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  1. A good 5 ship swarm list that features 2 FOs: Zeta Leader + Juke + Comm Relay Omega Leader + Juke + Comm Relay Howlrunner + Crackshot 2 x Black Squadron + Crackshot 100pts Run it as a block of Ties or split it into 2 groups. I forget how much fun the TFA Core Set was SOLELY because of the FO, with its TL action and 2 Sloop. Heck, if the JM5K hadn't come out around the same time, the FO would have stayed such an awesome ship.
  2. Tactician is just another one of those cards that could probably have used a "Primary Arc Only" from the beginning. (I mean, it is MORE tactful to require the Primary arc, after all). Or cost 4+ pts for ships that can make use of it for more than the primary arc (obviously this one will never be the case). It is a well designed, great costed, niche use card in the primary arc, but worth way more pts once you get to use it out of multiple arcs. I'm not calling it broke or anything, just a product of "early design meets new shinies" that couldn't really be accounted for at its creation, but continually creates weird scenarios (see the now unplayable 3 x Tactician YV-666 and TLT+Tactician).
  3. Wait. People think Scum was ruined? I'd still vote it as being the best faction, especially now with the updated Starviper, which is surprisingly effective. The JM5K still fills out Scum lists very well. The gap between factions is just smaller thanks to the JM5K nerf, me thinks. 3 small ship Scum, however, has traditionally been an ineffective archetype, typically worse than what Imperial 3 ship lists can put out. So the list that your buddy played may just not be as good as expected.
  4. I only REAL downside of the upgrade is... You have to by 4 of the expansion to run 4 FAA toting Rebel ships. This feels less justified than normal, I cant imagine playing with all 4 at once, ever.
  5. It's more a jousting upgrade than an arc dodging upgrade. Definitely a good design, imo. Makes the ship better at jousting without stepping on the toes of an arc dodging classification, which the XWing will likely never be the best at. Thank goodness they were smart enough to not let TLT YWings take this upgrade. Can you imagine the insanity?! Good job, play testers and FFG!
  6. I think the real issue isn't Guidance Chips allowing a Crit or Hit due to 2 or 3+ primary attack, it is that basically all Imperial ordnance carriers have been designed to require a Modification (Lightweight Frame, Autothrusters, Adv SLAM) besides Guidance Chips for the ship to be cost effective/see reliable competitive play. This makes Guidance Chips a poor choice for the ship platform, but sadly required to make the Ordnance shots equivalent in power and reliability to, say, effective Scum ordnance carriers.
  7. I've noticed this one before. Pretty much all missile-toting Imperial ships also need their mod slot for another upgrade, just for that ship to be reliably usable (LWF, Autothrusters, Adv SLAM on Gunboat, Long Range Sensors). Imperials are forced to make a decision when Scum ships dont
  8. Well it DOES make sense that 5 Harpoons could be in a single ship. 5 x Harpoon Sycks gotta gang up on those bigger body, larger engine ships to haul them in and loot!
  9. I feel pretty strongly that JM5Ks, Attani, Fenn Rau+Attani, and all combined with Torpedos that was actually keeping PTL Arc Dodgers back the most. It was just more subtle. PTL Arc dodgers just can't compete with things that get to turn around when they want to AND maintain full actions the entire time. The whole arc-dodging game play is built around being able to wait for the lowest risk moments to engage. Against Attani and JM5Ks, that perfect moment was very hard to find, or even impossible. And then when you found it, extra focus tokens and 2 Agility didnt even guarantee you dealt significant damage. Similar problems occur with Expertise+K4+ Torp Dengar. This sort of matchup is much harder than what was existing in the game right before the JM5K expansion came out. Miranda and Bombs werent all that big of issue, as Miri cant Kturn/Sloop/equivalent SLAM move without giving up her shot and regen, so patient, well thought out choices with a boosting arc dodger could actually beat Miri's auto bomb drop threat. Therefore, if less JM5Ks and Attani are played, and more weight is put on KTurns that stress/remove actions to get shots, then yes, PTL Arc Dodgers can reliably secure more wins.
  10. It actually is more of a double edged sword than I originally thought. Your Harpoon hits, follow-up attack fails to deal a crit or finish off the enemy ship, and suddenly that enemy ship is the equivalent of Deadman's Switch, ready to dial in a move to detonate in your face. It actually seems worse at dealing splash damage to a Swarm than Assault Missiles, since it relies on a follow-up attack or killing the target ship. But obviously Assault Missiles is more niche, less accurate, more expensive, doesnt have a chance to deal additional damage to the defender, and overall a card that never has or never will see competitive play. I think with Harpoon they did what they had to do to make a splash damage missile that could be picked competitively. Missiles were pretty bad off compared to torps, anyways.
  11. Make it add 1 Hit result, so it is equivalent to Latts haha.
  12. I still think the decloak change was a buff, haha. Now you can decloak and block/action deny ANY ship. The only problem is, in addition to the plethora of high PS turrets, almost all the top meta lists recently run upgrades that care nothing about being blocked (because why would you NOT run upgrades that make it easier to not lose). Attani Mindlink, Expertise, PS10 Unlimited no way to deny bombs/actions Nym, high occurrence of PS10 Kylo Decimator, these are making it really hard for Whisper to be a good choice, as she cant use her decloak (or supporting ships) to out-action her counters anymore.
  13. The PS2 Gunboat actually looks fairly priced next to the Scimitar, if not a tad over costed, thanks to the requirement of the titles to actually put armaments on the dang ship (and the desire to run Adv SLAM). If you want to run anything besides a torpedo, you are required to spend additional pts, which makes up for the cost savings of no Extra Munitions. Also, the named pilots pay 1 pt per Pilot Skill and 3(!!!) pts for their pilot abilities. That is a high cost for an ability. Consider that Miranda and Fenn Rau pay the same 1 pt per PS and 0 pts for their pilot abilities. It doesn't look like power creep to me. In fact, it looks like Anti-Imperial Bias again, in that the Gunboat is probably FAIRLY costed, and other faction options (Scum mostly) are for some reason consistently undercosted.
  14. XWing has this awesome problem where a majority of the players don't want to stop playing it, and have kept playing it since the early waves. So we end up with tons of veteran players. All these players have played hundreds (if not more than a thousands games), so of course there is stagnation and boredom. The core of the game is still basically the same. Set dials, move ships, roll dice. (Heck, increased prevalence of bomb and alpha strike lists have actually been the biggest changes to core game concepts). Regardless of which meta is present, this will be the case (especially as time goes on). I know I was especially bored during Wave 3 when it was 4 Ship Rebel vs 7 TIE Swarms for like 9 months. And I even started loathing tourney prep after 1.5 years of having to beat 3 JM5K lists lol.
  15. There is also precedent in the rule book to only do your dice modifications during the Modify Dice step (unless specifically stated otherwise). I imagine FFG would more likely have left the wording "open" because they knew that dice mods occurred during the "Modify your dice step" rather than deferring to a movement related action which typical have their own subset of rules that aren't as clearly defined, or initiative based, hence why FAQ is needed for that stuff. I agree. Though, at a minimum I don't think we can 100% say the intent, or 100% point to a rule that makes it clear until FFG gives us a good response. I'm just going to ask each TO at each event I take Palpatine to and get him to make a choice. I've known enough players that have played it from either interpretation that it doesn't seem "clear" to everyone.