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  1. Thanks for doing so much legwork. I am hoping to flesh out some more of the setting for my game. I'm looking for the World of Androids book, so I can have some to work from. thanks again.
  2. With the excitement revolving around Bounty Hunters with the recent release of No Disintegration, I had to revisit the rules with Jet Packs. They make for some fun storytelling. Question is: Do you feel Pilot/Operator related Talents like Full/Improved/Supreme Throttle, Skilled Jockey, Defensive Driving and the like could be used in junction with a Jet Pack? Some I see making sense, some not so much to not at all but some do seem applicable. ... Also if so, do you think Supreme Throttle could boost a Jet Pack to speed 4 for the X number of rounds enabling them to preform Evasive Maneuvers or other Piloting Maneuvers that requires speeds not attainable by Jet Packs normally except with the use of Full Throttle?
  3. I would just keep it narrative. What i do is go easy on dishing out credits (I enjoy having the npcs for jobs lowball; use some dice here it will force the toons to balance their toon with some social skills if they want to get paid better). This way they dont have much anyway, which i dont see as bad but as a low "lvl" toon you no big shot. Those jobs go to Boba and the like. Standard docking fees and food and stuff i just cover as fluff. I do make the players fix or pay to fix damaged ship parts. I want to be able to save for a big or better ship or some super gear that really says "their class"; aka a "the big gun", "the heavy armor"... If the players are smart and hash out some good plans, i reward them. Working toward building a small smuggling operation or a small pirate crew. If their smart, it should payoff at some point. So dont keep them starving forever. It will get old. Neve rsaw chew or han pan handling for credits to their ship out of dock on Tatt...
  4. I like putting in those situtions where they have the choice of save a villain or letting them die; ie. villian is hanging to a cable over the edge of a bottomless pit, Do you let them slip and fall to their death or do you save them? Give situtions where innocent bystanders are in danger from falling debris and its with in their power to save them. Have a NPC goat them on hoping to provoke a fight. Interrogating a prisoner who insists on not revealing the whereabouts or information that will lead to the death of innocents, torture never sounded so good. Fear leads to Anger... pg 328 in F&D. Use fear more often, in proper situations of course, and let that difficulty do the work for you. A scary visit from an Inquisitor is worth a nice Fear roll or a brush with Vader.
  5. https://plus.google.com/101297560146597530780/posts/EgmspmXvmzx This the link to the start of it. I'll be writing it up officially with more details in a Google Doc file. If your interested here bump, follow or comment your thoughts and ill continue posting it here or just leave it to the Community groups on Google+ Enjoy
  6. This came to mind while reading this post. To answer the original post, I now have come to terms with the ruling. It's going to be rare you roll that many light side pips on a roll to nice anything that big and the range factor kinda keeps it in check. My thought was and has been addressed in some other post but I'll throw up here too. When trying to Move a npc, would you still use the size of the npc to determine difficulty? Sorta feels like they should get a chance to resist. Many difficulty should be their Willpower? Or a size + Willpower as upgrades kinda a thing? Minions can't resist? Many only Rivels and up can? How have you ruled this in your games?
  7. I feel Lightsabers are fairly balanced IMO. When you factor in the Breach 1 into the damage, you are really doing more like 6-17 base damage against serious armor ratings; not including added successes. Then you can add in all the talents and Force Enhance for an extra dice/upgrade. I like the degree of customization of crystals and hilts and their variants. As for cost, no ones walking into a store or really even a black market fence and buying a saber. It feels more like a guideline. In my game these mods would be rewards at the end of lengthy stories but as GM's it's our game and you set the rules for your table. So do what feels right for your players. I indorse the starve the players concept.
  8. I could get behind this. It works as thought as but as a cleaned up version. Do the developers clarify things like this on the forums or do they just read over the discussions and then make their changes to the beta update?
  9. In comparison to other abilities of the same tier in other career paths don't require a second force rating to use the ability to its fullest. I feel like it is meant to be 1 pip to throw and hit and 2 total to get it to return. Throwing your saber and not getting it to return feels like you're disarming yourself unless it's a last ditch effort to kill a lone target. I wouldn't even use the skill if it cost 3 total to use proper. At Force Rating 1 thats a 3:12 chance to score 2 pips (4:12 if you count the Darkside points). It's not a given to get that saber back. That's my feeling. Seems like why would it cost 1 to throw but 2 more just to get it back.
  10. Seems odd in design to give you a Talent that can't be used in full out of the box. As a single Career path, you would only have a Force Rating of 1, so you could only generate 2 pip's on a single force dice. If it is mean to be 3 pips on total to hit and return, then you couldn't use it in full; not until lvl you took a 2nd specialation and worked your way down to obtaining Force Rating 2. Right?
  11. Simple question. In the talent's description, Saber Throw says "character must spend 1 force pip and succeed on the check to hit target; he may spend 2 pips to have his weapon return to his hand after resolving the attack." Now is that 2 pips to hit and have it return or 3? How would you handle it if the player doesn't generate enough to return the saber that round? Could that player use 2 pips the next round to have it return?
  12. I think there should be some stated clarifaction for Table 5-7. I can see many people buying the basic and then modding it, thinking are 5 HPs available and not the 3 that are left because of used 2 from the already installed Illum Crystal. I see your point but I think something as easy as HP: (5) 3, might be all that is needed.
  13. As listed on the table, Basic Hp 5 Double Hp 4 Pike Hp 3 Shoto Hp 3 Training Hp 5 What I find as an error is that per the reading of the items descriptions on page 124 (starting with the Basic), it's states that " This lightsaber is a basic lightsaber hilt containing an unmodded Illum Crystal(see page 137). This crystal occupies two of the weapon's hard points." This is true to all the lightsabers listed here in their descriptions. Now on page 137 in the description of the Illum crystal attachment, it states "Hard Points required: 1." I see this in conflict with the Lightsabers' description of the cost of the Illum crystals HP cost, also... On page 125, Table 5-8 Lightsaber Hilts, it's clear shows the same Hard Points as listed above for the same Lightsabers with the base Illum Crystal added into it. Either Table 5-7 should have the Hard Points reduced by two each for the stated Illum crystals listed in their description or table 5-8 should have their HP's increased by two as they are missing the crystals. So as it stands, I see possible misprints on page 137, Illum crystal should have HP requirement increase by one to two as to match up with the Lightsabers' descriptions, and then also the HP's on either Table 5-7 or Table 5-8 need their HPs increased or decreased to make sense based off of the items' descriptions. Unless this is meant to be of course.
  14. and of course couldn't you get around the Force Power problem for Darkside players by simply making said player a Consular: Healer. Its a LOT slower but at least you can heal fellow players as well as yourself. As a GM, I would make it difficult to find a source for a Darkside player to learn the Healing side of this Force Power, not that it shouldn't be done just, I would think few darkside npc would care to know or teach a power such as healing to a player. Also darkside doesn't mean Sith either. Mother Talzin heals doesn't she? She seems far from the lightside. Just because Vader nor the Emp used it in a film or book doesn't mean they couldn't or wouldn't. Id like to see it as a means of maintaining a useful tool to heal an "ally" as a darkside player. The strongest survive. All are potential rivals. In short, I'm torn on the books ruling. If the players and GM can come to a good explanation as to why, then why not.
  15. My wife and I play together and I think a fun idea would be to make a Nightsister for her and a Zabrak bodyguard for her to adventure with. We could be on the run, expelled from the order, banished for breaking the Law,... The two could go rogue, acting as guns for hire or bounty hunters. The storyline's are endless. Still waiting to but F/D but excited at what I've read.
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