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  1. I honestly don't think losing these forums are going to matter at all. Internet forums are a dying breed, anyway; most companies don't bother anymore. This one in particular is only frequented by a rather small percentage of the player base. Most of our fellow players won't notice the difference between these existing and not. Everything this forum did for us could be done just as easily by a different website, one that doesn't cost AMG/FFG/Asmodee any money to create, maintain, and moderate. It's sad that they are going in an "end of an era" kind of way, but no one should really take it to mean anything beyond internet forums aren't worth the trouble anymore.
  2. For @Biophysical's list, I suspect it's because ponying up the points means basically dropping one of the two X-wings. But as someone else who's often putting Ion Torps on Wedge, a big reason is that Wedge often finds himself firing them with just a single mod. That, in turn, means that he ends up only hitting for 1-2 damage a depressingly large amount of the time, and when you've spent 8-13 points on the weapon that's some real despair. It's much more palatable for that to happen to a 4-point Ion Torp, and if it gets through for more and ends up ionising the target, all the better. APT isn't as despair inducing when it whiffs, but brings with it the risk of dying before getting the chance to use it. There's always a very real chance Wedge will have to spend his lock attacking on the first turn of shooting, then end up bumped when he closes, and then die soon after.
  3. Given that the relative positions between the Eta and the LAAT can be all the way out to range 6 while having Fire Convergence still work, I don't believe you.
  4. Yes, I'm sure, because I'm not a fool and have therefore had my LAAT or a random Torrent or V-wing lock you already to waste your upgrade's only charge.
  5. Given that this 1 damage is the difference between shooting back or getting initiative killed, and then still moving next turn and requiring yet more attention to finish off, I think it's pretty significant. This kind of thing snowballs fast.
  6. DR4CO

    ETA Reactions

    It doesn't stop it, no. As you say, the Autoblaster is a V attack with a special effect if you also have the enemy in bullseye. But if you're running the Autoblaster, then you're already going for unpreventable damage (and, presumably, you've brought R7-A7 to guarantee it) and Outmaneuver would seem to be a fair amount of overkill.
  7. DR4CO

    ETA Reactions

    APT would seem to make more sense when using new Obi-Wan, as his ability requires Anakin have enemy ships at range 1. Thus you want to be going for the standard line of dive, Passive, then either block & Intimidate or pump an APT into someone.
  8. I am quite convinced that Rebel players in general are sleeping on the generic E-wings. Corran and Gavin are still half-a-dozen points too expensive, but the generics are strong. I'm mucking around with this and it's proving rather terrifying. Rogue Squadron Escort + Fire-Control System + R3 Astromech (56) Rogue Squadron Escort + Fire-Control System + R3 Astromech (56) Rogue Squadron Escort + Fire-Control System + R3 Astromech (56) AP-5 (32) = 200 Just set your locks on the two best targets on the first turn, then wade into combat with full mods at your disposal. If you're up against generics, you initiative kill them all, and if you're up against aces you have the firepower to apply heaps of pressure.
  9. The interesting end result of this is that, because Hondo isn't a Coordinate action, Nodin is well within his rights to use his ability to perform an actual Coordinate action... which would trigger his ability again.
  10. 3 7B Jedi Knights and Yoda. EDIT: only question is, what upgrade does Yoda get? Sense, or Tractor?
  11. I assume you've added the Turret upgrade already (to satisfy VTG's prerequisite of having a Rotate action)? If so, definitely a glitch.
  12. Good sir, have you met our Lord and Savior, Dash Rendar?
  13. I find that's true of most force multiplying lynchpins. 😛
  14. Something being cool and fun to play against, and being too efficient and in need of a light tap on the head, are not mutually exclusive things.
  15. Serves him right for making you first player, and then ending up in your arc with a ship that moves twice.
  16. Aggies aren't good. Or, at least, this doesn't do anything to prove if they are or not. All that is proves is the same thing that was proven last time: Sloane is so broken that the rest of her list doesn't matter. She could probably carry 1.0 HWKs to a major title.
  17. You can throw the cards out if you like, but it doesn't take that much effort to jump on a Buy-Swap-Sell page and offload the parts you don't want.
  18. 6x Stalgasins with Predator would still have enough alpha-strike to make every single i1-2 pilot unplayable by simply threatening the matchup. The Nantex is just such a horrible mess of a ship, with so many game-breaking mechanics, that it will only ever have 2 modes: unplayable trash, or oppressive monster. I don't believe it will ever find a home as "just another ship". Adding the mod slot back to any of these pilots just means we get to "enjoy" Ensnare + Afterburners. I'd rather not have to deal with a ship that can straight-9 and then Tractor me.
  19. "Highly unlikely" is a gross underestimation. For an opponent to deal 33 damage to your list without actually killing something, without the two of you actively colluding to engineer the situation? I would call it statistically impossible. So while it's true that there is currently no rule covering this situation, I don't think it will ever actually be necessary.
  20. And they're all wrong. The RZ-2 is, quite frankly, what a 2-dice ship needs to be in order to be relevant -- and even then, only just. All of the ships that look bad alongside the RZ-2 need to be adjusted to match it, not the reverse. Making the RZ-2 look "balanced" compared to stuff like RZ-1s and Z-95s just means we'll have yet another unplayable 2-attack ship.
  21. You all confuse me. I fail to see how a meh talent that you'll trigger for value once or twice a game if you spam it is going to suddenly let RZ-2s rise from the depths of mediocrity to be the new meta monster. I get that you all hate this ship for some unfathomable reason, but come on.
  22. Playable? Yes. Competitive? I have doubts. It's more like 5x missile SFs, which are probably Tier 2-3, and I reckon these things will be worse overall (you're i1, will get chewed up by crits. your medium bases are going to be really easy to focus down, and you have to make a call on your turret really early).
  23. When you could just have Broadside with an Ion Turret for 41? Probably not.
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