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  1. If the games are only three turns long, the card is on average worth less than 4 points and requires sabine not too die. If you're being so protective with sabine then chances are you're not going to get much more points out of her than this. If you're not being protective with Sabine a sensible opponent would remove her. It's a good card, i just feel it's a bit of an exaggeration to call it overpowered/broken. Like most new things it will just require some adapting too.
  2. Don't know about you guys but i find most games aren't really much longer than 3-4 rounds. This means if the card is drawn early enough it can be worth at most 8 points, likely less. If the opponent gets it early on you know it. At which point you can focus on sabine. If they hide sabine they are potentially only just earning her points back. There are also other ways to get rid of it via command cards (negation, spy cards) and a few other methods (e.g. Mak, Blaise).
  3. Seems like a cool idea. We had one for doing a bad list tournament, where you have to come up witht the worst (usable) list possible and swap lists withyour opponent. More challenging than you think! Also, probably not making a huge difference, but a couple of command cards missing from the no 16 list: new orders and force push.
  4. Anyone else reckon that C3PO and Leia will be crew cards that come with the Tantive IV? (Assuming that the bigger starships will still have crew cards in a similar fashion?)
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