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  1. zooeyglass

    Thoughts on TSN player cards

    On the waiting game goes! Asmodee UK tweeted that there have been issues (I imagine the shipment has just not reached UK shores) so we sit back and wait. 😕
  2. zooeyglass

    Solo vs Multi

    Over on Drawn to the Flame we did an entire episode on Solo and the change of gear it requires: https://drawntotheflamepodcast.blogspot.com/2018/07/episode-71-true-solo.html the more I play, the more I agree that overspecialisation, more or less at any level (but particularly at 1 and 2 player counts) is something of a trap!
  3. zooeyglass

    ArkhamDB forbidden cards error

    I help with the data on the db, @Giffdev, but I didn't make it. Does the parenthetical 'cards not permitted by investigator' not help? That is meant to point you towards checking what is and isn't permitted for an investigator. Best, F
  4. zooeyglass

    "You" clarification required

    Hi @Fenrirgarm "You" can be a bit tricky, but it is covered here: https://arkhamdb.com/rules#You_Your under 'you/your' in the rules reference, and clarified in the FAQ here: https://images-cdn.fantasyflightgames.com/filer_public/12/ec/12ecf8b7-bd11-41f1-a243-155f607b3444/ahc_faq_v141.pdf at page 5, section 2.1. In short, you refers to the person resolving the card most of the time. For spawning enemies during set up, the investigators may decide, and in the case of a stalemate, the lead investigator decides. (see Lead investigator: https://arkhamdb.com/rules#Lead_Investigator)
  5. zooeyglass

    Have you noticed this?

    Yeah, it was a typo - an older version of the Rogue icon that was replaced but missed on Skids!
  6. I am the Frank he wrote a birthday post for and it was utterly terrific!
  7. zooeyglass

    Don't count on me to save the world

    Should just note @wirbowsky that checking under locations is a fast action, indicated with a lightning bolt symbol, so doesn't actually take up an action! But yes, you sound pretty mauled there!
  8. zooeyglass

    All copies of basicweakness

    Added the new 'uns!
  9. zooeyglass

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    hooo boy looking forward to that last one...
  10. zooeyglass

    Survey about class card pool preferences

    Oooh, looking forward to the result of this survey, @ntguardian!
  11. Just to say, when I finished preparing the TCU encounter cards for arkhamdb, I'll add this note to each copy of Witch-Haunted Woods as well as the scenario card for s1.
  12. zooeyglass

    Don't count on me to save the world

    Ouch! That sounds rough indeed. This kind of rough ride could be caused by lots of things: a rules misunderstanding, perhaps, like how skill tests or card commitment works poor decks (the recommended starter decks, for instance, are pretty poor) playing on too high difficulty (you can get really pounded if you're not braced for your difficulty level) not knowing the sort of challenges your decks could face. Do you know what sort of things are causing you the trouble? Or perhaps you don't want guidance, you just wanted to share your misfortune?
  13. Yeah, just to wade in on this too: there's nothing in the rules explaining when the difficulty of a test is set *because* it's not. It's variable, as @Assussanni, @Allonym, @Jobu and others already note. Just like investigator skill value, difficulty value can be affected throughout a test...
  14. zooeyglass

    Diana Stanley - cancel/ignore

    it would. It works. Cards with 'cancel' or 'ignore' on them work, friends. (It's like Carolyn with 'heals horror'. If it heals horror, she can take it.)
  15. Thanks @Eldan985 - is chuntering so odd a word?! @Assussanni that is a thing of magnificent beauty! Thank you! I'm intrigued by your Masks difference - I had one person suggest getting rid of Lita instead of Machete was a misplay. I also had quite a long chat with a pal about whether going for the Guardian play against Narogath was gambling too greatly. I think I still would, on reflection, but maybe be less disappointed by the results!