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  1. Approximately 8% of the male population has colorblindness to one degree or another. It is not quite as inconceivable as you may think if the colors are not as starkly different as you see them. Also, one could be thinking about other aspects of the game/planning/chatting with the opponent/played the other faction last game and was used to picking up the different color dial/whatever else that could be distracting them as they pick up a dial. Have you ever been driving home from work and got caught up in a conversation with someone else in the car or listening to a radio program or whatever? Then all of the sudden realize that you had been driving on mental "autopilot" for a few minutes and then not remembered some drive details, missed an exit, or whatnot? Game auto loss seems very excessive. Why not consider some other form of penalty that fits the crime more appropriately (such as how I suggested a few posts ago)? Also for the mirror match, you suggested not allowing re-positioning as the penalty. What if I selected my maneuver, assuming that I would need to barrel roll to block you or get a shot? Then I accidentally pick up your dial and realize that I would have a shot on you without having to barrel roll or could block you without having to barrel roll because you did a different maneuver than I guessed you did. Well, then I could just take my focus or target lock and be happy that your "punishment" actually helped me. My previous suggestion would ensure that there would be no way of beneficially using the advantage of looking at the dial.
  2. I have accidentally looked at another player's dial before during the activation phase on a few occasions over the 3 or so years I have been playing. It is very embarrassing. I would suggest the following "punishment" to fit the crime: The offending player cannot perform actions or card abilities (during the activation phase) on any ships that activate after the point in time in which the dial was accidentally looked at . However, free actions or abilities granted by cards that do not involve a choice may still be taken during the activation phase. For example a Tie Defender with x/7 title could take a free evade after moving. A ship that was hypothetically given a free barrel roll during the activation phase could not barrel roll (because barrel rolling includes a choice about which side and how far forward/back). Based on the above, the player who accidentally looked at the dial would not be able to beneficially impact his game state because of the error. I'm not quite sure how to deal with accidentally looking at dials during the planning phase fairly.
  3. With a triple defender list against a Dengar + PTL Engine Manaroo, what is generally the best way to tackle that match up? Try to chase Manaroo down first (even though it has PTL and Engine)? Only attack Dengar when you won't let him get his double tap? Or just try to pound Dengar as fast as you can even if he has in arc shots?
  4. I saw this list from the Australian Nationals and it really sounds fun to fly: Jamie Saxon (14th in swiss, 5-1) 29 Omega Leader w/ Juke, Comms, Stealth. 33 Vessery w/ Adapt, X7. 36 Ryad w/ PtL, Mk2, X7. (98 Points) However, I have one question. Why did he take a 2 point initiative bid and give Vessery adaptability instead of just taking a 1 point bid with crack shot or just spend all his points and give Vessery juke? Taking Vessery to PS 5 to match Ryad might be nice in some movement circumstances, but it seems juke is going to get a lot more bang for your buck. I guess PS 7 with a 2 point bid could help out against the Dash matchup. But I wouldn't bet playing against Dash enough to make that worth it when juke will earn back the points in almost all the matches. What am I missing because he obviously built it for a reason and ended up doing very well with the build?
  5. armoredgear7, I am getting ready to have your campaign printed out soon. But before I do, I just was wondering if you can give me an idea of when v0.8 will be released (if ever)? I don't need an exact time by any means, but if you are thinking a couple weeks, I'll just wait. If it is probably going to be months or longer or you have no idea, I'll go ahead and print now. Thank you
  6. I think requiring everyone to purchase a new core set just for the new damage deck will rub new players the wrong way and imposed a barrier to tournament play by those new players. If a new player buys the wrong core set (read original set) then there is a pretty good chance they might not have any idea that the damage deck they just got would not be tournament legal starting in 2016. That is just a slap in the face. I think the new ruling is a good call. It is unfortunate that FFG flip-flopped on it. What they should do is stop producing the old deck entirely and include the new deck in all future core sets. Then take measures such as: a) offer the new damage deck as a stand alone product without making any profit or a slim margin at most (maybe $5 retail?) b) allow people to print proxy damage deck cards, cut them out, and place in sleeves in front of the old damage deck cards or glue to the front of the old deck c) set a date in the future to completely stop allowing the old deck to be used at tournaments (to give people time to phase into it) The old damage deck is unbalanced and the new deck is a much needed improvement. They need to get everyone over to it, but can do a much better job than forcing everyone to buy a $40 retail product to play in any new tournaments.
  7. That would make a little more sense I guess. But at the same time, you are right about the paint job already designating it as the Hound's Tooth. I still think it is a shame they didn't model the weapons.
  8. It then seems odd to me that FFG would not model the YV-666 with its weapons deployed (as we are playing a game where the premise is that hostilities have been commenced at the start of the game). Subterfuge is out the window at that point.
  9. I was just looking at my new YV-666 model and could not see any weapons on the model itself (ie no cannons or anything). Where are they supposed to be located?
  10. Thank you for posting these videos, sir! I have watched all of your Vassal X-wing videos to date and plan to continue that trend. Again, very much appreciated.
  11. I really appreciate a potential episode 7 spoiler in the frakking title of the thread (which makes it unavoidable to see). I intentionally have been skipping the new trailers because I really dislike taking the chance to watch trailers in case they give too much of the story away. I hope this thread just a joke or speculation but I wont read any of the actual thread; I just wanted to ask if there is any way to be more considerate of people such as myself in the future.
  12. Wow, this looks simply amazing! Thank you for taking the time to make this. Before I try this out with my kids, I have one question. Approximately how many of each ship type does one have to own to play all the missions for a 3 player game? I don't necessarily need an exact count, just a ball park.
  13. Shrike37

    X-wing Playmats

    I've finally decided to get a 3 feet x 3 feet playmat for x-wing but I noticed after playing on a few different ones in the last few months, that some tend to get paint scratches on the mat from the ship bases (I think they were Galeforce Nine mats which especially had that particular issue, but I'm not sure). The FFG ones seemed like they would be fairly durable. What do you all recommend?
  14. Thank you so much! I want to say that I also really enjoy your coverage of games and have watched all your episodes. (Your use of graphics and speeding up the planning phase is awesome)
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