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  1. Title pretty much says it all. Just moved to Chicago, and I'm looking for a group to play Edge of the Empire (or any of the other flavors) with in Chicago. I'm living in the south loop area, and I have a car. I have not played recently, but I played a lot when the game first came out and I'm looking to get back into it!
  2. Does anyone around here play in the Tri-Cities Washington Area (Richland, Kennewick, Pasco)? Just got into the hobby, looking for somebody to play with!
  3. Oggy, thanks for posting this to the forums! This question has been bothering me for quite some time... Could you cross post this in the frequently asked questions thread or somewhere a bit more easy to discover later? It might be challenging to find again on page 141 of your character generator thread.
  4. Are you running a 64-bit OS? Yes, Windows 7 64bit.
  5. Oggdude, I'm having some difficulty running the new version of your software. The last version I used was It worked perfectly, and I went to upgrade to the new one. I have no issues running the Launcher or DataEditor. But I have a problem with the generator and GMTools. I have the same issue whether I install is manually or using your web service. The error log below is from the web service. This is the error report I get, (it crashes before anything even opens. Problem signature: Problem Event Name: CLR20r3 Problem Signature 01: swchargen.exe Problem Signature 02: Problem Signature 03: 53608334 Problem Signature 04: System.Data.SqlServerCe Problem Signature 05: 3.5.8080.0 Problem Signature 06: 4b743b2d Problem Signature 07: 49e Problem Signature 08: 1d Problem Signature 09: System.Data.SqlServerCe.SqlCe OS Version: 6.1.7601. Locale ID: 1033 Additional Information 1: 0a9e Additional Information 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Additional Information 3: 0a9e Additional Information 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789 Please let me know if you need any additional information.
  6. Next thing you know, there will be people running around with miniature giant space hamsters... Why don't you just call them Boo and be done with it?
  7. Oggdude, Is there a way you can make overflow sheets? If you're character has too many talents (or some talents with long descriptions), they just go off the page, and it doesn't add to another page. Also, this issue seems to occur for the inventory and ship page. Thanks!
  8. Oggy, I think this sounds promising! In fact, you might even be able to compile all user modifications into one file (or possibly directory would be better, MyData), or something like that. That we we can group our homebrew content (or say Age of Rebellion content) all in one file/directory, and just have the definitions for the things you have modified in that file/directory. However, I forsee one problem. If you flag everything that you have defined as unchangeable, then descriptions wouldn't be changed, and it kind of defeats the purpose of modifying the files. I think if you just load your baseline data first at templates, then you can flag anything in the MyData files to overwrite anything different from the templates. What I meant was that main data files would never be modified or touched. Any changes made, including changes to existing data, would be saved to your custom area (which will be called "DataCustom") and merged over the main data. If this custom data is deleted, it'll revert back to the original main data. As an example, say you edit the damage done by a Vibro-sword (+2 is too wussy for you, you think it should be +5). That item will be stored in DataCustom\Weapons.xml. Before, if you clicked on Vibro-sword in the list, you'd be able to Modify it, but not Remove it. Now when you click on it, Remove will be available. If you click on Remove, when the list refreshes, Vibro-sword will still be there, but the damage will revert to what's in the stock data files. Did that make sense? Oggy, i like the idea of immutabke base data. However, for the MyData implementation, I think it would be easier to do items and stuff by giving them a subtype. For example, I make a new blaster pistol. Now I want to add an attachment. Turns out I can't because there are no attachments allowed for USER0001. If you allow items or other data types to inherit the attributes of their parents, then all you would need to save in the custom file are the custom data changes. Everything else would be inherited from the parent. That way any changes or bug fixes to main item would be preserved, and you wouldn't run into compatibility issues with attachments and other mechanics that depend on certain type requirements. Does this make sense?
