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  1. What everyone else said lol It is all about perspective. The important thing here is that they are not chaos-tainted. The everyday SD soldier is still praying to the Emperor, just not bowing down to Imperial taxation/regulation/etc. The Imperium will then go out of its way to label them "hereticus" and launch a crusade to bring them to heel, simply because secession can never be tolerated. First its this sector, then it's another, etc. etc.
  2. Ah, right. I assumed you were talking about software. I am legit trying to do as little legwork as possible right now. It is a PbP game so that gives me a lot of wiggle room, but between marriage/grad school/work, I am looking for convenience.
  3. That is definitely a start. Thank you. I want them rather spidery. Organic at the very least, but that is an easy fix with moving some traits around and what not. Maybe taking the Mech Spider and going from there. Do you have a link to this critter generator? That would be dope.
  4. Does anyone have anything, or know of anywhere, I can find a solid spider or arachnid type creature. Anything that gives solid baseline stats for a creature even remotely like that would help.
  5. This is great. I will have to nerf them, I am sure, as they come from Deathwatch. Either way, that is a start and I am grateful. This is amazing. Exactly what I was looking for. Great detail went into that too. I am thoroughly impressed. Thanks, Jargal!
  6. Has anyone stated any Genestealer cultists for any games? If so, what base profile did you start from and what special attributes/traits/talents do you recommend as must-haves for them? I suppose I should also ask, does a stat block for these guys appear anywhere in any of the published material?
  7. I love the work you put into this first and foremost. The layout looks fantastic. Granted, it is just a simple Word document, but you put time into it. That is rad. OK, to the meat and bones - found a typo in the very first note: "If you spend a point to use improve a Test..." I am curious about boosting the RAW +10 to a test to +30 but not increasing the DoS option as well. Any particular reason why? I love the auto-10 on initiative option. Also "Second Wind" is genius. It really gives players an incentive to use their FPs which then builds more pressure the rest of the game when they are getting low. Fantastic. I don't understand the Role Bonus/Talent use of fate points. Does this mean a PC can use a FP to use a talent that they don't already possess? OK, that is the first page done. I will await responses before jumping into anymore. Cheers!
  8. A bionic implant in the brain could do it. This could range from loyalty implants to implants specifically made to shut down parts of the brain when intense fear reactions begin. A way to acquire it during roleplay could be to gift it to any player who has X amount of successful Fear Resist tests. You could also allow certain archetypes/roles to purchase it just like they would a talent. Depending on what system you are using this could be a set price (500xp per unnatural bonus) or aptitude based treated like a talent (Tier 3; Willpower & Psyker -OR- Leadership).
  9. Here is how the Kroot Rifle should read: ・Kroot Rifle (basic; 110m; S/2/-; 2d10+1 E, pen 3; Mag: 6, Rld: 2 full/melee; 1d10+4 R, pen 2; Unwieldy if used one handed, Defensive if used in both hands) - Extremely RareThe Kroot rifle employs modified ammunition and an improved firing mechanism, resulting in increased range and drastic reduction in noise when fired. Kroot forces using these weapons have employed them as sniper rifles, wielding them to eliminate key enemy personnel before launching a devastating assault. Into the Storm rules also suffice.
  10. The Kroot Rifle damage listed is incorrect. I copied and pasted from Vespid (which I stated first) and never changed it. Whoops. Definitely wanted to nerf the neutron blaster from the DW stats. The reason it doesn't have a semi-auto option is because it literally doesn't have a magazine capacity in the new version. So, the only back side to semi-auto would be the +0 rather than the single shot +10 to hit modifier. With the new stat block sure they are losing a shot, but their minimum and average damage is much higher with every shot. I will definitely think on it.
