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  1. So it seems like the rules part has been well hashed out. Basically more actions and maneuvers were needed to do what he did. All that said, just clarify to the player the rules for next time. If he gets angry about it or argues you can always tell him that its possible to house rule it, but those work both ways and they should expect enemies to use that same attack on them.
  2. The standing rule at my table is that if you have an Ace Specialization you can attach an Ace SA to it. If you have a Technician Specialization you can attach a Technician SA to it. And so on. You do not have to be an Ace or Technician Career, just have one of the specs from it. That said, no one at my table has ever purchased a Signature Ability, so its been kinda moot. We do have a LOT of players buying specs from multiple careers tho.
  3. In this same vein, is it possible to pull the limits off? We use a house rule where Triumphs allow you to buy beyond the limit.
  4. Also, are there any plans to make the advantage and threat choices customizable?
  5. Make sure you upgrade to the latest .NET framework. Yeah, there was a bug there. It was using threat instead of despair. Same thing would happen for triumph (it would use advantage). It's been fixed. I did verify I had 4.5.2 installed, or is there a subversion it requires?
  6. 1.7 seems to work no problem, but 1.8Beta was throwing .net exceptions. I'll try it again when I get home and post screenshots. Also, I think the crafting calculation is off. I have a Solid Projectile Pistol that I have added advantage and triumphs to, as well as a despair. When selecting the Ammo-Inefficient quality it marks 3 Despairs instead of 1, as if it is looking at the number of threats. Everything else on the crafting side looks good so far.
  7. Thanks, Slade, for the heads up. This solution worked in part for me. For those on windows 10 having issues, you may want to right click each of the 5 EXE files (SWCharGen.exe, SWCharGenDataEditor.exe, SWCharGenGMTools.exe, SWCharGenLauncher.exe, and SWCharGenShell.exe) in your installation folder and do the following: 1) Right click the EXE. 2) Go to Properties. 3) Go to the Compatibility tab. 4) Check "Run this program in compatibility mode for:" 5) Change the dropdown box to "Windows 7" 6) Hit Apply and OK 7) Repeat for all other EXEs. This will hold the compatibility settings from one run to the next and should give you access to all program features.
  8. So looks like three people are in the Roll20 game, and they all have been gmified. How many we expecting, anyways?
  9. The host for the game requires a Mentor subscription to use the embedded character sheet and dice roller for EotE, because both rely heavily on the API. The host for the game can also assign other users to act as the GM. You can still host a game without a subscription and have access to the maps, chat log, handouts, video/audio calls, etc, you just will need some other way to handle dice. Here is the join link for a blank EotE game. I'll mark anyone I see join as a GM so ya'll can play around with it. https://app.roll20.net/join/719112/_UGhOA
  10. I am starting up a EotE game via Roll20 here in the next week or two. Depending how the group comes together I may end up having to run two groups. Thus I may have openings. In addition to all that, roll20 has a character sheet and dice roller for EotE available, but it requires a subscription for the game host. If you guys are doing a rolling GM, I would be happy to join/assist as well as host.
  11. Uh... Maybe I should weigh in on the original post before derailing any further. Since individual hits from Linked or Autofire weapons are considered separate attacks with the same roll I see no problem with allowing someone to use Parry or Reflect on them individually since it is an out of turn incidental. The strain cost is gonna be huge tho. As to the wounds thing I mentioned before. It is something that works for me and my group, but I understand it is not for everyone. Wound damage is something we treat as minor and to be shrugged off because the healing mechanics in the game reinforce that. Apply goo, done! The crit mechanics are more fun to us. The sometimes small sometimes large penalties give the whole combat a much more real feel. All that said, in my experience with this, actually killing a character is surprisingly hard. A 140 on the crit table is not something easy to get, and certainly can not be done by your average character in just two or three hits. It requires a particularly lethal character build to pull off, plus a whole lot of luck. Or, it requires a concerted effort handing off blue die or focusing in on a particular character who is overexposed to really make it happen. And when those crit numbers on the players start to rack up and the penalties mount it can effect the whole mission. There are more than a few penalties on the crit table that have very little to do with combat. Plus I have noticed in all this that some of my players have started noting down scars from healed crits, or talking to each other in character about "that time you got your bell rung and couldn't barely managed to open that lock". This is not something they did often in other games. Throw together a mock battle for yourself and give it a try. You might find it fun too.
  12. Good point, and the extra clarity always helps. I know the book says to knock people unconsious when their WT is exceeded, but in my game I have not been enforcing that. I think of it more as "You have no more plot armor. Welcome to being like everyone else.". Considering there is an entry on the crit table for unconsiousness, I thought the auto-knockout was redundant and not as fun.
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