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  1. So I've been thinking.. If Harpoons are so prominent in today's meta, why not use the 'Expert Handling' EPT? Seems like the right time to pull out this lightly used card for some competitive play: "ACTION: Perform a barrel roll. If you do not have the (barrel roll) action icon, receive 1 stress token. You may then remove 1 target lock from your ship." Don't know what ya'll are thinkin', but personally I'm gonna test some Dash builds with this. Let me know what YOU think
  2. Going through the rules for epic play a couple days ago, I noticed something saying that in lieu of using 3 obstacles in standard play, players could choose to use the CR-90 base template flipped over to the starfield side and that when ships went through/overlapped it they would follow the same standard obstacle rules from the original core set rule book. Summarized Version: CR-90 template can be used as obstacle in standard play (possibly, competitive play).
  3. If whatever the ship shooting at Roark were released, that alone would convince me to play Scum It's usually been kind of an Easter egg kind of thing FFG used to do where they would hint at future releases through card art, so fingers crossed
  4. Well put @Estarriol. These are vital points most Scum players forget.
  5. Uh, scum y's with tlt's and green 3's are good. They don't need to be "caught up" with anything. Neither do Scum Z's, they make fantastic munition carriers with an illicit slot to boot (*cough, cough, glitterstim with GC, cough). Agree with ya about the Kihraxz and Starviper though. Be great to see those on the competitive tables.
  6. Yeah, and out of those most are exclusively used to keep super expensive ships alive long enough for the point cost to be worth fielding Rebel small based, higher PS ships in the first place. While the majority of Scum 'agromechs' seem to be competitive enough to use on both high PS "aces", and lower PS cheap ships, while being super affordably costed.
  7. Keep in mind I wasn't calling for a "fix" for Rebels, but instead thought it would be interesting/cool to come up with a 'Rebel Only' ept to make the game more fun. Not more dominant for Rebels. I know a lot of Imperials have had it rough in this meta, and being a Rebel player I can honestly say I too don't like Biggs, Ghost, or Miranda Sabine. They just aren't fun to fly or play against. When the new tlt ties come out, it's likely that they'll dominate the meta, but in the meantime a lot of Imperial players I know/have seen are fighting the good fight until then and doing pretty well with Defenders (a guy just won a charity tourney about a week ago with a tie/fo, phantom, yorr list). ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Aside from blocking (which was difficult to pull off consistently and/or effectively), other factions had had a frustratingly difficult time dealing with token stacking, auto thrusting arc dodgers (which made up the majority of Imperial lists being flown). Thus the invention of cards like tlt came about, making pilots like soontir or whisper a non auto-include. I rather liked the abilities of pilots like Marek, Carnor, Juno, and Rexlar. These pilot abilities stepped away from arc dodgers being determined "competitive" solely on how many game-breaking amounts of tokens they could stack. Some of these pilots like Carnor have been used well in my meta. Their abilities were entered around things like special damage effects, re-positioning, or close radius debuffs for enemy fighters. This is what I hope future Imperial expansions will work to make more competitive, and attractive to the average Imperial player wanting a high PS ace in their builds.
  8. Taking in a broader perspective, I think it would be safe to say that everyone thinks their favorite faction should have all of the stuff, was not my intention to say that.
  9. @heychadwick & @Rinzler in a Tie I see your points, so allow me to alter the question slightly; What would be a good Rebel Only ept?
  10. Not whining, didn't know if other people had issues with some unlucky paint jobs. But yes, I agree that the quality of the models and some of the paint jobs overall have been getting better (I really did like what they did with the sabine and special forces tie), with the exception of x-wing cannons, I know a lot of people who've found this disappointing. Also didn't know if anyone else's new falcon dish was loose or not - the older model's dish clicked into place while this newer one doesn't seem to have the bumps to click into place.
  11. But there's also a lot of Imperial Only crews. What about Rebel Only epts? Not a one.
  12. New Jumpmaster Manaroo Ace confirmed: ps9 Pilot Ability: Ignore nerf. Title: (0 points) You may equip an additional ept for free if your ship has Attanni Mindlink. Cost: 25 points Ya know, because scum really needed it.
  13. Seriously! Imperials got ruthlessness (would've been kinda cool if Rebels could've used it too, seems like the card effect was made for them), and scum got mindlink. And heck it seems like Scum has contributed the least in terms of universal cards that all the factions can use. Every time before ffg reveals a scum ship, I'm like "Boy, oh boy, oh boy! I wonder what awesome, universal cards all the factions can use that will improve the overall fun of the game!" Only to see Scum not follow precedence, flip the other factions the bird, and come with a whole bunch of elicits, crew, and sometimes an ept that they alone can use (yes, some rebel ships can have access to ilicits, but that's not the main point). I get that Scum's new on the scene and has some catching up to do as far as cards and ships go when compared to the other 2 factions, but this monopolistic Scum trend has to stop. So in summery, why no 'Rebel Only' EPT?
  14. Hmm, so you're saying Scum should get huge ship, with an m3a fix at that, and their own heroes/vets expansion before rebs or imps - just because? Psh, go back to dominating the meta with Mindlink, and leave the future ace-like expansions to imps and rebs first (who actually need it)
  15. I still remember my 1st X-wing. Opening it new in box, and seeing how crooked the lasers cannons were (they pointed in 4 separate directions, and part of the problem was due to 2 of the wings being glued at awkward angles) Oh how nervous I was re-bending them to be straight (anyone know if a career in miniatures physical therapy pays well? ). Through years of purchases I've come across a handful of various ties having panels at awkward angles, and even more cases of x-wings (t-65's and t-70's) with skewed cannons. Maybe I'm a perfectionist, but still - I would continue to get these minis into proper shape without official criticism (as annoying and frustrating as it was to correct the models). But lately I've noticed that the painting has also been getting sloppy. The most recent case of this was about a week ago when I finally picked up a copy of HTR. - No bent lasers? Check. - Ships not broken? check. Fantastic. (Buy.) (Package opened) - Unnoticed ugly glob of black paint on the front of new Poe's windshield? Check. - Scratch marks on his wing resulting in a small, but noticeable spray of orange on the pure black fuselage? Check. - Loose satellite dish that slides out of it's holder on top of new Falcon? Check. Why??? Why the slip in quality?? Has anyone else encountered this? And if so, does it bother you too?
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