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  1. I don't think this has been asked before but I'm looking for clarification on the possible interaction between R5-K6 and 3PO, would the added evade result in R5 triggering to guarantee keeping the target lock. Not sure how good this is as if it does work it just looks like an expensive fire control system for the arcs, Norra in particular. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I was you opponent in game six! It was a cool game, I'm still gutted I went for the three straight instead of the 2 turn to the right. You played really well and your manoeuvring was amazing. It was a shame to lose but I can't argue with result although it would have been interesting to have seen what would have happened if Miranda survived the turn. I manage to catch the end of your top 32 game, it looked quite frustrating trying to chase down the inquisitor. Glad to be able to say that the 2 players that beat me made the cut and were 2nd and 5th.
  3. Wow, I didn't know it had been that long. Life has definitely happened. I became a dad 15 months ago and my daughter keeps be busy most of my spare time, I seem to have a lot less energy than I used to pre fatherhood! I do miss the custom ships but I have a couple of things I'm working on. There's a photo of a part painted YT-1000 on my Twitter, I will try to get some updates on here soon. I've got to say how amazing it is the custom community has grown on these forums and having a dedicated sub forum is amazing. I'm sure that I'll get back in to things, hopefully sooner rather than later. I'm going to have another look through this thread now and will hopefully have some updates soon!
  4. Hi, I'm James from game 5. Our game was great and I'm more than happy to say that one of my losses was against the person finishing second in swiss! To be honest I would have been happier if you was playing any other ace with Oicunn, Whisper cloaking caused me issues with bombs and you not decloaking was a great decision and caused me even more problems. I think I made one bad decision in the game by targeting whisper with a TLT shot from Esege, should have gone for Oicunn as I think I would have got the kill later on with him only being on one health (I think) at time. Losing does suck but it makes it a lot easier when you play a good and sound opponent like yourself. A massive shame that you couldn't make the second day, would have been good to see how you would have gone on in the cut. There's always next time!
  5. I've managed to get a little more detail work done on the YT-1000
  6. I'm hoping to be able to start working on commissions again soon, if you haven't already, please send me a PM or email with any details of a ship you would be interested in and I will try to respond as soon as possible. Thanks for your comment. I work with plasticard and foam board mainly. I use evergreen products which are really good and help when using their tubing for engines etc. I tend to build items from scratch but I do intend to start looking to borrow parts from various kits as I've seen others do, this should make some work a lot easier. Unfortunately as I have sold quite a lot of the ships I have built I'm unable to take a group shot of everything, however I wil have a look in to putting together a shot of everything i have kept.
  7. Here are a couple of photos for an update on the YT-1000 The majority of the work has been completed on the underside of the ship. I just need to get a little more panel work done. Once panels have been finished I should be able to start on the cockpit, I'm hoping that it won't be long until I can finish the whole ship and start to get it painted, I just hope I can do a good enough job with the paint. I'm still not 100% decided if I'm going to keep this ship or not so this could end up on eBay soon. Once I get things up and running properly I will be looking at casting scratch builds again, fortunately someone I know from a gaming club I go to has access to some good casting equipment do I believe it's a good chance I will be able to put together some quality copies of any scratch builds. Thanks everyone for your patience, hoping to be able to post some more updates soon!
  8. Hi everyone, I'm so sorry I haven't replied for a while, my wife and I welcomed our first child to our family on the 29th of April so we have been quite busy during the build up and over the last few months. I have found a little time to work on the YT-1000 to get back in to things, I have tweeted a couple of progress pictures but will hopefully be able to post a few photos on here in the next few days. As we're getting in to a good routine now I'm hoping to be able to get back in to working on customs as well as posting on the forum. I will get back to everyone who has contacted me over the next week again, I apologise for the delay. I'm really looking forward to working on more ships, especially with the new releases that have been announced!
  9. Had a couple of hours to work on the YT-1000. Started adding details to the top side of the shi, hoping that it won't take much longer to finish. I've also added details in the trenches between the top and underside of the ship, the photos haven't turned out so good but I'll try to find some time to take dome better photos this week. Hopefully I'll be able to make some more progress soon.
  10. It is something I want to have another look at. Not sure if I'm 100% happy with the paint.Will have another go once I have the time. I'd quite like to have another go at this custom. Always nice to work on something g different and on a small ship. One way, forgot to han you for the link and be info. Warrior Poet, thanks for the comment, I actually had a look through the whole thread again, it was cool to have a look at my old projects again. Looking forward to working on some new projects.
  11. YT-1000 Update Added interior detail to each engine, just need to finish off a couple of edges by covering the foam with plasticard. Tubing added on each side for the escape pods, ready for details. I think the ship is getting there now with the main structure, I keep finding little bits and bobs that need finishing off. I'm not 100% happy with the top turret section so I think I'll build another. Just hoping that everything will look alright once I start scribing the panels. Really enjoying this project, it's not too far away from the YT-1300.
  12. I'll try to take a decent photo today for you, it has been painted though so, hopefully, the changes won't be as obvious. I've made a little more progress on the YT-1000: I've actually added details on the interiors of the engines and added a little detail to the cockpit. All of the panels are now on, I just need to finish them before scribing any panels. The top is nearly full encased in Plasticard, I should be able to get this done today then work can begin on the detailing of the whole ship. Just remembered that I will need to fill any small gaps and have the escape pods to add. Still hopefully that I can get the main structure finished today. I think the ship is to scale I'll post a photo of the ship next to the falcon as a comparison. I found this yesterday and think this may turn in to the next project rather than starting a huge ship straight away, hopefully I can find out if this build was a fluke or not.
  13. One fins post for now, I promise. I'd forgotten about my very first YT-1000 attempt, not much planning at all went in to this, just looked at a image of a comparison between the 1000 and 1300. It worked out ok but I wasn't 100% happy with it. I did however get to try out some techniques to attempt to work on the details that I will be using on the current attempt. I may come back to this model and get it finished just so it's not wasted. I really need to go back to my first scratch build and get the YT-2400 finished. I've really enjoyed working on the YT-1000 and will be looking at building a few more ships to add to my smugglers alliance. Pick do keep receiving messages from a friend asking to start work on a scratch build of the ghost. Would be nice to get a group shot of all my smuggler's ships.
  14. Not sure if these really fits in to my smugglers alliance but these are a couple of random other projects I have been on, both a little different to the YT's. My alternate E-Wing which will have a Corran themed paint job! Been flying Corran for a while now, really like him as a pilot and love the E-Wing. Underside The ship didn't take much work, the part that took the longer was taking the wings off, trying to be careful not to break anything. New sections were added in between the hull and wings, I also cut a little away from the front section of each wing. I even filed the nose slightly on the underside so it had a similar look to the x-wing. Really enjoyed building another custom small ship. Another project that shouldn't take much work to finish is my attempt at a Royal Guard Tie interceptor. I wanted to add the extra fins. Didn't take too much time to cut once I worked out how I wanted the fins to look. I added texture the putty to match the other panels. I just need to finish the edges then get to work on the red paint scheme. Again, it was cool to do something a bit different.
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