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  1. Well I'll be. It works now! Hey thanks tsuma534! To quote the great stand up philosopher Gene Hackman: "Uh, I hope I can still count on your vote...."
  2. Oh, sorry Meretrix, I guess I meant iconic as in an iconic part of the Arkham Files mythos. At least to me. My group really loved that adventure. We're not so much fans of Lovecraft's writing, the whole "unknowable" schtick gets a bit tired to be honest. As does having about two total ways of "ending" a story. We're just huge fans of the Arkham Files and the gamers with the guts to play them. These games are an entirely different style of "horror" for those who like to keep track of their "wins."
  3. OOps! Sorry about that. Most folk don't trust them so prefer to type them themselves. (Not that I blame them.) Here: www.dicetower.com Then you just pick the drop down for top 10 & top 100 at the top of the page, (fourth in from the left) and it's the bottom selection: VOTE top 100, 2017. While you do have to make an account, I have been voting for "years" and have yet to receive any spam. The Dice Tower is really good about that. They also deal with a lot of BGG folk who hate it, so you can vote without worrying about unwanted e-mails. I didn't even get one for the annual kickstarter. That had to have taken a lot of restraint. Oooooor just a bunch of previous negative feedback. Either way mulletcheese, you're safe. Thanks for the help! Now if I could just get formatting with this processor down....
  4. Sorry, I don't really know how to format here, but on the upside I don't come here often. You may be underestimating new comers if you think all they can handle is Catan. New folks really get into the story and characters and don't mind watching an "eight minute" vid that really gives them a solid grasp and the game is challenging to win, not difficult to play. They also tend to love the co-operative aspect. I've lost track of the number of occasions where I've watched someone "teach" their new pal Catan only to hear the all too familiar: "Oh, gee well at least you came close to beating me that go, right?" They didn't return. Funny that. Seriously, why do so many people think that everyone's stupid?
  5. I'm hoping that masks isn't a conclusion but a new style of expansion focusing on the investigators! Some of them have even eclipsed old favorites from more well known IPs because of their character. I would likely jump on a anniversary edition of the one that started it all though! Even though A.H. was the game that got me back into hobby board games having followed Steve Jackson and GW before, I could never find it so I went with Runebound 2nd ed. instead, then Descent, then full circle with Elder Sign, Eldritch Horror, Mansions of Madness, and the LCG. It's hard to actually pick a favorite among them but I would definitely like to revisit the originator of the Arkham Files!
  6. Oh okay, thanks for letting me know!
  7. Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, Children of all rages. We have an opportunity. For over a decade folks have delighted in the faux horror and adventure of the wonderful pseudo world we call: The Arkham Files. Yet we've all seen it. While playing Elder Sign or Eldritch Horror at a local meet-up someone will come in to see what this "board gamin' thang" is all about only to be led to the scintillating fascination that is trading sheep or cave farming. We never see them again do we? They could have been knowing the unknowable or playing the nigh unbeatable, yet instead? Yep. They leave with a boring cube pusher or god forbid some awful "party" game. See also: Conversation in a box for those you don't wish to converse with. I hate to say that a board games success today is a popularity contest but a board games success today is a popularity contest. That shelf at the store that only gives space to the Dice Tower top 100 "peoples choice" games for instance. Yet do you know the real tragedy of this? (Other than ZERO of our beloved games cracking the top 20) It's that only about 2,000 gamers ever vote in this yet it determines where that new clerk is going to immediately look now that they have to pry themselves away from their smart phone! You, yes YOU my friends and fellows in gamings ultimate highs and lows can make a difference! You can make the fact that Eldritch Horror is only #23, that Elder Sign didn't even make the list, and that (I shudder to even tell you) L.o.t.R. and the Father of the Files Arkham Horror it's literally damned self were 76 & 77 respectively. I know, I know, I feel your pain. Like I said, I've been playing Arkham Files games for over a decade. *ahem* Yet now, yes NOW friends we have a rare opportunity. An opportunity to send Catan back to the yawnsville that spawned it, an opportunity to say "Y'know, I just don't GET how Rummy meets trains and poker chips meets watching paint dry is beating so many other great games with such a distinguished (and played) pedigree." You see the Dice Tower people's choice top 100 is open for voting at their website: www.dicetower.com NOW, yet none of their 200,000+ subscribers have been told yet. Besides, as I said, only 2,000 gamers vote in it. Yet many stores base what gets shelf space on this woefully under sampled list. So please, join me in making the Arkham Files the surprise hits of this years list! If we all band together we can even beat Pandemic! It's been #1 for years in a row for I do not know what reason. It's an okay game but it doesn't come anywhere near the longevity, variety, and story telling ability of anything in the files! Join me in saving those who without your voice, may well be sentenced to Five Tribes! Help deliver those who have been cruelly tricked into thinking that Risk is so much better when it's a cartoon! I beg you, make your voice heard now and help save those who would love gaming if they knew it could be so much more like the Arkham Horror LCG and so much less like Dominion. Vote with your minds, your hearts, and your conscience. By which I mean, of course, vote for all the Arkham Files games! (Also, yes, Descent 2.0 and Lord of the Rings could use some love too. I mean they're getting beaten by a game about making wine and another that uses mechs for taxis for crying out loud.......talk about the Horror.....)