  9. That's right, this was the original post, the consensus there was some tweaking was needed. http://community.fantasyflightgames.com/index.php?/topic/91162-commando-talent-tree/
  10. Oggy, I think this sounds promising! In fact, you might even be able to compile all user modifications into one file (or possibly directory would be better, MyData), or something like that. That we we can group our homebrew content (or say Age of Rebellion content) all in one file/directory, and just have the definitions for the things you have modified in that file/directory. However, I forsee one problem. If you flag everything that you have defined as unchangeable, then descriptions wouldn't be changed, and it kind of defeats the purpose of modifying the files. I think if you just load your baseline data first at templates, then you can flag anything in the MyData files to overwrite anything different from the templates.
  11. Oh, yes we would, but it would be of a different tone. Why should a human on the fringe be able to get that extra 10 XP that the human of the Rebellion can't? And why can they convert 10 XP into extra cash? Noting that Humans can generate any of the following stat arrays 120 XP: 5,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 120 XP: 3,3,3,3,2,2 (15) 110 XP: 4,3,2,2,2,2 (30) 90 XP: 3,3,3,2,2,2 (10) 70 XP: 4,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 60 XP: 3,3,2,2,2,2 (15) 30 XP: 3,2,2,2,2,2 (6) 0 XP: 2,2,2,2,2,2 (1) The parenthesized number is the number of permutations. Red indicates only Edge characters, not AoR ones. 21 different attribute permutations gone of 88; without the 10 extra XP available, AoR characters are significantly LESS diverse. They also can't get to attribute 5 without going the Dedication Talent route. It is a compatibility issue, because it means the attribute scaling is inherently different. Perhaps PC's could start in a "Duty Hole" - allow them to start with a negative duty; they don't get an extry on the duty table, and their first 10 points don't get them onto it. (For what it's worth, almost every one of my players took the extra obligation in Edge for the extra 10 points; the one who didn't was a non-human who was unable to get an extra attribute point out of it. I've had, by the way, 12 players between two edge campaigns, plus 3 one-shot players - and only one didn't opt for the extra XP; 2 of the players used the extra XP for extra cash, one in order to buy a bowcaster) In a combined game, if duty and obligation both exist for the same character, it's a non-issue. In a combined game where they don't stack, the Obligation characters can be long term better by at least 25 XP worth simply by taking the extra 10 XP for either 4x3s, or having a 5 stat. ANd they're better out the gate. We don't know which it's going to be for combined games yet. Attributes are WAY too important to ignore. I think post very aptly summarizes the issue I was trying to bring to light with the Duty Mechanics. One cannot access the set of 4 threes attribute, or the 5 attribute with a human. To me it seems arbitrarily limiting when precedent set by EotE says these characters exist at the start. I did bring this to light because it is a BETA and because I think its something that should be considered by the developers of the game. I STRONGLY disagree with the opinion that an extra 10 XP at starting doesn't make a difference, and this analysis of the possible attribute buys effectively makes that point. Also, this should have nothing to do with Obligation, since we are trying to balance Duty in the absence of having obligation, so I don't find that is an effective counter to this quandry. All of the points made in response to this point about saying, that you can get XP and Credits and equipment and the like after you start playing discount the fact that attributes cannot be raised beyond character creation except through dedication. It seems like for a person who WANTS to make the character concept with all the attributes and none of the training that they could make in EotE, they cannot make in AoR unless their GM is merciful and grants them extra experience at the start. There are a lot of people out there who really like to play the numbers game when making characters. I admit to being one, and a lot of the fun I have with these games is to try and figure out how the numbers match my character concept.
  12. However they decide to write this power, I think it would go a long way for them to give several examples of the intended usage of the Force Power. As written, it is very powerful, and possibly game breaking. I can see a wide variety of objections to the force power, and while a GOOD GM could probably handle most uses, it has strong possibility to be abused. I would probably want more bang for my buck on the initiate side of the tree. Sense gives you two upgrades against people to hit you! And its one of the only ways to do this without suffering strain. The way the Forsee mechanic currently works with the initiative and extra maneuvers, I kind of see the Forsee Power being used as the Jedi Battle Meditation in this sense. So maybe flavoring some of the tree in this way would be pretty cool.
