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  1. zooeyglass

    Shattered Aeons Player Card Review

    Always enjoy reading your card reviews, as it's always striking what's a hit and what's a miss for you, @awp832. I am totally with you on Flamethrower! I wonder if your succeed by x rogue experiences and maybe your mystic seal experiences are leading you to rate down these pretty potent cards. Borrowed Time (yes, despite the tricky name!) means that every turn can be a 6+ action turn, as long as you're willing to put in actions to sustain that rate. So it's an investment with a repeated pay out. Even if the reality is far more fluctuating (a 6 action turn, down to 4, up to 5 and so on - and perhaps not only using BT but also Quick Thinking, Ace in the Hole, Finn's Evade or Skids' free trigger, Leo de Luca), it still means consistently having more actions to pootle around than other investigators. This is a small point, really, but... yeah. I think it's a hard card to judge. And All In... if your friendly mystic has sealed the tentacle, it's not going to be such a problem, is it? Speaking of which: seal of the seventh sign means all the succeed by x madness *doesn't* get wiped by tentacle! Which is completely bananas. Is it a combo, or just a way of building towards a team that can't be stopped? (Probably the former, but dreaming of the latter!)
  2. zooeyglass

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Darrell is a great shout. We've seen True Understanding in TFA and then Vantage Point in the as-yet-unreleased-but-its-in-two-days Shattered Aeons (and the card was announced alongside the pack announcement), both with Darrell-esque art. Could be a little Darrell hint!
  3. zooeyglass

    Denver Invocation Event

    @Carthoris I believe so. @Network57 absolutely the right place to post!
  4. zooeyglass

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Which means..... 1 guardian investigator 2 seeker investigator 3 rogue investigator 4** Diana Stanley 5** Rita Young 6 neutral investigator 7 guardian sig 8 guardian sig 9 seeker sig 10 seeker sig 11 rogue sig 12 rogue sig 13** Twilight Blade 14** Dark Insight 15** Terrible Secret 16 survivor sig 17 survivor sig 18 neutral sig 19 neutral sig 20 g1 21 g2 22 g3 23 g4 24 seek1 25 seek2 26 seek3 27 seek4 28 r1 29 r2 30 r3 31 r4 32 m1 33 m2 34 m3 35 m4 36 surv1 37 surv2 38 surv3 39 surv4 40 neutral/weakness 41 neutral/weakness 42 neutral/weakness 43 1/7 44 2/7 45 3/7 46** Gavriella Mizrah 4/7 47** Jeroma Davids 5/7 48 Valentino Rivas 6/7? 49 Penny White 7/7? ** = confirmed Apologies for formatting getting ruined from my investigative document!
  5. zooeyglass

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    @Duciris it's this bit, from the spanish site: Contents: 6 investigator cards, 10 small cards [assuming 4 for the prologue characters], 91 scenario cards, 59 player cards and 1 campaign guide. CONTENIDO 6 cartas de Investigador, 10 cartas pequeñas, 91 cartas de Escenario, 59 cartas de Jugador y 1 guía de campaña.
  6. zooeyglass

    Eztli Guardian attack

    Thanks for this. I've added it to ArkhamDB faq.
  7. zooeyglass

    Automatically evade

    Hey hey, Turns out, clarification is already being sought, as Matt Newman is looking at automatic success / automatic evade. One particular example is if you play Cheap Shot targeting the Harbinger and succeed by two - in that instance, you'd add a resource for a successful fight. First it was ruled that you'd add a second resource for the automatic evade. Then caution was added and something of a reconsideration... and we're waiting to see how things shake out.
  8. zooeyglass

    Prepared for the Worst

    Thanks Allonym, nice of you to say. Turns out I saw two ArkhamDB decks recently providing a similar discussion of starting out or transitioning from core to core + deluxe so hopefully this will help too!
  9. zooeyglass

    Lola Hayes and Dr Elli

    Yeah, I actually pushed back on that. It's a tricky distinction. Also complicated by whether seal, as an additional cost, means that you're then *playing* the card... it's tricky.
  10. https://www.fantasyflightgames.com/en/news/2018/10/22/prepared-for-the-worst/ Here's an article Peter and I wrote for FFG about deckbuilding. It's aimed squarely at newer players, who've maybe got a couple of games under their belts but are new to deckbuilding and want a way of approaching that or just breaking down the steps to it. Hope you like it, friends!
  11. zooeyglass

    4th Cycle - The Circle Undone

    Yeah, I've put this up in detail elsewhere, but to recap: 1 - Guardian investigator 2 - Seeker investigator 3 - Rogue investigator 4 - Diana Stanley 5 - Survivor investigator 6-7 - Guardian sigs 8-9 - Seeker sigs 10-11 - Rogue sigs 12? One of the three above has a triple sig?? 13-15 Diana sigs ... Or: 1 - Guardian investigator 2 - Seeker investigator 3 - Rogue investigator 4 - Diana Stanley 5 - Survivor investigator 6 - Neutral investigator 7-8 - Guardian sigs 9-10 - Seeker sigs 11-12 Rogue sigs 13-15 Diana sigs ... Seem like the two most plausible options, but who knows, it could be all over the place... To start making more reasonable predictions if we get a player card number (not an investigator specific card) we could start to extrapolate from there a little more.
  12. zooeyglass

    Arkham Nights UK

    @MrDodger my understanding is that this is Arkham Nights UK: https://www.asmodee.co.uk/news-item/arkham-nights-2018-comes-to-the-uk/ has a bit more information.
  13. zooeyglass

    Lola Hayes and Dr Elli

    Hi @Goshiu, so I went onto the Discord and checked with the rules maestros there. They say it's absolutely fine to do that: since you're not 'playing' or 'putting into play' the relic, the relic can be of any faction. And yes, you'd fetch a token to seal in the case of The Chthonian Stone!