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    lordfireyes got a reaction from capnhayes in Odd Jobs - A List of Potential One-Shots   
    Cool list! 
    You can't stop the signal Mal!
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    lordfireyes reacted to Enoch52 in Saboteur Talent Tree   
    I'd love to see the Saboteur talent tree have Bad Motivator--the ability to disable a device is exactly what a saboteur does.  It currently appears in the third row of both Mechanic talent trees (EoE and AoR).  What do you all think of replacing Rapid Recovery or Resolve with Bad Motivator?
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    lordfireyes got a reaction from SilverSpider22 in Sleight of Mind Talent   
    Ok, so I think this talent needs a little tweaking.  Sleight of mind gives you a boost dice to one skill, with restrictions. 
    It seems a bit underpowered, given that there already is a talent called Stalker which gives a boost dice to two separate skills (including the one in Sleight of Mind, and with no restrictions).  Also, compare this to the similar Sense Emotions Talent from the FSEx. The Sense Emotions talent adds a Boost to three separate skills (with the same restriction). 
    Maybe as a tweak, you could upgrade your stealth checks instead of having a boost dice.  But then you run into the issue of whether it should be ranked, which would make it uber powerful.
    Alternatively, one could add a additional skills that would be improved by sleight of mind, such as Deception and/or Streetwise (as these might fit the flavor of the talent). This seems like the best option to me, and keeps it from being OP.  It also jives with the mechanical spirit of the Sense Emotions Talent.
    What are other people's thoughts on this talent?
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    lordfireyes got a reaction from AK_Aramis in Starting Duty & Gaining Additional XP   
    I think post very aptly summarizes the issue I was trying to bring to light with the Duty Mechanics. 
    One cannot access the set of 4 threes attribute, or the 5 attribute with a human.  To me it seems arbitrarily limiting when precedent set by EotE says these characters exist at the start.  I did bring this to light because it is a BETA and because I think its something that should be considered by the developers of the game.  I STRONGLY disagree with the opinion that an extra 10 XP at starting doesn't make a difference, and this analysis of the possible attribute buys effectively makes that point.  Also, this should have nothing to do with Obligation, since we are trying to balance Duty in the absence of having obligation, so I don't find that is an effective counter to this quandry. 
    All of the points made in response to this point about saying, that you can get XP and Credits and equipment and the like after you start playing discount the fact that attributes cannot be raised beyond character creation except through dedication.  It seems like for a person who WANTS to make the character concept with all the attributes and none of the training that they could make in EotE, they cannot make in AoR unless their GM is merciful and grants them extra experience at the start. 
    There are a lot of people out there who really like to play the numbers game when making characters.  I admit to being one, and a lot of the fun I have with these games is to try and figure out how the numbers match my character concept.  
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    lordfireyes reacted to AK_Aramis in Starting Duty & Gaining Additional XP   
    Oh, yes we would, but it would be of a different tone.
    Why should a human on the fringe be able to get that extra 10 XP that the human of the Rebellion can't?
    And why can they convert 10 XP into extra cash? 
    Noting that Humans can generate any of the following stat arrays
    120 XP: 5,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 120 XP: 3,3,3,3,2,2 (15) 110 XP: 4,3,2,2,2,2 (30) 90 XP: 3,3,3,2,2,2 (10) 70 XP: 4,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 60 XP: 3,3,2,2,2,2 (15) 30 XP: 3,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 0 XP: 2,2,2,2,2,2 (1) The parenthesized number is the number of permutations. Red indicates only Edge characters, not AoR ones. 21 different attribute permutations gone of 88; without the 10 extra XP available, AoR characters are significantly LESS diverse.
    They also can't get to attribute 5 without going the Dedication Talent route.
    It is a compatibility issue, because it means the attribute scaling is inherently different.
    Perhaps PC's could start in a "Duty Hole" - allow them to start with a negative duty; they don't get an extry on the duty table, and their first 10 points don't get them onto it. (For what it's worth, almost every one of my players took the extra obligation in Edge for the extra 10 points; the one who didn't was a non-human who was unable to get an extra attribute point out of it. I've had, by the way, 12 players between two edge campaigns, plus 3 one-shot players - and only one didn't opt for the extra XP; 2 of the players used the extra XP for extra cash, one in order to buy a bowcaster)
    In a combined game, if duty and obligation both exist for the same character, it's a non-issue.
    In a combined game where they don't stack, the Obligation characters can be long term better by at least 25 XP worth simply by taking the extra 10 XP for either 4x3s, or having a 5 stat. ANd they're better out the gate. 
    We don't know which it's going to be for combined games yet.
    Attributes are WAY too important to ignore.
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    lordfireyes got a reaction from lupex in Odd Jobs - A List of Potential One-Shots   
    Cool list! 
    You can't stop the signal Mal!
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    lordfireyes got a reaction from capnhayes in Covering Fire / Suppressing Fire   
    While looking at the Adversary's chapter, I discovered a very cool Ability that I think would be a neat idea for a character talent in the Ace Gunner specialization. 
    Coving Fire, may spend an action to add +1 to ranged defense and add +1 to ranged defense for nearby characters. 
    This is a super awesome talent, and I love the visual attached to it!  I think it would be a great power in the narrative system.   I would love to see this somehow incorporated into the Gunner Specialization.  This whole vision is kind of how I envision the Ace Gunner, running out laying supressing fire with his light repeater (or maybe manning an emplacement with the heavy repeater).
    As a spin off of the idea, I envision a Suppressing Fire Talent:  When using a weapon with the Autofire Capability (must be on to activate), may spend Triumph to upgrade the difficulty of ranged attacked made by those who were targeted with the Autofire.  (Its kind of hard to hit somebody who is shooting a machine gun directly at you).
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