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  1. Good thing you did judging from the result. Well done.
  2. He have already addressed this I think, the minis will be 35 mm scale (27 mm bases) vs IA that is 30-32 mm scale (I think) with 25 mm bases. So fairly close, but IA will be slightly smaller. Hope that helps.
  3. Starting to think that @Sorastros secret part of his visit with FFG was Fallout related.
  4. Remembering the horrors of painting Airfix 1/72 military miniatures and no paint would ever stick to them (not for long anyway) I think if done carefully it shouldn't be a problem.
  5. One issue with "store them closed" is they're kinda double hinged. I've often closed a can and heard it snap, only to notice after a while that the back half isn't properly shuta dn you have to press the back hinge a bit for that to snap shut too. My main issue with the paints is that the more expensive washes in high bottles keeps tipping over, I've wasted far more wash in spills than I've ever used on minis (not their fault of course, just saying)
  6. Bah, kinda stuck right now, haven't painted for over a week. Have Jynn with bases+washes done and just got the last paint pots to do Diala. Need to find some inspiration soon and get going again (been to ill to have the energy).
  7. Fairly certain As for too heavy, quite possible.
  8. Well, Varnish is Vallejo spray can and it's 2-3 months old, sprayed indoors so fairly dry and warm (room temp), vigorously shaken for several minutes. Sprayed in short bursts.
  9. Chewbacca and Gaarkhan ready for battle. Just like for a previous poster they came out looking way glossier than expected after the matt varnish.
  10. First finished hero, not quite happy but orders of magnitude better than anything i could have managed without @Sorastros guides. I'm going to put some 'ardcoat on the lenses of the scope and on his glasses and I seriously need to trim that bloody seam of the base (and maybe his boot) and do some repainting there. Never thought I'd be able to do the Rebel patch but worked OK, didn't manage the glass lenses flare though. No varnish on yet so glossier than it will be.
  11. Good job, all those Troopers are a pain in the rear Good idea saving the bases until done, then pick the 3 best ones as the elite squad
  12. I cleaned up some flash and fiddled a bit and now got Kari together. Will try the archers again later. Also cleaned what little lines there was on the Golem, that one was pretty good with a nice fit.
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