: 55View in Yet Another Squad Builder How does kyle let han remove stress at the end of the round? Kyle gives you a focus when stress is removed
  2. If you have a crew (like jan ors) equipped on the phantom, can you use its effects while its docked with the ghost?
  3. The special firing arc also doesn't require range. Making APT 1-3 range. With FCS just shoot primary aND fly right past someone who hopefully k turned to follow and shoot APT with target lock and focus. Where did you get that impression? You do have to follow the rules on your torpedoe card. I'll quote the special firing arc rules for you so you don't have to look it up yourself: "The VCX100 has a special firing Arc identified by dotted lines and a torpedo symbol printed on it ship token. When attacking with a torpedo secondary weapon a ship with this icon May attack an enemy ship that is at range one-three and inside its standard or special firing Arc. When attacking with its primary weapon the ship must still Target an enemy ship inside its standard firing Arc ( unless otherwise specified on an upgrade card)." The first part is "when attacking with a torpedo secondary weapon." You have to pay attention to the range requirements at that point. The special firing arc text allows you to fire in the window of r1-r3 of the rear arc.
  4. Make one. That was a quick Google search to show the idea
  5. You could make a magnetic strip that clamps on both sides of the mat, then hang that on the wall. Example:http://tinyurl.com/h232po4
  6. With good success, I've been running fel (ptl, title, at,sd), whisper (acd, vi, fcs ), and a doomcow (shuttle, vader, apl). Really screws with my opponent's target priority.
  7. Run me through the math on this? Cloak adds 2 green dice. + the 2 from the k fogger, +1 from range 3. I'm getting 5.Obstructed adds another. But you can get 6 with an SD interceptor in the same circumstances, or from a phantom.
  8. It is kinda a self correcting pattern, it seems to me. EVERYONE will run one, until it stops working. Once people get better at keeping out of its way, or minimizing is effects, it will become less popular. It is a potent counter to many of the popular lists out there, excepting itself, so I think we will continue to see it for a while.
  9. I've recently started to have an issue where my large pegs are breaking. The bottoms, where the triangular insert I'd cut will crack where the plastic is thinnest, then it will all break shortly there after. I'm going to magnetize my large ships, but I think I'll have to start magnetizing both ends of the pegs to have themy work
  10. I'm personally looking forward to what else we can stack on defenders to make tractor beaming someone even more fun. I'm already looking forward to the day whet I can punt biggs away from someone, then double tap the vulnerable one, or punt someone right next to Carnor
  11. I'm seeing "shipping now"
  12. It's a shame they already gave vader crew his ability, cause it works be perfect for kylo ren
  13. So the interpretation from the forum seems ti be that there is no rule saying I can't. Thus, I can. (According to the forums) Interesting.
  14. I think I know the answer to this, but I wanted some other opinions. I was playing a game last night, and had a ps9 whisper and fel on the board. I was shooting against wedge and made the bad call of attacking with fel first (fel had wedge at range 1 and I got excited. Oops.) Fel killed wedge. Because wedge isn't removed till after all ps9 ships have shot, could I shoot at him with whisper, even though wedge already had 3 hull damage? I looked through the rules and the faq (quickly) and didn't see anything about it. Did I just miss the info?
  15. I keep doing the same thing. And keep getting saddened when I realize it's not
  16. Let's turn it around a bit. Say scum had initiative. Soontir is in debates dengar's arc (and vice versa). Dengar shoots and let's say his attack misses cause it's Fel. Fel shoots back at ps9, and kills dengar. After defending, dengar then shoots again. Seems to work out the same, except for the timing on the first shot and what that could mean for spending tokens.
  17. Apologies. When a ship is destroyed, the damage cards go to a discard pile. They don't stay with the ship. Related, you can look through the discard pile at any time. So you kill a decimator with all <booms>, and you can look at all the cards to see how many of what got used up.
  18. I ran into this a while ago, at a team epic tournament. The opponents' teams consisted of a grand total of 16 tie Fighters, 8 tie interceptors, and 4 tie bombers. The rule is that if you have no more cards to draw, you shuffle the damage deck.
  19. I think I'm going to try the doomshuttle, just to try and expand my comfort circle with the game
  20. http://codepen.io/geordan/full/quneg I don't have a raider. Adulting is likely going to prohibit me getting one before store champs. I like the adv sen/EU combo on the Dignified Galactic Hippopotamus. Its nuts to be able to snap around like that. I was thinking about some actionless damage output. But the sensors may work out better. I've never been a fan of the doomshuttle. Cutting my own throat for a crit seems like its not a good trade off. IMO.
  21. So I'm trying to theory craft some lists to try for the upcoming store champs in my area. Was looking through some older stuff I had and started thinking about the Imposing Astral Walrus. Has TLT's driven the Opalescent Ecliptic Mammoth to extinction? Or just put into the endangered species list? I was thinking about trying this: TIE Phantom (42) Whisper VI, ACD, Int Agent, Sensor Jammer TIE Interceptor (30) RGP PTL, Title, AT, SD Luminous Celestial Whale (28) OGP Accuracy Corrector, EU Total: 100pts Any opinions about how the Imposing Lunar Narwhal will contribute to this list? PS: Shout out to Geordanr for making an awesome name generator.
  22. So i'm working on my list for the upcoming store championship games in my area. I'm pretty much set on running imps. I have no raider,so I can't do aces+palpmobile. What I am looking at is Omega Leader (w/juke, comm relay and stealth device), 3 academy pilots and an interceptor ace. In the opinion of the forum, who pairs better with the almighty Omega Leader, Baron Fel, or Carnor Jax? Regardless of the pilot, they'll have ptl,title, stealth and autothrusters. I've flown this list with both pilots, to good success (and great trollishness). What I'd like to know is who'd be your primary target?
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