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  1. Because it'd freakishly expensive, and probably keep people like me from affording it. My wife isn't very big into Lovecraftian stuff, and I'd probably find a horse's head in the bed next to me if I dropped the funds for the entire CoC boxed set. It'll be hard to gather it up, but at least we might have the PoD option. Even the SW LCG has that aspect in a limited way with one of the deluxe expansions...3 on 1 is a sort of co-op. Insurance is always a good thing to have. Another possibility is that since they acquired the L5R license, they want to have something they know will make them good money before they branch out into something they're not 100% sure about. The L5R CCG was good under WotC, but who knows what FFG will do with it? Well, they obviously didn't lose the CoC license, or we wouldn't be getting this or continuing stuff like more Eldritch Horror. Hope for the future! I can only imagine the possibilities: including some asymmetrical elements like you get in ANR? Awesome! In all, I think this is going to be good for both games. I've felt for a long time that CoC has been kind of a redheaded stepchild when it comes to the LCG facet of FFG's business, and this could draw renewed attention to both. Plus, it sounds like there's the option to make things have more of a legacy feel to them, which I don't think any card game has. Correct me on that if I'm wrong, though. Plus, it's fun to be here to get in on it at the ground level. Let's kick these cultists' asses and/or die trying!!
  2. I have the same problem with the Star Wars LCG, although my wife is a little more amenable to that one, since we're both holocronies. Still, she doesn't get into the deckbuilding aspect in anything, and even hearing that something has a deckbuilding aspect (a la the DC deckbuilding game), she's just put off. So maybe I'll just follow your advice, Grimwalker and go to Netrunnerdb. Thanks!
  3. Hey, all. I got into ANR not too long ago; I played (and won!) my first game a couple years ago, then there was a long time where I didn't really game at all. Then a few months ago, I got my hands on the core set and the first expansion from the Genesis cycle. My wife's not super into the game, and the friends I game with ... well, there's never just two of us, as we're usually playing games like Mysterium, Eldritch Horror or Rifts. You know, games where you've got a whole table of people. So this makes me wonder. I don't want to force my wife to sit down and play a game with me, as that'll just make her hate it. That's led me to going online to places like Jinteki.net, OCTGN (when I'm using Windows) or LackeyCCG. Problem is, I want to use cards that I actually own to play so I can have a good idea as to how it stacks up (pun intended) against other decks. Partially, this is to gauge my own ability, but it's also a way for me to figure out what play style works best for me, since I've played a grand total of 2 1/2 games so far. So, hive mind: what's a newb to do? I've got all these cards and I'm really excited about the game. Problem is, nobody around me is, and I want to keep my online decks as close to what I have as possible. Any tips on good deck building techniques?
  4. And I guess that's the issue I run up against. Jedi are really powerful in the current meta. It used to be Smugglers. You're right in that the game is very cinematic in its feel, gameplay and tone, but when everyone in a tournament has essentially the same deck, it seems to lose a lot of its *umph* to me. To me, a tournament should be something that allows the best player to do well, not the person who's just bought all the cards and has the best deck in the current meta. Anyone can do that. I don't know how my brain got to that thought from thinking about cinematic play, but oh well. Thoughts? My train of thought derailed.
  5. That's kind of where I stand on this. I did recently get a copy of Forsaken Lore, but have yet to convince my wife to log a game with me. As far as space is concerned… a friend of mine is a genius. He bought a tackle box that's about an inch or an inch and a half deep, but it has removable dividers. I picked one up a couple weeks ago, and it's ideal for storing EVERYTHING except for the full- and oversized cards. When I get home later, I'll have to take a picture and upload it. As far as the difference between AH and EH, I know what a lot of people say, but it's good to have that suggestion, ricedwlit. My wife will tell you that I LOVE playing games, and that as soon as I feel that I'm really able to sink my teeth into a game, I want to start expanding the experience. For example, with the LotR board game (back when it was licensed under Wizards), I logged a bunch of games, and got both expansions, although none of the people I played with could figure them out. I tried. I've also picked up two or three expansions to Killer Bunnies (great for getting people into gaming, as it's fairly light), and just one expansion for Munchkin (need I say more?). What can I say? I'm a sucker when it comes to making the gameplay experience more diverse and interesting. That was a big tangent, though. Anyway, I think the time commitment angle is kind of moot; EH generally takes a couple hours (longer if you count setup and takedown time). I'd assume AH is the same way if you're using everything to the fullest.
