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  1. I only have the core set to play with, maybe my friend will let me switch to the augments, (I let him get 400 credits from generous donations). By "agenda for stormies", I assume you mean imperial industry? What's the ideal TS upgrade path?
  2. OK, thanks for the input. I think that I'll try the attachments path. Is cloaking device worth 3 XP? What would an ideal upgrade path look like for TS?
  3. If I was using military might, I wouldn't be able to use adaptive weapons... nonetheless, 3 GR with rerolls for 6 threat doesn't seem that fair, either.
  4. I disagree with your assessments. It is definitely a powerful card, and stun is absolutely annoying,but you can build your hero group so that it has less of an impact. like gaarkan with wookie fortitude, have him charge up front, and have weaker heroes stay behind. If the imperials choose to focus fire, they'll only stun one hero, but if they stun each hero, then their attacks only slow down the heroes, but do no significant damage. Additionally, in my experience, it does next to nothing when the mission isn't very time dependent.
  5. That's true, but it was either rush with the rebels or waste time, seeing as I repositioned the e web in the first round. He could either wait while I got more threat, or he could rush in and hope to overcome the troops waiting for him.
  6. I would always bring the stormtroopers within range 1 or range 2-3, if range 1 replace the blue with red, if 2-3 replace The green with red. E web attacked twice with blue red red. During the first round, I think he defeated 1 stormtrooper, as he was rushing my deployment zone, but only gaarkan could charge.
  7. So, we played generous donations, I was the IP, second side mission, after I won under siege in round 7. I had 4xp saved up, and used it all to buy adaptive weapons. The threat level was three, so by the special setup rules, I got a regular stormtrooper squad. It's weird, but with a squad of stormtroopers, an e-web, and one of trandoshans I managed to withdraw 2 heroes and wound another, all in 2 rounds. We aren't complete beginners, having already played 3 campaigns, but it just didn't feel fair. Is there a particular strategy we've been overlooking? Or are adaptive weapons just OP?
  8. With sidewinder, I meant that if peacemaker was allowed to be used, then maybe she could move after performing the attack even though she would be stunned. Guess not, then. thanks for your help!
  9. Suppose Jyn has the readied peacemaker card. She is attacked by a stormtrooper with arc blasters (technological superiority). suppose she exhausts peacemaker to use it, but I understand that the IP effects take precedence over rebel effects, so she first tests might for the arc blaster and fails, thereby becoming stunned. Can she still use peacemaker? And what about opportunist and sidewinder? thanks!
  10. Is it just me, or is this mission ridiculously in favor of the heroes? they have 7 rounds to kill all the imperial units, which stop reinforcing after round 3? how could anyone think this is IP favored? p.s. I don't know how to open a "spoiler" paragraph, if that's even possible. Can someone show me how to do so? Thanks!
  11. Is it just me, or are rebel troopers severely worse than stormtroopers? stormtroopers have better dice, more powerful surges, and roll a black defense die which I think is generally better than a white one. Why would anyone run the rebel troopers? thanks!
  12. 1. If a hero is knocked out, and his hero token is placed in his space, is that token considered a hero for purposes like oath of honor and inspiration? 2. If a hero is knocked out at the end of an encounter, and chooses to perform a stand up action, does the hero also recover all stamina? Thanks!
  13. Can someone post a description of each lieutenant's plot deck, what they do to the game and how difficult they make the game for the heroes / difficulty mastering the plot decks?
  14. So, during the first encounter the goblin archers are placed during setup close enough for the heroes to slaughter then on their first turn. On their second, third, and forth turn, they kill the open group and likely splig, and have two turns to search and win the encounter. How is the overlord supposed to win this? But an even bigger complaint I have is about the second encounter. The OL needing at best 16 turns, with only goblin archers as reinforcements? This is as close to impossible as it gets.
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