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  1. Raclo + friend vs. Ghost Fenn?

    Ryad + RAC can definitely beat it. I used to beat Kanan Biggs with it back before Kylo was released. Fenn, Sensor Jammer, and Engine Upgrade add another element, but you can work around that. Id do a few things. 1) Try to save Kylo-ing a blinded for when your opponent actually gets no shots in return. Im thinking RAC in front arc range 1, Ryad in side arc range 1. Or for situations where RAC will eat a 4 dice primary + 2 TLT damage, so you dont implode from the 4 dice shot. 2) Try to kill Fenn early, but in some way where you can avoid damage from the Ghost. Also, if the opponent coordinates the Ghost for a boost, Fenn is left without a defensive focus. 3) Assume every shot Fenn shoots at RAC will hit for 2 damage. If you want to win the damage race, reduce this. 4) Ryad CAN evade some TLT shots, but doesn't have AT, so 4 TLT shots is likely 1-2 damage without extra luck on your side.
  2. Too Passive to Jam

    Token prevention has always been hit or miss in viability thanks to the powerful passive mod upgrades and abilities. Passive mods have been a staple in XWing for a while. I think Fenn Rau just snuck in before people realized they were good again. There will always be a matchup gamble when picking these token prevention abilities. Though, Rebel Fenn still being as successful as he is even though tons of players are moving to excess passive mod upgrades might give us reason to believe that the Jam action will still be good. And there is always TL prevention to stop Ordnance firing, Omega Leader ability, etc. I think it'll be relevant, barring if the platform can be kitted out to perform well enough.
  3. The best "run right at them" list,what is it?

    Miranda + Lowhrick + Fenn(or Jess). Any Rebel list with Lowhrick or Fenn to defend your heavy hitters.
  4. targeting scramblers worst upgrade in game?

    Ninja'd, it's unique........... Yah, Palp Shuttle only. Or MAYBE a UWing that got arc dodged and needs to live. Maybe with a support crew attached to it.
  5. New Imperial Large Based Ship--We need one

    Ive been complaining about this for a while. If I were to design another Imperial Large Base ship, I'd do something with 3 Attack, 3 AGI and middling hull, barrel roll, and a turret (or a more fashion-forward mobile arc). Whatever that works out to make a "good build" at around 48-53 pts. Id put minimal upgrade slots on it. Sort of like a Large Base Imperial Ace. Id debate a while on whether a native Boost action is too much for it, which allows Autothrusters access. Id reduce hull a bit to make it happen. So maybe like... Stats: 3 Attack, 3 Agility, 4 Hull, 2 Shield Actions: Focus, Evade, Boost, Barrel Roll Upgrades: EPTs for named and higher PS generic, 1 Crew, 1 Missile, 1 Tech maybe... Comes in around 40 pts for highest PS pilot. Dial with green banks on 2 speeds, 1-3 fwd green. 5 fwd white. 1-3 turns but 1s are red. Some KTurn or Sloop, red.
  6. Twin Laser Turret: Is It Fine, Or Is It Not?

    Maybe just change TLT into a single shot 3 dice turret upgrade, range 2-3 still, and no capped damage. So essentially, let it turn a ship into a PWT. Would that be enough of a nerf?
  7. Is Thweek dead?

    Or the Illicit upgrade "Illegal R2D2", which is just R2D2 in the Illicit slot.
  8. Is Thweek dead?

    Thweek is just waiting for the Starviper Only Harpoon Torpedo with built in reload action to finally rise to the top of the meta. Or the Scum Only, 3 dice x 2, range 2-3, Twin Laser Torpedo Turret.
  9. Twin Laser Turret: Is It Fine, Or Is It Not?

    Short answer... TLT = Over-Powered for current XWing Miniatures game.
  10. please DO nerf harpoons

    I only get salty about the STACKING condition. When 2 explode at once I get super confused and frustrated lol.
  11. Is Thweek dead?

    I think Thweek is great. 30 pts for an ideal build! Means you can fit an awesome list next to him. Did anyone ever think he would stomp the meta? Nah. 31 pt Fenn is clearly better when you are running Attani. Without an Attani list though, Id pick Thweek every time in that price range.
  12. Please DON’T nerf harpoons

    Oh oh ohhhhh! Idea! Make the Harpooned! Condition card only work on small base ships with 4+ Hull(maybe 5+ hull) and Large Base ships. 1) More thematic. Harpooning a flimsy TIE is probably less likely for the Harpoon to stay in. Probably goes right through the wing instead. That harpoon is more likely to stick into a bigger hull! 2) Fixes the mass splash damage onto TIE Swarms issue. 3) Fixes the inherant problem with "free damage" where it hurts Agility defended ships much more than Hull Defended ships (1 hull is worth more pts, etc). I like this idea because it stays true to the "super fluff" aspect of the Condition.
  13. Additional Focus

    You'd have to do it with an extra support ship passing out focus tokens. General Hux on a Deci/Lambda/Upsi. Fleet Officer on any of those + TIE Bomber with shuttle title, or maybe a Phantom... That's really it, unless you are running a crew ship + Recon Spec or Soontir or Whisper.
  14. BBBBZ vs MMMMZ

    I'd give advantage to the Scum list, with hope still for Rebels. Assuming all Range 2 shots, at least 1 Kimo without bullseye arc on the target (so it can focus spend)... Scum shooting a BWing: 2.75 - 0.75 = 2.0 damage x 1 2.75 - 0.375 = 2.375 damage x 3 9.125 average damage Range 2 is enough to reliably say youll be PS killing a BWing Return fire is: 2.25 - 0.375 = 1.875 damage x 3 1.5 - 0.375 = 1.125 damage x 1 6.75 average damage is not enough to reliably say the Rebels will even the score against a Kimogola. The score could surely be evened out with some solid action denial though from the Rebels. Naked red dice are naked, after all. LRS DOES have a downside when in close range skirmishes in situations when you A) TL but roll natural max hits, banking the TL for later or B) TL and find yourself without shots so youd TL something for later. So you end up with a few lost actions per game, which could be enough for a Rebel comeback if they get to bank some close range TLs instead. Heck, the Rebels may want to kill the Z95 to prevent it from blocking. Range 2, that is a semi reliable kill at 4.75 average damage. Of course, situations are never as ideal as all that. Range 3 exchanges only could end up with no kills. Range 1 could end up with 2 dead BWings (with some luck of course).
  15. My wish list... 1) Limit regen to a set # of shields. 5 shields? Or increase the cost of certain shield Regen effects (looking at you R2D2, you were so good you made T-65s look decent during Waves 1-3). 2) Latts Razzi should be "convert a dice to an Evade", not "add an Evade result". Or Latts should commit to add the Evade result BEFORE rolling Green dice, just like nerfed Palp. 3) Harpoon just needs the Conditions not to stack. It is better than all but Cruise Missile, but Missiles were definitely worse than Torps until Cruise/Harpoon, and Missile-only carriers were hurting because of it. 4) Autothrusters should be "when defending against one ship per round". 5) Nym should have been PS7 at least. And obvi given a few less upgrade slots. 6) Bomblet should be a Dual sided card.