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  1. Feel free, Dante! I would be honored. Anyway is fine. How about a gratuitous self promotion for the play-by-post forum I run (we have since moved from that original forum/link)? Here is the latest link, though I don't believe anything mechanical has changed: I hope you get a lot of mileage out of it!
  2. Editable Character Sheet

    ...Did this ever go anywhere?
  3. One-Handed Weapon used with two hands

    You could always go oldschool (DnD status) and allow an additional 50% strength bonus (rounded down) added on. In other words, if their SB is 4, the weapon will hit with 1d10+6 (1/2 of 4 is 2, so 4+2 = 6). That shouldn't be game breaking and it will prevent the PC from using anything else in the other hand.
  4. Hey all, Pearldrum1 here. I have been a long time follower and poster on the 40k games forums here, but this is my first time delving into the fantasy realm. I just wanted to put it out there that some friends and I, all long time gamers/RPGers/Hobbyists with years of experience between us have started a new dedicated Play-by-post and homebrew discussion site. If anyone is looking for a place to game, feel free to come by. Cheers. Play By Post Gaming Link - CLICK ME!
  5. Play by Post site!

    Yeah, Tapatalk gave some pretty horrid options. Luckily the new site is open for business.
  6. Play by Post site!

    So, a small coterie of us had been working for a while on transferring over to a new PbP site and this comment really solidified the need to do so. Having said that, WE HAVE OUR NEW SITE! It is up and functional and our active games are either transferred or in the process of being transferred. Homebrew creations are up and we are ready to start populating the place with new players, GMs, or just observers who want to post their own homebrew creations for review. All are welcome! Join us (link): PLAY BY POST GAMING!
  7. Play by Post site!

    Dude, tell me about it. freeforums was recently "integrated" into tapatalk. It never used to look like that. Tapatalk did this and all of us on the site hate them for it. But regardless, if you want a place to play, there it is.
  8. Hey all, it has been a while since I have been around. I was thinking (naively) that with these forums in the archives they wouldn't be active. Apologies. I spammed all the game pages before they went to the archives promoting the PbP site I moderate, and am here to do so once more! If anyone would like to come get their PbP on, we have a bunch of games for you to play in or run. Anything you like. New PbP website here: Come check us out. Cheers.
  9. Great work, man. Some volkite weaponry may have to make its way into my games. Question about the gravitron weapon special quality. If you are adding the targets unmodified toughness bonus to the damage it causes, do you still use toughness bonus as a static damage negater? For example, would a character with TB 8 (UT x2) soak 8 damage, but take 4 extra do to their unmodified bonus of 4? If that's the case, it functions a lot like Felling in that regard.
  10. Bizzarre character contest.

    That is a solid head canon. Spirits of the betrayed made manifest by the Emperor after he found their souls swimming in the Warp looking for vengeance. That's metal.
  11. Bizzarre character contest.

    Reformed traitor Astartes. Not a blackshield or anything like that, but a former traitor who realized the error of his ways, broke his allegiance with the Chaos gods and now roams the galaxy as a one-man badass army doing good in random places.
  12. I know, I know. This has probably been asked a million times, but before I start I want to say that I did do a search of the forums and found some really useful stuff. First of all, shout out to AK-73 for this: This is how I intend on running squad mode abilities in my game. As for my question... the squad leader of my group recently chose Oath of Loyalty. One of the rules that comes with the Oath I found peculiar: "A Killteam which takes this oath gains a +1 bonus on Cohesion Challenge rolls and their leader may add +10 to all tests to resist Cohesion damage." I had always assumed this Oath just granted a flat +1 to the KT's Cohesion Pool. Apparently, I was wrong. The +1 to Cohesion challenge is cool, but I feel without the additional +1 starting cohesion it is a bit lackluster unless one intends to use a lot of Cohesion Challenge tests. So, I suppose my question is this: Do you think giving the additional +1 to Cohesion in addition to the Oath's stated effects would be a little too much? In a related question, how often have you used Cohesion Challenges in your games?
  13. Pre Heresy Space Marines

    I am going to use the absolute **** out of this after the current campaign I am running comes to an end. This is amazing.
  14. All the Oaths

    Right on. Again, appreciate it!