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  1. I have two demo list for beginners. If I am teaching two people to play I use the following Darth Vader and two academy pilots versus Luke Skywalker and a Red Squadron X-wing Its a simple balanced list that's thematic, shows off different pilot skills and the players only have to keep up with Vader and Luke's special abilities. If the players want to play a second game I usually swap out Red Squadron for Wedge Antilles, and give Vader proton rockets. If I am teaching a single player the game I use this list: Chewbacca with Luke Skywalker and the Millennium Falcon title versus Howlrunner with Swarm Tactics, Night Beast, and Winged Gundark. The New player gets the falcon and I get the TIE fighters. The falcon is very forgiving for a new player. Between Luke and the 360 turret they always have good chances to get damage through to the TIEs regardless of maneuver errors. With the TIEs I can put some pressure on Chewie but typically lose the match. Which in my mind is a good thing to let the newbie win in a demo game. If they want to play a second game I will them move to the first list in this post.
  2. My FLGS is having is having its store championship in March, in which I am supposed to be the TO. I am not an employee of the store. I am just a customer who has shown interest in growing our X-Wing community. Where I live there has not been much of an X-wing scene until recently. Last year we only had 8 participants in the store championships. We are starting to see more players for game nights and other events and I am afraid that more people will show up for the championships than what the store can accommodate. At best the store can fit 20 seats. Since I am not an employee of the store how should I handle this situation if it happens? I hate to say first come first served and screw over people who may have traveled several hours to get here. The owner does not seem to think we will have a problem, but I would like to cover my bases. Finally the store does not have a website only a Facebook page, so selling a ticket to reserve a seat is probably out of the question. Should I have the owners update the Facebook event to state seating will be limited? Any help I can get is greatly appreciated.
  3. http://imgur.com/8fJ257Q Straight from a post on Reddit.
  4. Thank you for your time and the reply. Your explanation makes perfect sense.
  5. Forgive me if this has already been answered but I could not find a resolution using the search function. So today in a game I used inside job to make a run on HQ. My opponent had two unrezzed pieces of ice in front of the HQ server. The outermost piece of the two ice was an unrezzed guard. When I used the inside job the corp player rezzed guard and stopped me there. Is this a legal move or should the inside job have bypassed the guard ice since it was unrezzed when I approched it?
  6. No longer on preorder status. Just ordered my ships.
  7. Any X-Wing players in the Jackson, MS area? I just bought two starter sets and looking to get some games in
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