  11. UPDATED KROOT AND VESPID: - Kroot Mercenary The Kroot are a species of savage humanoids who are a member species of the Tau Empire who evolved from avian creatures. Kroot are tall aliens (a good half-meter taller than most humans), their avian ancestry giving them a bird-like beak and long quills protruding from their heads like hair. Smaller quills, possibly the evolutionary remnants of feathers, can be found scattered over their bodies. A unique feature of the Kroot is that they evolve by selecting traits of their defeated foes to absorb by eating them. Due to this, the many Kroot warbands across the galaxy often look radically different. **For Roleplaying Tips consult Rogue Trader "Into The Storm" pg. 47-48 Characteristic Modifiers: + Agility, Weapon Skill, Strength; - Fellowship, Intelligence. Aptitudes: General; Agility, Ballistic Skill, Finesse, Fieldcraft, Offense, Strength, Weapon Skill. Starting Wounds: 1d5+9 Starting Fate Points: 2 (Fate Threshold: Starting Skills: Awareness, Dodge, Stealth, Speak Language (Kroot & Tau) Starting Talents: Weapon Training (Choose 2), Melee Weapon Training, Exotic Weapon Training (Kroot rifle), Heightened Senses (Hearing & Sight), Mercenary. Starting Traits: - Eaters of the Dead: Kroot are infamous for their practice of devouring the corpses of their foes. If necessary, they will even turn cannibal and eat Kroot corpses. A Kroot who devours a fresh corpse (the GM has discretion to decide what qualifies as “fresh”— typically, the corpse must have been killed no more than 24 hours previously, and the corpse must be that of an organic creature; no daemons or machines!) gains a number of bonus Wounds equal to the unmodified Toughness Bonus that the corpse possessed when it was alive (typically three). These bonus Wounds may not exceed the Kroot’s own Toughness Bonus and remain for a number of hours equal to the Kroot’s Toughness Bonus or until they are lost, whichever comes first. Unlike normal Wounds, these bonus Wounds are removed when affected by the Damage of any successful attack, and are always removed first before applying Damage to the Kroot’s normal Wounds. In addition, a Kroot who consumes a fresh corpse heals at twice the normal rate and adds one additional bonus Wound to any wounds healed through any other means (i.e., psychic healing, etc.) for a number of hours equal to his Toughness Bonus. A Kroot can only receive bonus Wounds from one consumed corpse at a time. If a Kroot consumes a corpse while benefiting from bonus Wounds from a previous corpse, he loses the previous bonus Wounds and gains bonus Wounds from the new corpse instead. - Fieldcraft: Kroot gain a +10 bonus to all Stealth Tests. In addition, Kroot treat forests, jungles, and similar environments as open terrain. - Lightly Armored ("Kroot Physiology"): Kroot are far more comfortable wearing light armor or piecemeal protection scavenged from the battlefield. When a Kroot wears armor that provides more than 3 APs, he loses the benefits of the Unnatural Perception and Fieldcraft Traits. (Note that Kroot do not start with Unnatural Perception (4), but can purchase it for 500xp). - Kroot Beak: The Kroot’s beak is a natural weapon with the following profile: 1d10+SB R, Primitive (7). - Kindreds: Among the Kroot, a Kindred represents a combination of clan and tribe—a group of warriors serving the same Shaper (or Shaper council). They are brethren, fiercely loyal to each other and trained in the same beliefs and traditions since birth. A Kroot character must select one Kindred ("Into the Storm" pg. 49-50). - Unnatural Strength (4): +4 to Strength Bonus. - Non Imperial (As Rogue Trader - unimportant for our game) - Speak Not Unto the Alien (As Rogue Trader - unimportant for our game) Starting Gear: - Kroot Rifle (basic; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+12 E, pen 8; Rld: -; 7 kg; Toxic; Near Unique): - Mono Knife - Microbead - Kroot Leathers - Kroot Void Suit Racial Traits: - Kroot Physiology: Unless a player is either Kroot, or has the Reaper Medical Training talent, medicae tests to treat a Kroot suffer a -20 penalty. Furthermore, bionics are taboo in Kroot culture. GMs and players should work closely together to decide if a bionic is even possible and, if so, the ramifications it will have for the Kroot among its peers. - Vespid Stingwing When the Tau first encountered the Vespids, they saw a species of great potential value to the Greater Good and came to greatly covet their crystal-based technologies. Although the species had developed a reasonably stable planetary government and was able to utilise its advanced technology for a wide variety of uses, it had not yet achieved space flight. Tau Water Caste cadres established contact, yet were unable at first to communicate with the species. This was not a mundane matter of vocalisation or the understanding of language, for the Vespids have an utterly alien mindset. Initially, the Tau were not only unable to communicate, but incapable of getting the Vespids to even register that they were fellow sentients. The matter was eventually resolved at the command of the Ethereal Caste, who issued instructions for the construction of an interface device that forged a connection between the two species and facilitated communication. The moment the device was employed, the Vespid not only registered the Tau as fellow sentients, they instantly understood