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  1. The Green and Blue symbols are the symbols for that colours tech. The big red one on verfut is also the symbol for red tech. I wonder if one is a discount for tech, and the other is a preq for landing on it, or an additional cost. The old colours for distant suns was Red for hazard and green for no hazard. Could be that the better planets all have hazards built in, or additional costs. It's a good way to balance bereg and Abyz if they do
  2. Yeah. Old timer. Started in Imperial. Missed Gold. Played until end of Samurai. Loving the new art and rekindling the original stories. Loving the gender balance and even storytelling of New5r Not sure if I will jump into the game again ( I mainly play X-wing and Destiny at the moment) but I am not far to being tempted. Probably back to the Scorp as that was my first real clan. Don't acknowledge the dark times before the ruined fortress and Kachiko ;-)
  3. I think the fastest is probably the shadow caster with burnout slam isnt it? Ketsu / PTL / Engine Upgrade / Burnout slam Move 5 forward. Burnout Slam for another 5, PTL to boost. 17 Total base movements
  4. Hi Killerardvark. My issues have been X-Wing related. I used it for a regional a week ago and had updated the version to the latest. We had problems from round 1, though no problems seemed to exist with our basic testing prior. In particular we could not generate a new round, Each player had their scores updated, a green tick next to their name, but as we found out the software would not generate a result, for what seemed random pairings. We did have a bye, if that matters. After a delay in trying to get this fixed, we eventually used our back up solution. Just thought you should know. :-)
  5. This is a topic close to my heart. Aaron hits many of the points I would have made, and it's good Julia (And the crew at Chance cube) feel comfortable talking about this. I honestly wish I could see more of it online and in person, as I feel we personally have a long way to go in evening out our treatment of minorities in all facets of life. I just don't see any reason you can argue against equality. We might argue about how to get there, but honestly its the minorities voices that count here. Why should we tell them what they need? At first blush I loved rogue one. On the face of it I thought they did ok. I blatantly noticed the variation in race, I saw Women characters have speaking parts and even saw some older pilots (one woman in particular) on screen. But it didn't quite sit right. I started thinking about how all but Jynn in the protagonists were male, then on second look through I struggled to see women in the background. And I am at a loss to see why? Arent they 51% of the population? Or is Star wars a place where females are rare? Surely not. And in the end it took my wife getting really mad (Isn't that always the case fellow husbands? ;-) ) to solidify all the things that were just on the peripheral. I take take my cues from her as she has struggled all her life for representation, equality. I can't possibly know or fathom. So all I can do is listen. What I do know is that things cannot change without the majorities aid. Call it out, and try and educate. It takes a mature person to admit they are wrong and part of the problem. We honestly dont know sometimes we are being jerks. After all I think we all see ourselves as decent people. It's not meant to be blame. If we all pledge to make life better for everyone, we all benefit. A
  6. In the right list she is a beast. On the right ship (Assaj) I don't play anything else.
  7. You can use IG88-C and Ketsu/Assaj with the crew if you like. Darth Evil explains it pretty well above. But I wouldn't get caught up on spamming that title onto a shadowcaster. The two can work together without having to do that, and in my opinion are better in doing so because the Caster would make better use of the crew slot. Latts Razzi on Assaj, or Dengar/K4 on Ketsu. Which in my opinion allows you to play the better bot - IG88-B with HLC Whats more the added benefit doesn't leave when you lose the Bot and only have the Caster left
  8. If I were to guess 1 White Turn, White Banks 2 Green Straight. White Turn White Banks Red Talon Roll 3 Green Straight Green Banks Green Turns 4 White Straight Red K turn 5 White Straights
  9. After flying some Misthunter, I think that is the consideration. You need the title. Flying in multiples just doesn't quite work for the points cost, but on a VI Zuckuss it is just brutal. So far I am finding for the cost, better alternatives for the point cost of the Gand, or the Freelancer. So my advice? You need only one I think. Fly the one you have and be merry. It's a great ship, even if I wish the 3 bank was white ;-) Best build I have used is Zuckuss, VI, FCS, Title, TB, 4-LOM. 4-Lom is a use with care, but in clutch turns he is gold. I'd love to use an outlaw tech, VI 4-lom, Advanced Sensors build, but at 34 pts for PS8, I am not sold. There are also more out there builds using Babble, but that's part of the fun. Use Zuckuss. Love Zuckuss. :-)
  10. Well fluff wise, I expect the J5K is a lot more difficult to fly than the standard Y-Wing. Hence the EPT, But comparison wise? Y wing with TLT adjusted for PS3 is equivalent points. Then EPT and large base with a better dial to offset? Yeah maybe not completely equal, but then it shouldn;t be. No ship exists in a vacuum due what ships you should take to support them. Anyway you look at it you do need to spend about another 33% of your list to fly the jumpmaster. That could force difficult decisions in list building in the meta. More points is after all more points. Lists should be synergistic and judged on the whole, not individual piece comparisons IMO
  11. Ants

