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  1. Here we are, infiltrating the Borderlands...
  2. I love the blends inside the reds, nice job.
  3. Hey guys, if you've got six minutes come on over and watch a full fleet get a Borderlands inspired repaint!
  4. And less than 1% flew it with slave one, so... Net 9 points more expensive seems more accurate.
  5. Boba went up 6. And everything else that was good went up by at least 2. The faction is hardly unchanged...
  6. Hey guys, got a new bomber done up. Let me know what you think!
  7. No worries, they are loosely based on Maul but just the flow and coloring. The shapes themselves are more based around what fits the wing.
  8. Heres my shot at an Upsilon. 95% airbrush and 5% brushwork. Six Minute Mini - Upsilon
  9. False, if using squad leader that's true. General coordinate is any action on the receivers bar.
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