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  1. Sithborg

    All Hail the Empire of the Mouse!

    I am well aware of what Murdoch kept in the sale. Some of the early plans I saw talked about when this first started going forward... concerned me.
  2. Sithborg

    All Hail the Empire of the Mouse!

    Let's just say, I have concerns about what New Fox will do with their broadcast channel. Almost as worrying as Disney gaining such a control of market share in theatrical releases.
  3. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    Yeah, which is why I am noping out of the Darth Revan event. I will get him eventually. Also didn't buy the new Droideka pack, which made me sad. Anthem, from what I heard, is just a broken game.
  4. Sithborg

    Terrifying Technology: Vulture preview

    Nothing we have seen suggests that they operate that way, though. You are describing a condition. But, they didn't make them into a condition. As is, they can be scraped off and shot off, like in the movie. And how you get them is just like in the movie, by flying through a cloud of them. And honestly, barrel roll to spin them off kind of makes sense. As is, they are a neat addition to the game, and the board is quickly going to get crowded with all sorts of junk now besides your starting 6 obstacles.
  5. Sithborg

    Dormitz to 70 points, Hyperspace to 10

    Assuming the playtesters saw both of those cards in the form that we got it. Which isn't a safe bet.
  6. Sithborg

    What do you preorder from Seps and/or Republic?

    The main question is answered by "What is your budget" I will eventually want 2 of both of the squadron packs, 2 Vulture Droid and 2 ARCs, with 1 Infiltrator and 1 Jedi Fighter. I am leaning toward to going in on Republic before getting Separatists.
  7. Sithborg

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

  8. Sithborg

    Sith Infiltrator Preview

    Okay, Remote devices is quite fascinating. I guess we see other reasons on why we can target devices and obstacles now. I kind of really want to see what else they do with the idea.
  9. Sithborg

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    People who try to make this point seem to have forgotten the first season.
  10. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    You can get some tidbits about Magnaguard and Droideka from the video as well. Grievous is good.
  11. That is not what they said. That new content like pilots would be made available. They were vague for a reason.
  12. Sithborg

    No online preorder?

    I believe it is a side of effect of their board game license. You can't buy the Star Wars board games directly from FFG.
  13. Sithborg


    Not saying that its needed, just that it what people will want. We still don't know all the content, but there are going to be people who want more options. Honestly, 8 characters for a 5 player games feels bit low.
  14. Sithborg

    New SW Board Game Announced

    Its cheaper, quicker, and less mini intensive than Rebellion? I'm sold.
  15. Sithborg


    I think the game kind of is begging for expansions, really. I mean, with only 8 pilots you can be, there is a very, very good chance someone's favorite character gets left off. And as far as I know, we have no idea how many ships are in the game (at least 5 starter ships). That is definitely going to be an area where people will want expansions. Compared to Rebellion, this game seems more easily expandable. I mean, all 6 of the ESB Bounty Hunters won't be playable characters, and that will be something that will be a fan request. The player characters and the available ships are what I am most interested in, at the moment.