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  1. They are. I do let me sort it into a postable format. The Corvans do not make anything bigger than a light cruiser but i do have destroyers and corvettes.for them. I hvent really got the hang of making fighters for Armada yet. Though i have several Corvan fighters for x wing
  2. I will admit im not a fan f the ship itself. But you have done an exceptional job with them. They look great
  3. I was working , still am but it is a big project, on a large dreadnought that was requested, and a modular transpprt for X Wing.also a background project.. Im plannign a frgiate based on one of the backgroungd ships in RotJ and a couple of cruiser class capital ships. Any suggestions. Nothing that FFG is likely to make or that im lilkely to get a C and D from Disney for *L* . So thing from books or that are rarely seen preferably
  4. I was worried about the Shapeways price changes but it seems most of mine have gone down, some by quite a bit. Hooray *L*. Now back towork
  5. working on a few. old models but im re-detailing them
  6. i've considered such things but it seems to me there would be limited use for things like that in the play field. And the shapeways base cost would likely make it prohibitively expensive. it is almost a foot long as it is
  7. Oh, I see what you mean. its easy enough to combine them.ill let you know when it is done
  8. Newest thing im working on The Corellian Starhunter assault transport. Based loosely on some of the pre-production versions of the U Wing when it was going to be more Falcon sized.
  9. https://www.shapeways.com/shops/einargosric?sort=newest on the first page
  10. not unfeasible. though id get rid of the secondaries because of power requirements. but then one has the problem of heavy guns make a ship a target for other heavy guns
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