    Make Deadeye unique

    So far I have played one game against triple U boats, and I didn't even lose a ship. I don't think that is representative, but it does show it is not as all conquering and I look forward to facing it again to build more understanding. There are lists out there that have a problem with it, and I suspect we will see them in the meta. What I do concede is that you need to fly well against it. You do need to control range and arcs, so anything PS 3 and below does struggle. So far people have highlighted some good natural foils like Aggressors with high agility and HP. Interestingly Guri proved to be good as well. Once you get through the initial barrage, you are hoping to remove a ship and only be facing two more torps. 3 large base ships are a pain to fly around as well. That is a reasonable downside in of itself, and because of that they are much easy to gum up and block. A typical Z-95 should survive a shot in the first barrage, and bonus if they shot at it anyway, and be a reasonable blocker the following turn. Palob, Carnor are both reasonable meta choices to reduce the effectiveness of the strike, although at a third of the list it is a gamble. I think Whisper and Palp are reasonable as well. The R4 issue isn't the issue I think. Overclocked will do a pretty good job on those scouts (I think the only place the mech will find a home). Deadeye is very useful to be sure for the Low PS scouts, but they can still target lock if need be (even if not the best option against aces) But from my helicopter view, I don't see the 3 scout list being all conquering, or even close to staple in tournaments. Time will of course tell, but I am reminded about the reactions we got to 4 TLT before that and I wonder whether this is storm in a tea cup? In the casual scene I doubt we will see a huge prevalence (3 scouts are an expensive purchase), and in competitive play, the meta will adjust as it always does. So in my honest opinion I think it is way too soon to start calling for nerfs, as I think answers are out there. So in competitive play we just need to embrace the counters, and in casual just play what you like :-)
  12. Ants

    Mist Hunter Leaked!

    I'm not sure I agree with Sable that its dead on arrival. But I will say I don't think it is a ship that will be used in multiples. I think the ship has a bunch going for it that the standard B doesn't. +1 PS to place it above other generic and prevalent PS2 ships. Evade token on a Agility 1 ship. Not to mention it can make use of Juke/Sensor Jammer A better dial. 2 K turns to add some unpredictability and flexibility, and another green. All out just better. Crew to start. It can take a couple of really good scum only crew like outlaw tech to lever the restricted dial Its slightly less vulnerable to Plasma Torps ;-) Why I don't think we will see it in multiples is the Mist hunter title, giving it that reposition, is unique. And I think it kind of relies on it. I think we may see the unique's more often because of this, but I am slightly worried about how expensive a loaded 4 Lom/Zuckuss will be. But in tandem with a Palob, this can be one terrifying ship..... If it can get to fire. But time will tell.
  13. Here are a couple of my normal builds for ships Boba, VI, Engine, Tactician/Rec Spec, Inertial Dampeners Palob, TLT, Bossk, Wired (some like Moldy Crow) N'Dru, Glitterstim, Crackshot, Homing Missiles (and soon to be Guidance chips) Trandoshan Slaver Gunner, Bossk, Tactician Guri, Sensor Jammer, Predator, Autothrusters, Virago title Y Wing Thug, TLT, Unhinged Astro (Sometimes BTL A4) Y Wing thug Ion Turret Unhinged Astro BTL-A4 Most of my early lists were Fat ship plus some support. Like Boba and two Y wings. Now a days I tend to up my efficiency with jousting lists. I've had reasonable results (mostly wins) with the following prior Wave 8 (as above) (all unbeaten against various lists) Guri, Ion thug, 3 Binyare Pirates Slaver, Pirate, 2 TLT Ywings with title. (Have tried tractor on the YV and no astro) 4 Khiraxz Fighters 1 Scyk with Mangler Otherwise its kind of Boba, IG 88B or mix and Match like reiver mentioned above
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