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  1. She has Civic and Chosen as traits, @Mimi61. It is indeed from Stella's deck; Drawn to the Flame announced it to the community (and Matt followed up by excitedly tweeting about it!).
  2. No. This is because everything before the colon in the free triggered ability is a cost, and "Only the controller of a card or ability may pay its costs. Game elements another player controls may not be used to pay a cost." Under 'costs' in the RR: https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Costs
  3. Exactly as @Assussanni said. There's a third option: if the direct damage is directed at a specific other target, such as on Centuries of Secrets - https://arkhamdb.com/card/05099
  4. It reminds me quite a lot of the reaction to alert and vengeance in TFA, where conventional "chop 'em up and move on" strategies were tested, either because you didn't want to kill things (vengeance) or because if you chose not to, your evasion was then tested (alert). In The Dream-Eaters, it feels like Storm of Spirits, Dynamite Blast, I've Got a Plan and Grenades all have grown in power, as have easy evades. I'm a fan of different campaigns really stretching us to alter our approach!
  5. @dysartes @Assussanni I was asked about this again today, and I am slowly adding as many rules as I can to arkhamdb/rules so that that place becomes something like a living rulebook! it's just a slow process because I am slow!
  6. Peter and I did a podcast episode all about it: episode 16 - https://drawntotheflamepodcast.blogspot.com/2017/05/episode-16-approaches-to-deckbuilding.html We recorded this a couple of years ago so it's probably more relevant for players starting out than for experienced deckbuilders. We're keen to revisit the topic soon!
  7. Probably worth distinguishing between 'player cards that depict places not in the current cycle' and 'player cards that are actual hints of what's next to come'. In TFA, Alter Fate was the only Tarot-related card, so could be considered a hint, but there were plenty of other cards hinting at places and things we've not yet seen. Which is exactly to say it's fun to theorise. Matt is a fan of red herrings!
  8. hi hi @Soakman, good for you designing not one but four to five scenarios! that is quite some effort. Big kudos! My initial question is: will you also add the files to tabletop simulator? I'm not a huge fan of playing on there, *but* I believe for testing it's quite a useful space to try out a new scenario, as tweaks can be added swiftly with relative ease (as opposed to printing and playing cards and then needing to add amendments / changes if something changes in testing). Just wondered if it was an avenue you were exploring. I'm certainly interested in testing but not sure if I really have the time for it. I'd also happily look at the encounter sets to see if I can see anything glaringly obvious missing (although it does sound as if you've put in several run-throughs to check the scenario functions). F
  9. - How will shifting from one designer to two change the game, and how Matt operates? -- Will you divide responsibilities evenly, or alternate roles, or what? Will one of you by the player cards king and the other settle on encounter design? Or mechanics vs theme+story? Or something else? - What is Jeremy most excited to bring to the design team for Arkham? - What is Matt most excited about working with Jeremy? - What design elements can be improved with two designers that couldn't with one?
  10. The certificate is being renewed. To your second point: it's a fan-run endeavour - we fill it in in our spare time! Hence not being fully done yet.
  11. This is just it, right? You've entered the campaign with a goal, with convictions, and you know your path.... no wonder you can't let go and find a way between doubt and conviction, where nothing quite exists...
  12. A belated season's greetings back, @Allonym, and a happy new year. The Roaring, Horrifying, Monstrous Twenties are upon us!
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