  13. Right! Obligation is for a completely separate game. The developers have explicitly stated that the game should be playtested in its own right, without EotE. They are trying to make this a stand alone product. From that perspective, I think having the 110 XP +10 optional XP benchmark set by EotE for humans is a really reasonable thing to measure up against. Also, for all of the folks that really like leveling up, any chance to increase their experience is kind a cool and attractive feature. One is not giving away XP, you're setting the bar for starting characters. They already set a bar in EotE, I think there should be the option for these statistics to be equivalent. A priori, I can't imagine that characters from Age of Rebellion would be inherently weaker than Edge of the Empire characters. It just doesn't make sense to me. You could make an EotE Hired gun that would be a better soldier than the actual AoR Soldier. On a related note, I can't imagine any character I make (or any of the people I play with) where I (or they) would purchase Duty. I don't think you get enough out of the 1 to 1 mechanic. A 5% chance of getting extra wound threshold isn't as valuable as switching a green to a yellow for that extra 8% chance of a triumph (and better probabilities for everything else!). Especially given how valuable of a resource XP is when making your character. Maybe if they increased the value you get for purchasing Duty. I might spend experience to start out with contribution rank one, as that's basically saying, yup I'm a trusted rebel member. But, I don't think spending to get 5 Duty is really worth the 5 XP cost. Also, Duty isn't entirely a good thing. After all, you get higher and higher on the Empire's wanted list... Which kind of makes Duty and contribution rank a level tracking system. So if you spend XP to make yourself a higher "level", then you will be less prepared to take on that squad of Stormies that oppose your Rebel cell, or the Emperor's Hand looking for the Jedi Emergent..
  14. That's not all that different from them all starting with obligation 10 (5 base, and 5 extra for each player) and having a 50% change of it triggering also? It will get reset as soon as they reach the 1st contribution level anyways, if they all earned 10 duty for their first mission for being awesome, then they're back to square 1. Technically they can all start with a duty of 50 by putting 10 xp in by RAW. Its just like having a 10 XP bonus starting. If you want to slow down that creep, then you could scale by the number of players in the game.
  15. I have a suggestion for the Duty mechanic. A lot of folks seem to be upset about the inability to purchase additional experience, and this might be an easy solution. I suggest that characters start out with 10 Duty in their chosen field. (Although this could vary by party size like in EotE). Then if the player wants, they can choose to reduce their Duty to take additional starting XP, in a similar fashion to how things are set up with Obligation in Edge of the Empire. Reduce 5 Duty to get 5 XP, or 10 Duty to get 10 XP. I probably wouldn't allow folks to take additional credits with Duty because of how strapped for resources the Rebellion is supposed to be at this time, and especially given the mechanic to start out with a stationary base of operations with significant cash influx. You could kind of see this as, the character has spent less time in Rebellion but that time was spent learning valuable skills, etc (or alternatively, this character spent more time in basic training and hasn't done anything super productive for the Alliance). This would certainly make starting characters more on par with EotE characters, and provide a significant incentive for joining the Rebellion and gaining access to higher levels of equipment through the Duty mechanic, instead of constantly owning money to criminals or other obligations. What do people think about this idea?
  16. For the GM Tool, if the adversary's name is too long, it gets cut off in the middle. Try out the Imperial Stormtrooper Sergeant [Rival] to see the effect.
  17. I tried selecting a random droid model, then switching panes around, and returning to Species, and it all worked. What were the exact steps you used to create the issue? I think that I've been able to isolate the cause to the following by tried recreating this problem with another droid, and it only occurs after you select the multiple free skills from the career tab. If you change your droid subtype before selecting the free career / specialization skills its fine. However, if you try and change the model type after selecting your career it crashes. It also crashes if the last pane open was the model type upon switching back to the species tab.
