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  1. Forgot to post this last week but want to report an excellent trade with PanchoX1!
  2. My post from this thread is so old I'm just going to make a new one. Have for trade: AA Soontir Fel AA Ten Numb AA Han Solo (movie still, 2014 Winter Tournament Kit) AA Poe Dameron AA IG-88C Looking for: 2017 Store Championship Acrylic Orange Range Ruler Any other acrylic tokens and rulers (except for cloak, stress, ion, extra munitions, and evade tokens and 2014, 2015, and 2016 acrylic range rulers) Just send me a PM if there's anything you're interested in. -Schmarbs
  3. I like them all pretty much equally, though overall I've probably flown Rebels the most. Before I stopped playing I had been playing a lot of Scum small ships (G1As, Z-95s, and Y-Wings specifically). I'm not a fan of flying mindless fat turrets.
  4. My budget isn't very high. I'll end up buying all the ships over time but for now let's say my budget is $75 or so.
  5. Hi all, I took a break from the game for a little while and am now looking at rejoining the fray. I'm pretty much up to date on ships up through wave 8 (I'm missing one ship pre-wave 8), but haven't bought a single ship since. So no wave 9, 10, or 11 or Heroes of the Resistance or the C-Roc. Are there ships in these waves that are must haves? I've been looking at picking up a Scurrg and a couple of Protectorate Starfighters. Any words for or against those? Or any other ships that would be better options/stronger in the current meta? Thanks! Schmarbs
  6. Reporting a great trade with Swimmingordy!
  7. Not sure if I'll get any hits, but looking to trade my alt art cards for Zombicide components. I wanted to give y'all first shot at my cards before pursuing other means. Front page hasn't been updated recently but have about 5 trades successfully completed on this forum. Have for trade: 2014 Worlds AA Vader AA Mauler Mithel AA Wedge Antilles AA Biggs AA Colonel Jendon AA Ten Numb AA Soontir Fel AA Boba Fett (scum) Oversized Han Solo and Boba Fett AA IG88 C Looking for: Complete K-Wing expansion x2 Season 2 Prison Outbreak Season 3 Rue Morgue Angry Neighbors Most small packs (VIP 1 and 2, Murder of Crowz, etc)
  8. I was in Raleigh area for most of my adult life, but I took a job in Charlotte. I miss the RTP area immensely. Probably the biggest difference is the bumper stickers. I get the nerd and tech ones in RTP, but I don't get the fishing or NASCAR ones in Charlotte. I do go back to Cary often enough as my wife is one of few people born and raised in Cary....back when it had one stop light. Just be careful putting it together. It's sturdy but some of the joints are a very tight fit so I could easily see somebody using a bit too much force and breaking a connector. Get out a hammer or rubber mallet and lightly tap the pieces into place if you're having trouble getting them together. And lastly, pay close attention to which panels you're using. Some of the different panels look very similar but the connecting pieces won't line up just right. Don't try to put one where it doesn't actually fit.
  9. I'd go with: Original Core Set TIE fo expansion TIE Fighter expansion Imperial Aces TIE Interceptor expansion Imperial Veterans TIE Defender expansion TIE Bomber expansion TIE Advanced expansion And I'd buy them in that order as well. Original core plus the two TIE fighter variant expansions gives you a lot of options with a mixed/modified TIE swarm. After that, Imp Aces and TIE interceptor gives you most of what you'll need to fly interceptors effectively (a few more upgrades would be very good but you'd need to buy expansions from other factions). Then Imp Vets plus the defender and bomber expacs gives you pretty much everything you need for those two ships. And lastly, TIE advanced because Vader. And I guess TIE advanced proto if you want the Inquisitor.
  10. As far as the Mini-American Card Case from Broken Token, see my signature as to how many upgrade cards will fit with room to spare. Though I need to add that I do not keep multiples of unique upgrade cards or more than 4 of the same upgrade card sleeved and in the box. I think I currently have about 350 sleeved upgrade cards stored in it.
  11. My storage consists of a Plano 732 tackle box for all of my ships, tokens, maneuver dials, range rulers, and upgrade cards. Specifically for the tokens I use a small one row plastic arts and crafts storage box. My ships all fit in the three large tackle trays, one tray per faction. The ship ID bases are in one of the smaller side trays. I switched out the other smaller side tray for a deeper tray which now houses all of my maneuver dials. The top of the tackle box contains all of the stuff that won't fit in the trays: range rulers, maneuver templates, my token storage container, my upgrade cards, and all of my extra pilot cards. Specifically for my upgrade cards I bought a Broken Token Mini-American Card Case. The thing is awesome and it fits nicely into the top of my tackle box. The case is made of wood and snaps together. You can use glue to hold the joints in place if you like but I've found the pieces fit snug together and don't need glue. So far it holds all of my upgrade cards, sleeved, with room to spare.
  12. I randomly decided to make a mixed list a couple of weeks ago and it included all three of these ships. I titled the list "You Don't Need No Stinkin' Tokens."
  13. I feel this is a very poor choice of abbreviations hah.
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