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  1. Hey fellow pilots, I'm looking for some advice since I'm building a list for an upcoming tournament. I would like to play the VT-49 Decimator & to have at least 3 Ships. My first ideas: Captain Oicunn (Predator, Vader, 48 P.) I like Oicunns Ability. PS 4 seems also great. Vader is pretty useful vs Aces especially those Mandalorian Starfighters. Predator ... well when I use Oicunns Ability I have no Action so I need an actionfree Attack buff. Omega Leader (Juke, Com-Relay, 26 P.)Pretty solid late Game choice isn't it? 27 Points to go. What would you include? just 2 TIEs? (not a good idea since their 2 AT doesn't seem to work at the moment) a PS 5 Bomber with some nasty Torpedos/Missiles and Extra-Munition for some Alpha-Strike A PS 4 Interceptor with PTL & AT? Zeta Leader with Wired & Relay? Other ideas? Other idea is to put also a Rebel Captive on the Decimator instead of Predator for a better control element.
  2. Be patience! There are a lot of other great games you can play right now. Battlelore, with 3 Factions & Neutrals has also a lot to offer for you.
  3. I think that we will see more content. But to be honest: the mechanic is very cool but the setting is too generic. Imagine if FFG would use their Warhammer license, specially with the dead of the old Warhammer, for a Battlelore-Series Game. This would sell like cold beer on a shiny summer day!
  4. @Squark Thanks - that was exactly my point! And to be honest: the 40k "Imperium" is a reference of the Warhammer "Imperium", which itself is somekind of fantasy HRRDN (Heiliges Römisches Reich Deutscher Nation - medival name of first german empire ).
  5. Ehm? That's an open manipulation of the Dial ... it's Vader with PS 10 - so no Stay on Target or Juno Eclipse Stuff ... With the new move, Vader was able to fly over Carnor and to avoid the Range 2 Shot from Chiraneau with Vader... That's more than obvious. What's wrong with the people? There is a CAMERA ... come on. Thats like ******' London during the 2011 riots - everywhere cameras, but people still are stealing **** ...
  6. I've won a National, and 2 Store-Championship (2015 and 2016) with the good old Doom-Shuttle It will be always here ... and will always be a valuable choice for the last 1/4 quarter of an imperial Squad, that doesn't have Vader in the Advanced!
  7. One obviously the Second one! But at least we won't start World War 3 - that will be your business when voting Trump
  8. But the guy on the FFG blacklist wasn't filming the match with his own camera. That's like bringing a video-cam to a robbery, get away with some $ and put the video with real name on youtube later. That's just not smart ...
  9. Not sure - the upload and the video is from the guy, who you blame to cheat. Isn't it a little bit stupid to show a video clue of his own cheating? Or do you think he forget about the action or that he thinks that he's too clever/smart, that anybody else would see it?
  10. Wedge is too fragile. He's a good Hard-Hitter - but too fragile. You need Biggs for protection, otherwise he won't have a chance to give you his points back ...
  11. Hey folks, I was thinking about a Squad for an upcoming Store-Championship. The Idea based on my purchase of the T-70 and the "Integrated Astromech", which seems to be somekind of little fix for the old X-Wing. In my Meta I will expect Brobots, Quad-TLTs and some Imperial Aces. Biggs (26 P.) - R4-B6 - Integrated Astromech The mustache Biggs is the key and "fundamentum" of my Squad. I think that his ability is one of the best in the game. Sure I will give the enemy 26 points, but a Doom-Shuttle is also 24 points worth and it's a good bill - so is Biggs, cause his sacrifice will allow the other Ships to crush the enemy. I'll hope that he might survive more than 2 Combat-Rounds with R4-B6 (specially against HLCs) and the Integrated Astromech (screw you Direct Hit!) Wedge Antilles (32 P.) - Crackshot - R5 or R2 - Integrated Astromech Wedge is a true Hard-Hitter and possibily one of the best Killers in the game. Unfortunateley his defense is very weak and he won't have a chance in focus-fire. But with Biggs, he might see 4-5 Shooting-Rounds, where he is targeting the enemys best ships. At the beginning I can choose target lock, after Biggs death I will change to Focus. Either R2, for bedder positions/maneuvering after K-Turns or R5 for fixing those stupid Ship-Crits, which are troubling my action economy. Crackshot shall give Wedge more punsh and is used for killing an enemy or for bringing a crit on a very priceful ship. He shall be my MVP and bring the Damage to the enemy. With Integrated Mech I'll hope he survives some extra round. Gold Squadron Pilot (26 P.) - R3-A2 - Twin Laser Turret - BTL Title Nothing much to say here. The Stress-Hog is a must have for a Rebel Squad, 3 Attacks and the Stress against Aces and BroBots is too worthy. Still thanks to Biggs, he might see some more combat rounds and also it will be very difficult for the enemy to find an attack angle. 17 points to go. I'am not sure what to do with these points and could use some help. My ideas: 1) A-Wing with Refit and Thrusters. Exactly 17 Points and a nice little blocker. But the PS 1 bothers me, specially against Quad-TLT, where this A-Wing wouldn't have a chance here. 2) Naked Blount - for stripping Aces Stealth Device - honestly I think with the Stresshog and also Wedge, I don't need more firepower vs Aces 3) Bandit Squadron Pilot with Assault Missile - the weapon against Swarms and specially a nice damage dealer to close Formations. 4) Tala with Concussion Missile - PS 4 Rebel Fighter is more useful and the Concussion Missile should be more "safe" for dealing high damage to a single target. 5) Bandit or Tala and putting more Stuff on my other aces - don't like that much, cause I think that - when Biggs died, Wedge is the next target - so I don't want too many points on him. PS 4 Stress-Hog might be an idea. What do you guys think? Is there still a chance for Biggs/Wedge and their friends to have a chance in the 7.5 Meta?
  12. 1) Unyielding of Bone Horrors: Okay they can't run away and if I interpretate this rule correct, this means that every "Flag-Symbol" is also Damage for Bone Horrors. But what when they attack an enemy? Do their Flag-Symbols count? So can they force an enemy to retreat? 2) A Necromancer rolls 3x Heroic Symbols. As fortune says, there are 3 Minion units within 2 Hexes of this unit - that means I can move and attack with 3 additional Units? Wow love those guys!
  13. That's a troll. German Nationals was won by a spanish dude living in Germany! He was flying Bro-Bots and smahed a Double Decimator Build in a great Final match. It was a 32 limited Tournament. Every Regional and/or Qualifier (Special Tournaments exclusive in Germany) and also 20 people from 2x 64 player FLIGHTs had entrance into this tournament. It was huge ... it was tough ... it was a shark tank!
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