the concept of the Greater Good and their place within it. By gifting senior Vespids with "Communion Helms" fitted with the interface device, the Tau are able to communicate with the species at large. Characteristic Modifiers: + Ballistic Skill, Toughness, Agility; - Intelligence, Fellowship. Aptitudes : General; Agility, Ballistic Skill, Fieldcraft, Finesse, Offense, Perception, Toughness. Starting Wounds: 1d5+9 Starting Fate Points: 2 (Fate Threshold: 10) Starting Skills: Acrobatics, Awareness, Dodge, Common Lore (Vespid), Speak Language (Tau & Vespid), Survival. Starting Talents: Exotic Weapon Training (Neutron Blaster) Starting Traits: - Armored Tarsus Claw: The Stingwings' diamond hard claws allowed them in ancient times to excavate tunnels in the rock of their drifting islands on Vespid, though mechanical devices now perform this function. These claws can also be used to devastating effect in melee combat, where they can rend and tear armour from their foes. This gives the Stingwing The Improved Natural Weapons (Claw) Trait, which has a profile of 1d10+SB Pen X. X is equal to the amount of armour granted by the Reinforced Chitinous Plates Trait. - Chitinous Wings: Vespid have chitinous wings that seem to defy the laws of bio-aerodynamics. All Vespid count as having the Flyer (10) Trait. - Oceli (500xp): Adult Stingwings have three pairs of "eyes" known as oceli. The uppermost pair is believed to see in the ultraviolet spectrum, the middle in the spectrum of visible light and the lowest in infrared. This Trait grants the Vespid the Dark Sight and Unnatural Senses trait, allowing them to see utilizing Normal, Infrared, and Ultraviolet spectrums. - Reinforced Chitinous Plates (1): Vespid are covered in a chitinous exoskeleton that protects their organs from harm and provides them a skeletal structure. This trait grants the Vespid Natural Armour X where X is the number noted next to this talent when it is taken. This armor stacks with any worn armor, though it must be Vespid Armour as Vespid are unable to wear the armor of any other race. All Vespid start with (1) but further upgrades can be purchased, denoting their rising maturity; upgrades up to (4) may be purchased for 500xp each. - Unnatural Toughness (4): (+4 to Toughness Bonus) - Non Imperial (As Rogue Trader - unimportant for our game) - Speak Not Unto the Alien (As Rogue Trader - unimportant for our game) Starting Gear: - Neutron Blaster (basic; 30m; S/-/-; 1d10+12 E, pen 8; Rld: -; 7 kg; Toxic; Near Unique): The Neutron Blaster which the Vespid Stingwings carry, is a unique blending of Tau technology and the unstable radioactive crystals that the Vespid mine. The energy harnessed from the crystal allows the weapon to strip atoms off of the target. Due to the Vespid's wings creating different harmonic resonances within the crystal, they are the only creatures able to effectively wield the Neutron Blaster. - Modified Communion Helm: Communion Helms are Tau-manufactured masks or helmets worn by Vespid Strain Leaders. Even among the Tau, the technology utilised in the Communion Helm is largely a mystery, as the Earth Caste created the devices following the directives of the Ethereals. What is known is that the Vespids view the world around them in a very different way to most other sentient beings, and their frame of reference is so far removed they often fail to relate to other species as even sentient, yet alone a friend or enemy. The Communion Helm allows for communication between the two species, although some amongst the Ordo Xenos believe that the helm actually attunes its wearer to the worldview of the Tau. Modified Communion Helms are Extremely Rare and were created out of necessity. They allow the Vespid to understand and interact with non-Vespid species. Without this helm the Vespid cannot successfully interact with any Non-Vespid as they lose the ability to understand how other species interpret stimuli. - Mesoplarum Armour (All: 4 AP; Extremely Rare): A Vespid wears armour into combat to protect key body parts, including major internal organs and the frontal portions of their limbs. This armour is made of a material known as Mesoplarum, and is of Tau manufacture. Mesoplarum is a similar composite material to that worn in the armour of Tau Fire Warrior infantry and the Vespid are believed to be capable of manufacturing this material in their own production facilities, and may now be doing so in large quantities. It is usable only by Vespid Stingwings. Racial Traits: - Insectoid and Chitinous: Vespid Stingwings have an incredibly strange biology with their chameleon-like hide and subdermal toxin glands. As such any Non- Vespid that attempts to perform a Medicae test on a Vespid suffers a -20 penalty due to their alien nature. Special: - Insanity Points: Vespid accrue Insanity Points as normal. - Corruption Points: Vespid gain Corruption Points as normal when utilizing the Communion Helm, otherwise they do not. New Skill: - Speak Language (Vespid) - Vespid speak utilizing a confusing series of clicks, gestures, and wing movements. It is not usually possible for other species to learn to speak it, but they can learn to understand it.
  12. Yeah, looking back at it, the fact that it costs a FP is too much. How about "Once per encounter the Tash'varian may inflict extra damage equal to his DoS on the attack."
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