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  1. Well, Treacherous is going to be fun. I suspect that gas clouds give a strain token for overlapping. Should hopefully have some over effect, as I don't see them doing damage.
  2. Sithborg

    EA abandoning battlefront 2

    And another game bites the dust. https://www.ign.com/articles/2019/01/16/star-wars-open-world-game-canceled-at-ea
  3. Sithborg

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I mean, his dad is a senator on Hosnian Prime. Which, ummm, if you've seen TFA... There isn't too much of a time jump, they just gave Kaz some messed up hair in some shots.
  4. Sithborg

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Looks like the first season will end around TLJ. We see BB-8's replacement. I imagine that switch off will happen fairly quickly when it returns. Also looks like we will be getting confirmation of Starkiller Base moving, as I suspect they are investigating where it was originally built. Love how it seems to be leading up to and tying into TFA and TLJ. I wonder if we will actually see Kaz's dad before the events of TFA.
  5. Sithborg

    Servants of Strife Preview Article

    Those dials are definitely... unique.
  6. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    So, OT Falcon is coming as a Legendary event, ala Chimaera. Piloted by Raid Han and OT Chewie, so expect it to be difficult.
  7. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    We are a bit flooded with events at the moment. This is likely just an end of year extravaganza. Yoda and Palpatine tend to alternate in the months they run. I'm not entirely sure what the rotation of the other legendary events are. Feels like they run them once every three months. Are the Legendary events actually running, because all I see now are the Mythic events because I have cleared the normal events.
  8. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    7 starred Chewie today. Took a few tries (key for Bossk not to get stunned). And I have a new arena team, which has be easily hanging out in the top 200, which I haven't been able to do easily past few months. Rey JT, BB-8, Artoo, Threepio, and Chewie. Quite fun.
  9. Sithborg

    Those with the new kits - did FFG screw us over again?

    And I am reminded of the old Wave 3 Advanced Sensors issue. I will maintain that same stance, patience will win out eventually. And until then, have fun working with the cards you have. I did appreciate getting more 2.0 tokens in my Resistance kit, though.
  10. Sithborg


    They didn't announce the Swarm or Elemental Defenders, since this was supposed to be more of a tease. It is assumed that they are coming after those 4.
  11. Sithborg


    March releases. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42034/more-monsterpocalypse-monsters-buildings And it looks like the Now factions are coming to the game next year. https://icv2.com/articles/news/view/42012/privateer-teases-2019-releases Though the agenda switch of Uber Corp and Tritons are a surprise. And in other news, I am finally going to get around to assembling my Gorghadra this week.
  12. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    With Phoenix, you get Palp and Thrawn. Pretty good basis to unlock Artoo. And Artoo is the tough one needed for CLS. You are also 2/5 for Jedi for Yoda, who has gotten pretty good. Luminara, Quiggy, and Ahsoka are easy farms to get Yoda. And then, it is kind of what you want. I kind of recommend BHs, because they are a very versatile squad for a lot of things. Needed for some TB events, good for the Credit/Training Droid events, and the BH events are great for some rarer shards. But, I also like BHs.
  13. Sithborg

    Anyone playing SW: Galaxy of Heroes app?

    My opponent looked okay.
  14. Sithborg

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    Clearly, it is cheaper to make character models, given that we have a wide variety of characters. Even of alien species.
  15. Sithborg

    STAR WARS: RESISTANCE Discussion Thread!

    I like Torra. I wish we could get some more time with the rest of the aces.