  8. You're not wrong. I've always wondered though, after licensing fees does Star Wars really make FFG more money than the Arkham Files? Dealing with the mouse is NOT cheap.
  9. When are they making a "30th Anniversary Edition" of Arkham Horror based on the EH system? They didn't announce it at Arkahm Nights.... Just expansions for all the existing games except AH.
  10. I looks like there will be 400 cards.
  11. To say nothing of the Carnivalle of Horrors, which is awesome! (from the Arkham Horror LCG.)
  12. In a novel break from tradition I'm going to say that that is a difficult question to answer without a bit more information. What is it about Eldritch Horror that you enjoy most? Who is your favorite Investigator so far? I would however recommend that you watch some reviews from reviewers who have already said they enjoy the game a lot and do specific expansion reviews. My recommendations there would be Board Game Brawl or the Dice Tower on You Tube. The Rules Girl also has the most concise yet inclusive video for expanding the rules just in case you wanted more to go on than just the books or wondered if you were maybe missing something. Happy to help but that's a tough question to answer without knowing your tastes. I will say though that one of the hardest expansions for me to find was Strange Remnants, one of the small ones. It's my personal recommendation in general, if you want big box go with Mountains of Madness. Believe me, the new mechanism of Focus is worth it and both are great additions.
  13. Hmm. Hopefully stores guess right or over estimate in that case. Hate for someone to miss out. That's the really cool thing, I've found. No one ever misses out because FFG sells all the Con exclusives as stand alone adventure packs. I hope they do the same with Arkham Horror.
  14. Hi there, I'll try to take your questions in order: 1. I haven't heard of any competitive style or format where anyone wins anything that won't be available to everybody who plays the game. 2. Pretty much and you can even play solo. The game is built for 1-2 players. 3. Not so much to beat the game FASTER from what I understand, more to have a persistent experience and the A.I. has an adjustable difficulty thanks to the "chaos bag" where you can crank it up or down to suit your own taste or mood. 4. Yes but far more story driven and the dice are replaced by the "chaos bag" in order to allow for more flexibility based on your items, skills, weaknesses, and the aforementioned ability to adjust difficulty on the fly. 5. I think it's good for any level or style of play due to the adjustable difficulty. If you just want to go in and stomp all over C'thulu you can. If you want to play the exact way the designers think makes for the best "Arkham" experience you can. If you're a MESNA candidate looking for pre-breakfast fodder well you can set that up too. It's entirely up to you. Being that Magic and HearthStone are previous games you are likely to see this as more of an evolution. The designers have even stated that they wanted THIS game to be yet another evolution of what grew from those: The Lord of the Rings LCG which is excellent but the designers felt that ALL card game experiences have always been missing the RPG "personal" feel because it always seemed like you were controlling a unit rather than a character. To make this game "character and experience" driven is their stated design philosophy. Hope this helps!
  15. Thanks for the first hand info! Wow, okay that sounds really different but I think I get it now. They made it so that you can play as far into it as you want / dare to. If you don't do so well, you get penalized, if you do outstanding you REALLY get penalized. Heh. Welcome to Arkham! (Can't wait, by the way it sounds like a blast!)