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  1. Thanks that's really good news! Um, so where is she? I got a second printing and I'm happy just with the book but I'd really like it too if they would re-print her. I think I have everything current, including the Arkham Nights stuff.
  2. Um, we did? Multiple folks have suggested coin capsules, not for protection, although considering I first got the idea from the Arkham Chronicle YT channel, that HAS to be part of it, but you'll find that plastic and cloth are bit like oil and water, while cloth and cardboard are not. (A bit closer to Velcro really.)
  3. You must be new here. This isn't a place where consumers should come to get and share information. Unfortunately, it's the only place to get it from the recently purchased horse's mouth, so I have to bear it for a bit but here it's not about sharing information, it's about being right and who "wins." Nuts to this. Have fun with the pedantry pageant!
  4. Thanks so much, that's all I needed to know.
  5. That's because physical and digital results and patterns are never the same. So playing with an app gives you a different result than playing with an actual chaos bag the way the game was meant to be played. At least according to the designers who I'm not gonna' argue with. It's weird to me how everyone wants to change one of the most innovative parts of the game is all.
  6. My only question is will they continue to reprint the physical stuff that they have released for the game so far? Earlier expansions seem sold out pretty much everywhere. So sales are either extremely strong or they just aren't reprinting the game once it sells out.
  7. Coin capsules and a big draw string bag (that doubles as my Eldritch Horror monster "cup") is what I use. I love theme and nothing says impede my imagination quite as quickly as the words "smart phone." The chaos bag is one of the real innovations of the game and the last thing I want to do is circumvent designer/artist intent. Particularly when the designers have said so themselves. It cheapens the experience AND gives a different result than intended.
  8. You're not wrong and you're SO close to the easy, inexpensive "optimally random" (god, leave it to the FFG forums to come up with THAT little bit o' word salad.....) method of "dealing" with the Chaos bag. I'm going to keep reading but the solution is Coin Capsules. Y'know, like collectors use? The Arkham Chronicle on You Tube has a whole video about it and even names different companies that carry them inexpensively and what mm to use dependent on what kind of fit you prefer, but manoman can you feel the difference.
  9. Then it's probably them because I've heard the same identity but from a different source. If it is, it looks like I might be buying two books! Follow this up with Wendy or Agnes and I may buy even more! Just sayin'.....
  10. Yes, thank you very much! Wow, I didn't know you could use ALL of an investigator's special cards. Now that know I may actually give it a go. It depends on how powerful that amulet is because that many weaknesses....wow.
  11. To say nothing of replacing the only "X" cost card in the game for a character who specializes in maximizing resources! That's why I think people's OCD is on THEM. These aren't better game pieces or anything. If it gets people to buy books and supports the art of writing I say go nuts with the Madison Avenue stuff!
  12. Unless you're somebody that wants to read it and wants the cards. So it's not for you. Seriously, what's with you people that live here? Not everything is made just for you and your collection! Besides, they already made an exclusive promo with the investigator book, and have had a lot of exclusives before. Why is everyone so surprised? Take it or leave it! "Distasteful" isn't a word meant for a product that you don't agree with.
  13. It's not the Capitalists fault for knowing their target so well. To put it your terms: "It would be sub optimal for them not to take advantage of market psychology." If you have to have a problem with it fine, just know that there are a lot of others who actually want stories about the investigators and are just fine with taking some and leaving others and we make just as nice a target as you do. Considering that combo, I'd be surprised if this wasn't a product.
  14. Oh. Heh, yeah so I guess you weren't looking for storage options. 0.0 Wow. Well at least now I know that FFG will be selling at least two copies of Hour of the Huntress! You have impeccable taste.
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