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  1. Hey...as some of you know I've designed and have been selling a custom vinyl mat for the game. Since doing so I've been approached a couple of times by people who are looking to host a tournament and are looking for some kind of cheap mat option...well...what I was wondering and what I was hoping I could get your guys opinion on was wether there'd be interest for a say a 5 or a 10 pack of 36 x 36 paper game mats (poster quality) with a nice high res design on them, and if there was then what kind of price would you be willing to pay for them?...let me know.
  2. I'm liking the look of the micro machines AT AT, and yeh I'm tempted by the F Toy AT ST as well. That Starship Battles range Englishpete mentioned as well look pretty cool.
  3. Ahh..oh excitment crushed and time wasted...oh well.
  4. So you have converted them for X-Wing then? From the items description it seems that the hole underneath just needs changing? I haven't come across this F Toys range before, doesn't seem to be a range that hit Europe maybe, after seeing these I had a scout around for some more and found 1/144 scale Delta 7 Fighters, AT AT's, AT-ST's, AT-TE's, Trade Federation AAT, Naboo N1 Starfighter and Snow Speeders.
  5. I came across a couple of ETA-2 Starfighters from the Starwars F Toys range on ebay: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/STAR-WARS-x-wing-miniatures-game-ETA-2-JEDI-STARFIGHTER-perfect-for-convertion-/171180202673?pt=UK_Toys_Wargames_RL&hash=item27db229ab1 and was wondering if anyone had previously converted any F Toy figures for use with x-wing miniatures and if so was it a fairly easy or complex job. Also does anyone have or know of any ETA-2 ship cards that have been made up?
  6. Stumbled across this youtube vid of a Lambda Shuttle model and although its obviously not suited to x-wing at all I thought it was pretty cool and worth sharing...
  7. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    Ok...so there's been a bit of a gap in getting things sorted with the new mat design as I've been laid up sick for a bit...but I'm back and things are rock 'n' rolling. The prototype of the new mat came back from the printers and in my opinion I think it's come out really nice, couple of pics of it for you... Just noticed theres a bit of a weird green tinge to a couple of those photos the first image shows the colour correctly. Got some of the guys at my flgs to give it a test drive and see what they thought...here's a nice blurry shot from my phone... Got some really good positive feedback on it and I watched that squad of TIE-Bombers rip it's way through everything that was thrown at it that day. So...I've got a batch of these ordered and they should be arriving at the beginning of next week. I've also got more copies of the Deep Space mat coming at the same time since these have sold out again on eBay. Hopefully they'll both be available on Amazon as well as eBay when they do come. If you want to keep updated about when I get these mats in and stuff then click here: http://dm-mailinglist.com/subscribe?f=c8fd6a63 to receive email updates.
  8. I second this. I've had two pegs split where they connect to each other so far and it's a total pain not being able to easily replace them. Thankfully FFG customer service were kind enough to replace them for me, but would certainly be easier to just have a bag of them knocking about. I know there are a couple of companies based in the US that do their own versions of the pegs, but I've heard some dodge reviews on them and also the shipping cost is far too high for such a cheap product.
  9. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    Hopefully in the next two weeks. Just need to get a test copy of both of them printed, once i've checked those and happy the prints come out ok i'll order some in to get up on ebay. Hoping to have them up on amazon as well soon enough.
  10. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    Don't worry I'll get Santa to drop you one off. Yeh I have considered it. I guess I've been in two minds about it, on the one hand it is a nice feature, but on the other is it something that people are going to want to pay that bit extra for...I'm sure at some point though I will get around to doing one as it is something thats been mentioned a few times.
  11. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    As you command... There's actually two planet based images I've been working on, and after spending most of today locked in my hole and shouting at my computer screen, I've almost finished them. I can probably only afford to get one of these designs mass printed to begin with (depending on how closely guarded the wife's credit card is ) so any suggestions on which one I should go for first are welcome... First up..the Red Planet.. And secondly...what I like to call...Orbital Strike...
  12. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    I'll book a courier to pick it up on Monday...cheers!
  13. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    Glad those of you that have one so far are enjoying them I've got a few more available on ebay now: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=261319884217 - and another batch being printed. Should also have a new design finished and ready to go to print in a couple of days.
  14. hudsonrunabypass

    game mats

    Glad your happy with it It's really cool seeing it in use.
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