  18. One other thing I just discovered was that if you select a droid subtype other than the default, the program crashed if you return to the species pane. It also crashed for me if I selected the character panel. Does anyone else have this problem?
  19. I got the impression that the Sharpshooter was exactly the "I shoot things" role. I got the impression from the system that if the shooter wanted to expand his horizons to be the hunter/tracker, then he should take an additional specialization.
  20. Were does it say this? Everything I have read or heard from developer podcasts is there is never reimbursement for buying anything latter. Apologies. I forgot to finish my thought. Shouldn't be allowed. I edited it to reflect this.
  21. I think I found some bugs / typos. 1) I don't think having an armor mod (such as the althetics skill boost) should raise the XP cost to increase Athletics. This is similar for all other mods that increase skills. 2) I'm not sure if this has been stated before, but the creator doesn't tax the additional 10 XP for out of career specialization purchases. 3) On the Gadgeteer tree, buying point blank allows you to buy disorient, when you shouldn't be able to do this. 4) If as a human, you select a non-class skill, but purchase it later, you are allowed to purchase a new non-class skill. Edit: Forgot to finish that thought. It shouldn't be allowed to do this. 5) Vaacum Shielding attachment should be 1000 credits. The Brawn Cybernetics Leg Mod II should be 10,000 credits (not 1000). 6) I think with the Tinkerer talent you should be able to add Hardpoints to weapons that don't have them already (although I'm positive on this rule, but RAW adding an additional hard point to 0 would be 1 hard point). Requests: Could you put in a Duty tab so this builder would be compatible with Age of Rebellion characters? All you would need would be to clone the mechanic for obligation, but rename it (although you would have to add a counter for contribution rank). Everything else could be added by hand. Can you add the encumberance values to the equipment tab in the editor? Right now you have to print the sheet to figure it out (or add it up by hand I suppose).
  22. I personally would love to see a Gunslinger type specialization. I envision it being taliored to fit the man with no name. Any progress on stating out that specialization tree? I'm currently playing a gunslinger to the best of my ability, I've mixed Smuggler/Scoundrel with Gadgeteer and thinking about picking up Assassin to round it out.
  23. While looking at the Adversary's chapter, I discovered a very cool Ability that I think would be a neat idea for a character talent in the Ace Gunner specialization. Coving Fire, may spend an action to add +1 to ranged defense and add +1 to ranged defense for nearby characters. This is a super awesome talent, and I love the visual attached to it! I think it would be a great power in the narrative system. I would love to see this somehow incorporated into the Gunner Specialization. This whole vision is kind of how I envision the Ace Gunner, running out laying supressing fire with his light repeater (or maybe manning an emplacement with the heavy repeater). As a spin off of the idea, I envision a Suppressing Fire Talent: When using a weapon with the Autofire Capability (must be on to activate), may spend Triumph to upgrade the difficulty of ranged attacked made by those who were targeted with the Autofire. (Its kind of hard to hit somebody who is shooting a machine gun directly at you). Thoughts?
  24. The Commando Specialization has a lot of the Blooded Talent, and I have to admit I'm a little bit puzzled by three occurences. From the feel of the talent tree and the flavor text describing it, I get that this guy is supposed to survive combat and pretty much anything thrown at him. And that, he has in plenty. WIth the Durable, Unstoppable, Armor Master, and Blooded talents he certainly is one tough nut to crack. It also says that he's supposed to be a deadly instrument to get in and out without being seen. However, looking at the talent tree, it doesn't really seem that much like a versatile "surgical instrument" and all that deadly with guns. Sure he's good with hand to hand, and he's got Strong Arm (which is super cool). But the only talent improving his gunning is the one Point Blank talent. Also, he doesn't really seam all that sneaky (first off lacking stealth as a class skill). It says in his description that Commando's are good at sneaking past enemy guards and listening posts. I think it might fit better with the description/idea of the specialization to replace one (or more) of the blooded occurence(s) with deadly accuracy to give him more stopping power, or stalker to represent his sneakiness. Other folks thoughts?
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