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  1. What literally makes me explode is when people misused the word figuratively. Even worse when they combine it with the wrong their, their, they're. I mean, I don't understand what their thinking. Sometimes I wonder if they should be killed alot for not putting spaces between words which are clearly two words.
  2. This thread made my life better. But what really bugs me is when people fail to close a
  3. He means his Onesie pyjamas
  4. I cannot teach him, the boy has no patience
  5. The potential damage output is low vs 4 ships of X or B in my opinion. 6 attacks in one go is better than two lots of 3 because they only get to do one handful of green dice rather than 2. Simply comparing attacks R3 12 attacks (from 4 ships) vs 11 attacks (from 5) R2 12 (from 4) vs 13 (from 5, but 3 are ion so only will inflict 1 damage) R1 16 (from 4) vs 17 (from 5, but 3 are ion) or 16 (from 5, no ion) Ion is not always going to work and it will only inflict a maximum of 1 damage if it does. Ion vs swarm is even less effective because by you ioning them they just move forward as a block and remove what ever you "predictably" move into R1.
  6. Though 5 ships is nice, only having 2 attack dice with 2 of the ships and one ship beng only effective at R1-2 I am less than confident with the abilty of this fleet to really hurt. I'd rather have 4 ships with 3 dice each.
  7. Maybe make it not do damage but just ion them (regardless of size) but for 4pts?
  8. Cerealthief

    Where is Lea?

    5Pts pilot upgrade Princess Leia Princess Leia allows you to surrender your ships to your enemy in exchange for having luke and han turn up in your next game on top of any ships in your new fleet.
  9. If one were to roll all green blanks 3 rolls in a row, then one has probably lost the game. On this and this one then one can see a potential issue. It all depends on the fairness of the dice being thrown. A good general figures out ways to reduce a) the chance of this happening b) the effect this has on the outcome. But 3 in a row is very hard. The final of the tournie is an example. 3 blanks on DC and 3 blanks on Howlie... shocking luck at key moments but both played very well to make it have minimal impact on the game.
  10. I personally do not stand the stink. I will tell people they smell, at first politely and if a after a few weeks they do not conform to hygeine then I will be blunt. I have refused to play aganst smelly people before. I am a teacher and if a kid stinks I take them outside and tell them they need to consider bathing and changing their clothes on a more regular basis.... in a polite way
  11. Fun to read and fun to watch online.... you were both massively unlucky at times but over the game the dice really left you on the two big moments (evades on DC and Howly) these are game defining moments. Any other day and you would roll 2 evades and live.
  12. This is probably the best thread on the internet
  13. Experience days, you experience the knowledge of knowing all your stuff is legit for the day you open it... after that who cares
  14. perhaps it reached the edge of the map and was counted as destroyed.
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