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  1. There's nothing announced at the moment, @Moon-beast King - they've certainly not said there won't ever be further novellas, but they've also never given even a sniff that there will be.... so we watch and wait.
  2. Hi @Eldan985, what a brilliant resource, nice one! Might it possible to have somewhere when this was last updated just so that newer players looking at it have a sense of when it came out / was updated? Just a tiny thought!
  3. I think, alas, that your assumption is correct - I too have been hoping it'll be as you hope, but I don't think so. But let's look at the pack names and see if we can work it out: Deluxe: 1a & 1b The Search for Kadath: 2a A Thousand Shapes of Horror: 2b / 3a Dark Side of the Moon: 3a / 4a Point of No Return: 3b / 2b Where the Gods Dwell: 4a / 3b Weaver of the Cosmos: 4b / 4b My suspicion based on pack names alone is that Search for Kadath, Dark Side of the Moon and Where the Gods Dwell = one campaign line, with the other three alternating. That's in part because Where the Gods Dwell and Weaver of the Cosmos feel like climactic scenario names - I'd argue the toss about some of the middle scenarios. I wonder if A Thousand Shapes of Horror is something from the Dreamlands breaking into our world, presaging the arrival of Atlach-Nacha, etc... though Point of No Return does sound pretty Dreamlands-y to me... It's definitely not clear cut!
  4. I did - I was replying to your final question in that reply, unless we're talking at cross-purposes? It looks like you've used reasonable comprehension to make a logical step that the card unfortunately simply doesn't support. 'An investigator in Dunwich Village' isn't looking for 'every' or 'each' investigator in Dunwich, or indeed 'every investigator who meets this condition'. It's just 'one' investigator, with the added condition that they need to be 'in Dunwich Village', as opposed to any of the other five locations. Is there anything that still doesn't make sense on this, though?
  5. Yeah, @Assussanni has it correct here. Take a look at Ten-Acre Meadow: https://arkhamdb.com/card/02247 That allows each investigator there to place a clue, rather than an investigator: "You set a bait using a live animal. Each investigator in Ten-Acre Meadow may place 1 of his or her clues on an Abomination enemy in Ten-Acre Meadow. (Group limit once per game)." For your first location, the most clues that can be placed is 1. For this location here, if you have 4 investigators, each with a clue, when the free trigger is triggered, you can place 4 clues, one from each investigator at Ten-Acre Meadow. @psmythirl the thing you're overlooking about 'an investigator' is it is singular: not each, just one.
  6. I have an answer to this: the increase in the number of cards that podcasts have been given to reveal to the community. At first, it was just Storm of Spirits and Time Warp from the Path to Carcosa that Drawn to the Flame revealed, but then in Forgotten Age, we got far more, and were told that FFG Marketing was changing tack and wanted to involved community commentators more in announcing cards. During The Circle Undone, Drawn to the Flame *and* Mythos Busters have each had a card per pack to announce - so we've seen 3-4 cards in the first announcement article, and then another 2 from community commenters, rather than a second article. So, a little explanation, I guess. Peter and I have always suggested we were keen to announce more cards for FFG, but never pitched a regular slot to do it, but Marketing I think wanted to try something new.
  7. @Antimarkovnikov GREAT sleuthing! love this kind of detail. Thank you! So we *may* get another Dream-Eaters article, potentially, this week... but small spanner in the works: Gencon!
  8. Just want to chime in as well and hail @awp832's magnificent post - you've covered so many bases there and given a sense of the questions big and small that may come up. Speaking purely personally, as a separate perspective, rather than as a note of something additional, I think drawing a card / gaining a resource *should* give future tests a chance not to be non-boost affairs; that is to say, ideally when I play I want to be in a position where I can pick and choose the tests I take and how much I commit to them. One of the ways the game fights back against investigators is by trying to put us into a hole wherein we don't have the cards and/or resources we need to get out - and getting into that hole is often aided by a player overcommitting on a test they don't need to, or losing cards/resources to a tentacle token, or so on... If I'm playing and I feel the lip of the hole is near, that's normally a sign to prepare to swing momentum back in my favour by stockpiling cards/resources for a crucial test... So yeah, just speculatively testing is normally a no-no, unless I am already +2/+3 or if *very particular* circumstance dictate it!
  9. I don't think that's the case at all. They wrote to the Arkham Chronicle chap saying there was a possible breach, and let him know the IP guidelines again so that no action needed to be taken on their end. He just needed to bring his stuff in line with the guidance!
  10. yes, normally released down the line (say, 6 months or so, roughly speaking, later).
  11. That's fair speculation, and if you'd asked me to pick numbers, I'd also have picked 1/3 and 2/2 for lexicon/blood-rite, crystallizer/guardian respectively!
  12. We're both wrong - I've just done a count and the announced 'player card' number includes signatures but not investigator cards themselves (so for Carcosa, 62 player cards = 40 faction cards {4 x 2 per faction}, 4 weaknesses and 18 sigs). Which would mean the 56 player cards here are #6 - #38.... But we're still stymied until we know how many copies of Bonded cards show up (2 for each one? 1 and 3? some other variable?) and how Myriad works.
  13. A little numbers update. With a double signature for Tony, that's 18 cards of 56 accounted for between card numbers 1 and 17, leaving 38 from #18-38... which is tricky. Not 100% sure Crystallizer pair are indeed 24 & 25 but that's what it looks like on the stream. 1 Guardian investigator 2 Seeker investigator 3 Tony Morgan 4 Luke Robinson 5 Survivor investigator 6 guardian sig 1 7 guardian sig 2 8 seeker sig 1 9 seeker sig 2 10 Bounty Contracts 11 Tony's .38 Long Colt x2 12 Tony's Quarry 13 Gate Box 14 Detached from Reality 15 Dream-Gate 16 survivor sig 1 17 survivor sig 2 18 guardian 1 19 guardian 2 20 guardian 3 21 seeker 1 22 seeker 2 23 seeker 3 24 Crystallizer of Dreams 25 Guardian of the Crystallizer 26 rogue 3 27 mystic 1 28 mystic 2 29 Open Gate 30 survivor 1 31 survivor 2 32 survivor 3 33 bonus 34 bonus 35 bonus 36 bonus 37 basic weakness?? 38 basic weakness?? 39 scenario card for scenario 1 40 agenda 1 Journal through the gates
  14. Ah so: 'Does the forced effect have the chance to change the game state?' if no, no forced effect. 'Does the forced effect force a skill test?' If yes, even if no other change will happen, you still take the test. ... is my longwinded understanding here now.
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