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  1. I don't get why Expert Tracker is in the Sharpshooter Talent Tree. Otherwise, I really love this talent tree! You can do a lot with it, that's for sure. Nowhere in the flavor text does it say that the Sharpshooter is a hunter (I kind of get this more from the Bounty Hunter's Survivalist class, or possibly some of the Explorer Classes from EotE, or the Commando or Scout specializations from Age of Rebellion). My impression is that this guy is solely focused on guns, not necessarily tracking his target through the wilderness. I think it would make more sense with the theme of the specialization for Expert Tracker to be replaced by something like Point Blank Shot. Other thoughts?
  2. Ok, so I think this talent needs a little tweaking. Sleight of mind gives you a boost dice to one skill, with restrictions. It seems a bit underpowered, given that there already is a talent called Stalker which gives a boost dice to two separate skills (including the one in Sleight of Mind, and with no restrictions). Also, compare this to the similar Sense Emotions Talent from the FSEx. The Sense Emotions talent adds a Boost to three separate skills (with the same restriction). Maybe as a tweak, you could upgrade your stealth checks instead of having a boost dice. But then you run into the issue of whether it should be ranked, which would make it uber powerful. Alternatively, one could add a additional skills that would be improved by sleight of mind, such as Deception and/or Streetwise (as these might fit the flavor of the talent). This seems like the best option to me, and keeps it from being OP. It also jives with the mechanical spirit of the Sense Emotions Talent. What are other people's thoughts on this talent?
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