  6. Hey, all. I was thinking the other day (and it's dangerous when I think), and I thought about all the synergies and munchkining we can do with various objective sets, and I thought…why can't we just put a deck together and have fun with it? Don't get me wrong--there's nothing wrong with building a Sith deck that will CRUSH a Rebel deck. But what would it be like to occasionally take a more narrative approach to the deck and let the game play out? For example, if you wanted to try reenacting the Battle of Hoth as the Empire, you have mostly Snowtroopers, a couple AT-ATs, the 501st, etc., and that's it. Then the Rebels play a speeder-heavy deck, and it's on. You can see how things play out with the two players at the helm of the battle instead of George Lucas. Don't think I'm trying to sway y'all one way or the other. I'm just trying to get some opinions. Do you like the idea of a more 'cinematic' deck, or do you prefer a more 'strategic' one?
  7. I'd have to say that in my area, the game is . . . anemic. I know there are players, because every time I go past the FFG shelves in my local game store, there's a different amount of SWLCG stuff. But the reason--in my mind, at least--that less-organized play at stores doesn't really happen is due to three things. The first is Magic: The Gathering. The second is Android: Netrunner. Lastly, the third is that guy that shows up to pretty much every organized play event, wipes the floor with everyone and is a total prick about everything. You know the guy. He's the kind of guy that is beating you to death, and has a totally apathetic attitude toward it all. He takes it for granted that he's going to win. You'd reach across the table and punch him if it was socially acceptable, and not many people would get upset about it. But the worst part about 'that guy' is that when you are trying to bring in a new player, an experience like that is going to be absolutely toxic. I know that if my first experience had been against that guy at that one store, I probably would play a lot less than I do. So, as I cite to my kids all the time, remember Rule Zero: Don't be a jerk. But that's my two cents.
  8. Okay. Just so I know I'm not crazy. Speaking of AH, I'm considering saving my pennies and getting either a copy of it or the MoM expansion for EH. Thoughts? My EH box is almost full, so I'm concerned about what will happen if I get a deluxe expansion.
  9. Hi, Eldritch Horror hivemind. I have a question for all y'all...I've always had good experiences with forums in the past, and I don't see this as being any different. Anyway, I got a copy of EH from a local game store that was going out of business (it was actually the copy they rented out), and was happy to see that everything was there--well, except for the Omen Tracker ring. The dope who opened the game up punched out the center and used that as the marker instead of the ring. I hate stupid people. But I digress. I played it several times, and absolutely love it. But I came across something lately that has me confused. To refresh myself, I watched the intro videos and other promotional stuff on the game site, and it actually shows and refers to five Old Ones instead of four. Cthulhu, Shub-Niggurath, Yog-Sothoth, Azathoth and the Dunwich Horror. I checked again to make sure my box wasn't missing anything, and everything was cool. Then I went to a different game store and checked, and it said the box only contained four Old Ones, as well. So I'm now wondering if the Dunwich Horror is a recent addition to the game from an expansion or if it was originally meant to be an Old One and got downgraded to an Epic Monster. Either way, everyone's arcane wisdom is much appreciated, even if you decide to just be snarky about it. Thanks!
  10. There are people who have bought the game--Boardgame Revolution was completely out of the core set for quite a while. You're probably just the only one in Provo (besides me) that posts on this forum.
  11. Same here. My wife and I got the core set a week ago and have played a couple times. It's super fun, but we're on a tight budget. We like to be competitive with each other without breaking the bank, and this is a great thread to watch for that.
  12. As am I, but I'm a little worried about it, too--will we still be able to run the original ruleset in a 3- or 4-player game, or do we have to use the challenge decks?
  13. Provo! Provo-ish! I'm in Spanish Fork, but I work in Provo. !!!
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