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  1. I would not increase TIE Bomber. However, Barrage Rockets and its ability to combine with Jonus makes it worthy if an increase. Currently, Barrage with a nearby Jonus is much better than all other Ordnance, in terms of both Reroll+Focus access ease, Focus only requirement, and cost for how many charges you get.
  2. One thing to note, if you are token stacked 3 AGI ship, and there are follow-up shots, it is probably better to just eat the 1 expected damage and use the tokens to evade the rest or even use them for offense. Homing Missile sounds worse and worse the more I think about it. It is effectively saying "please save your tokens for offensive modifiers and blow me up in return." Though I bet it is useful from time to time, if you had 3 spare pts to blow haha.
  3. Whisper with Juke AND Vader, now that is some good stuff.
  4. Good memory: I remember going to tournaments with this list: Howlrunner + Swarm Tactics 4 x Academy Pilots Omicron + FCS + Gunner + Engine Upgrade 100pts That flanking Lambda was super fun and really good. I probably went 26-2 with that list. Of course one of my losses was in the Top 4 of my first Regional. "Meh" Memory: I remember getting bored of having 75% of my opponents running some 4 Ship Rebel list. All formation flying. The game was actually getting quite stale. Lol. Players would try "non-swarm and non-3 dice-4 ship Rebel" lists and flop. Imperial Aces gave us some fun toys, though. But that was really Wave 3.5.
  5. Hmmm...if 1.0 it could have more than 1 mod... A 1.0 Delta + X7 + Engine Upgrade + Shield Upgrade = 36 pts 1.0 = 72 pts 2.0 Seems fishy lol.
  6. 6 Interceptors would be awesome ? Maybe they ARE planning to put that Imperial fluff in and make ALL ships cheaper and more swarm-able.
  7. Well, the dial DOES have 1 banks now, so hopefully that helps. I'm gonna be skeptical until they tell me the cost.
  8. I agree with it being bad. Feels like Ten Numb bad. I mean, it is a "classic swing" style ability. Which means we will all tinker with it and realize the pts might be better spent elsewhere.
  9. I was REALLY enjoying the Silencer, as it felt like it could do anything, felt super rewarding, but wasn't unkillable like the Focus + Evade stacking aces. Hopefully it is relatively similar in 2.0.
  10. Don't forget that regen is now LIMITED IN CHARGES AWWWWW YAHHHHHHH!
  11. Will the app put lists into a printable format? Or will there still be a form we can fill out by hand at tournaments? This would be so players don't have to have a charged Cell Phone battery for long tournaments. Also, so players who don't own mobile devices can still enter tournaments by printing off a list ahead of time.
  12. There are now lists and ships in this game that are (nearly) statistically impossible to kill with 1 ship left. That isn't the fault of the player trying to beat it. Killing the single killable ship and never engaging again may be the only way to win. And if you are at a tournament, you are trying to win. However, you obviously can't slow-play / stall the game, especially when you purposely move slowly and prevent "one more round" from happening. If you are up on points, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the opponent has enough rounds to try and beat you. Otherwise, YOU are being "unsportsmanlike" and should be called out on it. Someday, I hope they add that to the tournament rules in a more clear fashion.
  13. Oooh what if it was... "All ships of the same type." A whole squad of "Optimized Prototypes" sounds awesome and thematic.
  14. I still think the turret concept and game mechanic is fine. The problem is FFG stopped costing turrets appropriately. Add to this a plethora of undercosted "automatic evade" mechanics which are obviously better on undercosted turret platforms and the whole thing goes out of whack. There are still plenty of turret platforms which have to consistently outplay arced ships AND roll hot reds in order to succeed. If we add 4+ pts to anything with more than a front arc, and 2-4+ pts for auto evade (includes you autothrusters) and regen mechanics, the game gets into a much better state. Or heck, lets trade all auto convert / add result mechanics into reroll / roll +1 dice so there is more RNG. XWing will feel A LOT more like XWing with this more RNG to help make comebacks even possible.
  15. Idk guys, Quickdraw is really good. If Rebels were to be nerfed, probably worth a look at QD for even a medium nerf (fire only at the ship that plinked the shield, for example). In general, ANY ship that fires Twice in one round and doesn't pay 6+ Pts for the Pilot Ability is probably too good. Quickdraw is probably the "fairest" at this juncture, thanks to limit of 3 shields, but is still really good. Quickdraw is essentially 2 ships for the price of 1 for those 3 shields. I'd hope for a nerf that targets all ships/upgrades/etc that can fire easily modded shots multiple times in 1 round, and stop releasing pilots/upgrades that can do it. I think it breaks the core of XWing and too easily leads to power level distortions. (Consider that the Ghost pays once for 3 upgrades[TLT Maul Ezra] that get used a total of 8 times in a single round which adds up to 18 pts worth of free upgrade use. Normal ships would expect 3 uses from 3 upgrades). Not that I'm complaining TOO hard. The game is still really fun. Playing with and against those pilots/upgrades is still great. We just further get away from the nail-biting subtle-choices-make-all-the-difference game play of XWing classic when ships start acting like 2 ships for the cost of 1. (That includes bombs or harpoons or anything that approximately doubles a ships damage output per round).
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