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  1. I was just thinking this myself. How many have been added so far ? Less than 10? They need a card only expansion.
  2. Besides the monsters and the hybrid stuff, has anything else been spoiled? Like maybe shop cards etc?
  3. Will chains be the last expansion this year? It would be nice to see a big box solely aimed towards RTL.
  4. I played through the tutorial and noticed the monsters always activated after my first hero but not after every other hero. According to the RTL rules arnt the monsters suppose to alternate? Is this where force activation kicks in?
  5. Takeda


    Is the tutorial separate from the main quest line? I would hate to spoil a quest :/
  6. Both Heros and monsters can choose to use both of their actions as attacks correct?
  7. My group is going to give RTL a try next week and us all being new players I was wondering if there is anything we should be mindful of?
  8. I noticed this pack has a ton of heros to choose from. does anyone use any of these heros?
  9. First game down and I'm already massively addicted!
  10. Just got back into Armada from a little break and picked up an ISD to go with my 3 Victories. Is there a good standard load out for it yet?
  11. Do we have a release date for the next wave yet? I need my friggin ISD!
  12. Are we allowed to sell stuff on this forum? I have a huge lot I'm letting go.
  13. If your running empire max out on Interceptors. With 4 main attacks an 2 counters their point cost per attack roll is #1. Add in hangers and controllers and your opponent has something to worry about. Don't be fooled into the howlrunner trap; she's the first to die and a point sink.
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