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    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    And less than 1% flew it with slave one, so... Net 9 points more expensive seems more accurate.
  2. LegionThree

    Which Hyperspace Faction Is The Best/Worst?

    Boba went up 6. And everything else that was good went up by at least 2. The faction is hardly unchanged...
  3. LegionThree

    Showcase: TIE Bomber

    Hey guys, got a new bomber done up. Let me know what you think!
  4. LegionThree

    Showcase: TIE/ln Fighter

    Winter video of the painting process
  5. LegionThree

    Showcase: Upsilon-class Shuttle

    No worries, they are loosely based on Maul but just the flow and coloring. The shapes themselves are more based around what fits the wing.
  6. LegionThree

    Showcase: Upsilon-class Shuttle

    Heres my shot at an Upsilon. 95% airbrush and 5% brushwork. Six Minute Mini - Upsilon
  7. LegionThree

    Boba And His Buddies

    So, we've seen lots of Boba and a friend, so I thought, why not Boba and four friends... Boba swarm (80) Boba Fett (4) IG-88D (1) Crack Shot (3) Marauder (4) Han Solo Points 92 (24) Binayre Pirate Points 24 (28) Jakku Gunrunner Points 28 (28) Jakku Gunrunner Points 28 (22) L3-37 (2) Tactical Officer Points 24 Total points: 196 Concept here is to control your priority target with your four ships and eliminate the biggest threat to Boba. Having two ships that can tractor is huge and the tricks you can pull off coordinating that tractor action is so much fun.
  8. LegionThree

    Boba And His Buddies

    False, if using squad leader that's true. General coordinate is any action on the receivers bar.
  9. LegionThree

    Boba And His Buddies

    I would argue that two calculate tokens are actually way better than an evade on Boba. Especially if you have range for good RRs. If you turn one eyeball to an evade it's just as good. If you turn two then it's better. Also they can be used on offense if needed. Their is definitely an argument to swap crackshot for debris. Let's you coordinate an evade, take a calculate action and Han focus. At the end of the day I stack with IG because I love being able to mod three different attacks every round. Dengar, you have the conundrum pegged. Waste 6-7 rounds trying to kill some support ships or go for boba and watch L3 tractor coordinate Boba to avoid blocks and tugs reducing your agility and putting you on rocks. And those support ships make great blockers at PS1 and can buy boba valuable real estate to manuever in.
  10. LegionThree

    Help me buy my last big hurrah for the game!

    Honestly I'd keep an eye on the buy/sell/trade pages on FB and look for a lot on Ebay. Really good deals to be had with people dropping factions going into 2.0.
  11. LegionThree

    Evading Boba/IG-C

    Hey guys, looking to get some input on how you would make this better or what you think it will struggle against/what you'd bring against it specifically. (70) IG-88C (8) Advanced Sensors (3) Elusive Points 81 (80) Boba Fett (4) IG-88D (4) Juke (3) Marauder (4) Han Solo Points 95 (22) L3-37 Points 22 Total points: 198 General principle is that L3 gets Boba and IG-C into a favorable position in the opener and hopefully 1-2 more turns of assisting. Boba and IG can token up to stay safe and both have a lot of manueverability.
  12. LegionThree

    Evading Boba/IG-C

    Juke isn't optimal but I have a problem with Fearless, it makes me take a R1 return shot in order to trigger. Ive thought of swapping it for lone wolf for late game, but having the offensive boost early has helped a bit. Advanced sensors isn't great with C because of that evade blocking but it gets me dual calculate when I K or Sloop which recharges Elusive so it keeps those modded rerolls coming. Otherwise its just for the block scenario. Trajectory+Proton is probably what Id swap it our for if I didn't feel it was cutting it honestly.
  13. LegionThree

    Evading Boba/IG-C

    I knew I was missing something, couldn't figure out where the two points were coming from!
  14. LegionThree

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    You realize that the inclusions to the kits that you and everyone else want them to put out would mean you're paying $80-100 per kit right? If you want everything why not just have them release a $400 faction box with everything you need and skip conversion kit all together. Their had to be a balancing point chosen.
  15. LegionThree

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    Why do you need three Conner nets, just because they have you cards for them? I suppose if you only had one of a ship that they gave you two dials for they should have included another ship in the conversion kit as well.
  16. LegionThree

    List of Conversion Kit annoyances

    It's a conversion kit, designed to convert what you already own to 2.0. If you don't own bombs or cargo chutes maybe you should go purchase them. This was never meant to be a faction in a box, it was meant to make it financially feasible for the majority of players to keep playing the game that they love. Is it perfect, no. Is it way better than anything I expected, absolutely.
  17. LegionThree

    Thought I didn't have to buy ships not in my faction

    Why do I have to buy a scum ship to get an upgrade for my Jedi star fighter!
  18. LegionThree

    2018 Nationals Locations?

    Germany starts on Thursday. Nordics is Oct 26 I think.
  19. LegionThree

    Rebel Convoy 2nd Edition?

    It'll be back in scum, but it'll be somewhat limited due to not having 360s. You do have the ability to run it with Kavil and get a four die ion shot though!
  20. LegionThree

    What Was The Most Broken Thing In 1.0?

    Pre decloak nerf phantom. If you never played against an 86 point list you just would get it.
  21. LegionThree

    Alex Devy is secretly Top Tier at X wing

  22. Beautiful work! Will be looking forward to seeing what you keep coming up with.
  23. LegionThree

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Yeah, but now it's between using the ability and having a micro focus. I just don't see her coming out ahead if Ketsu has the same ability since you want primary shots anyway now.
  24. LegionThree

    Conversion Kit Unboxing on 5/18

    Overall I'm pumped, living they changed. Poor Asajj though, we'll make you a force user! But it means you can only use your ability a limited amount and they can choose to discard a token to ignore it, and your arc is only two dice.
  25. LegionThree

    X-Wing 2.0 Storage Solutions

    This is what I'm going to use for my large and medium base inserts. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00DDTQFN6/?coliid=I37DTS6EKU72NM&colid=228FC63VUITEQ&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it