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  1. Will you be doing Wave XIV? Thanks for providing an awesome product!
  2. Hello all, I just moved to Geilenkirchen, Germany and was looking for any X-Wing communities nearby the tri-border area. Thanks!
  3. I use to never put crit tokens down until I found these from Recreator Studios. http://recreatorstudios.com/collections/1105782-x-wing-compatible/products/13332870-massive-damage-tokens Each token references a specific crit. Currently sold out though.
  4. Mountain Home, Idaho will be hosting our second Spring Tournament on 14 May. Registration starts at 11 and Round 1 starts at noon. Cost will be $5. See you there. https://www.facebook.com/events/1041120582637792/
  5. I believe there are some players in the Pocatello area.
  6. The last Store Championship in Idaho is this Saturday.
  7. Mt Home will be hosting their Store Championship on 20 Feb at 1000. Location: 705 W 6th S, Airbase Rd, Mountain Home, ID 83647 https://www.facebook.com/events/579001218922243/ *Updated link
  8. Wondertrail will be hosting their December Tournament on 12 Dec from 11am to 5pm. https://www.facebook.com/events/475005502681941/
  9. The Phantom handcuff is going to bring out more Swarms. I thought the Phantom was suppose to slow down/remove the Swarm but I plan on dusting off my Swarm list now.
  10. X-Wing League play at Mt Home starts this Saturday (10 Jan) at 11 am. League play will run every Saturday from January to March. Location: Wondertrail 705 Airbase Rd Mountain Home, ID 83647 Prizes: 1st: Imperial Raider or CR-90 2nd: Large Ship 3rd: Small Ship Raffle: Transport Miscellaneous prizes will be handed out monthly. Check out our Facebook page or PM for more details: https://www.facebook.com/groups/282880041919725/ Fly Casual
  11. This Saturday 27 Dec is Wondertrail's Winter Tournament at 1300.
  12. I half wrote replies to this a dozen times and then decided not to. I guess it comes down to this - X-wing is a simple game and I have taught it to dozens of people by throwing them into furballs with lots of players, lots of ships, and lots of upgrades. The idea that this game is too difficult for people to comprehend is sort of - weird because it isn't a complicated game. Frankly, and I don't even know how to put this - you are either under the impression the people around you are stupid, or the people around you are actually stupid. The thing is, some people are just not the gamer type. You can't assume because he's trying to get his wife to play that she is a gamer or that she isn't the "Risk is enough for me" type. I play the boardgame version of Axis & Allies and I know people who want nothing to do with it, but who would be happy playing Risk. X-wing was made to be a simplified simulation of something complicated. That doesn't mean that some people won't still find it too rule intensive. Chess is too complicated for some people, they would rather play checkers or backgammon. X-wing is a complicated game, it took me months to absorb everything to the point where I wasn't making mistakes. You have TEN relevant stat types on every pilot card, if you include ship size and faction, that's without mentioning the different types of actions, and the different types of upgrades. Imagine if you had to play chess with something like that for each piece... would you play? Bubblepopmei where did you get that? I'm sorry if you think that I think everyone is stupid with two sentences I wrote. Gabe is right with complexity being relative to each individual. I've taught my 5 and 7 year old how to play but it was a slow and basic process initially, but they know enough to play the game now. My wife still hates playing this game, and she does think it's complicated, but she is awesome at Rummikub which I think is confusing.
  13. It's too much to learn for someone new, especially if they haven't played miniatures before. I found that if you overwhelm someone, they tend to get turned off by the game.
  14. Run the basic setup with 2 TIEs against an X-Wing. Keep it simple with generic pilots with no abilities or upgrades.
  15. Wondertrail's Winter X-Wing Tournament 705 W 6th S, Mountain Home, Idaho 83647 Date: 27 Dec 2014 Time: 1300 Cost: $5 Points: 100 Time: 75 Minutes All standard FFG Tournament rules in effect and Wave 5 is legal. https://www.facebook.com/events/748221825255517/
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