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  1. I agree that I don't think it will be unbalanced, and most certainly don't mind your long post. I do however believe that it gives too much. Reading the CRB, it does indeed say you receive all the career skills. However, it also says that each specialization has career skills...which it don't, each profession does, then each specialization has it's own unique bonus career skills. I seem to be in the minority on this subject, which I have no problem with. i started this thread to see if there was a definite answer, but it seems there is not one. In regards to your sons character, it seems he could have advanced as a pilot, he just chose to upgrade the Gadgeteer part of his character, which is a choice he will have to make from hence forward, with or without the Career skills, or Bonus Career skills. At any rate, I thank everyone that put in their opinion, I look forward to reading future posts.
  2. I feel you might be mischaracterizing the argument. As I've recently discovered (I lucked into another game's Beta), nitpicking of wording is important in RPG books. Grammatically and through common sense (including context clues), I could approach the "bonus", "career", and "specialization" skill argument from a couple different directions, for and against. (I'm happy to share if anyone cares.) That I can see different arguments means there is room for debate, and no one here is being "silly". I would encourage fellow GMs to resolve it as benefits their games. My current campaign features a small party, and I would be loathe to limit their ability to broaden their skillsets. However, if I were to run another game that has more players, then I would strongly consider limiting them to only gaining the "Specialization Skills" from any new Specializations they purchase. I agree with all of this. I'm in no position to say I'm right, or wrong. I just assume that when one purchases a specialization within their career, that all they really get is the bonus skills, that it would carry to the non-career specialization as well. The extra xp spent on specialization is for the ability to go down a new talent tree, as well as the bonus skills that became "new" career skills, thus saving you 5xp a purchase further down the line. The xp saved by only giving the bonus skills would be, 4 skills at 5xp per rank, so 100 xp saved. By getting all career skills and "bonus" skills, that's 12 skills, a saving of 300xp. That's an impressive savings for the ten xp spent on the non-career specialization. This also assumes none of the skills are in the the first career, or first specialization. If my math is wrong above, feel free to let me know. I'm, by no means, suggesting "I'm right", it's just how I see things, and let's be honest...I've played only long enough to buy one extra specialization...
  3. The reason I asked this to begin with, is that myself and the GM of our group, see this differently. I see it as the bonus career skills, and he did not, thus I came here to ask, and it seems it's a common debate. The reason I think it's the bonus career skills and NOT the career skills is: by purchasing a talent tree within your primary career, you already have those career skills, you just don't have the bonus ones. Why would you get more of a bonus buying outside your career, than within?
  4. When you purchase a new specialization outside of your original career, do you receive that talents career skills as career skills for yourself, OR ,that talents Bonus Career skills as career skills for yourself?
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