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  1. Yeah, just card and board games. Something a bit easier to play/present when the people are separated.
  2. Yeah, I would avoid EA games day 1.
  3. These are the upgrades they listed in the trailer. Remains to be seen if that is all.
  4. Knee jerk in that you are insistent on letting everyone know you hate the new movies. Because god forbid someone references something from a movie you hated. I hated Infinity War, you don't see me being insistent that my view of the movie is correct and everyone needs to hear my opinion. There is a reason Star Wars "discourse" has gotten so tiring over the past 3 years. Anyway, I am half tempted to pick up a cheap PS4 for this game.
  5. I think that was in referencing in how they want the ships to be able to "drift" in space, which Star Wars defies physics. The key being him referring to Poe's attack run in TLJ.
  6. Luckily, in canon, the Defender isn't quite as god like as you may think.
  7. Its EA. They are extremely skittish about paywalls in Star Wars games, after the Battlefront 2 debacle. We will see what happens. This is clearly a side project, and one coming out at a kind of weird time for expansion, as it comes out just as the new consoles will be coming out.
  8. I mean, based on what we saw in Rebels, would it really be nerfing the Defender to make it on par with the B-wing, and not unbalanced? `I also vote for the Fang Fighter to be the Advanced counterpart in any DLC.
  9. Here are the 60 components they listed in the trailer. Go and speculate.
  10. It looks to me, that the "healing" is going to be load out dependent. Looking at the chart of components, you see "repair system" is on a lot of the TIEs. I think we still have to see if loadouts work differently per class, and if each class has limits on what it can take for loadouts (IE, fighters can't take 3 ordinance). With over 50 components, and each ship able to take 3, I think there is going to be variation even in class.
  11. At 1:30, that looks an awful lot like an Advanced V1 in the targeting computer.
  12. Those cockpits are right from X-wing/TIE Fighter. And lol at the Ewok bobble head. Looks fun. Some room for new classes.
  13. The Ahsoka novel covers this pretty well. The only issue I had with the finale is that Filoni's killing of the Rookiees came back to bite him here. A stand off between Rex and Jesse is whatever. If that had been Fives or Echo, much more powerful.
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