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  1. Just to put that into game terms: it meant that, if you had 5 Vultures w/ struts before, you suddenly had 6. Literally a whole extra ship.
  2. That was me, and I stand by it being possibly the biggest reason why FFG are never, ever going to say that the Hardpoint abilities allow double-upgrade cards. I get it, people want to buff their poor little M3-As. I sympathise. I really do. But it's never going to happen, because allowing Poe to run around without even needing to think about his wings for his first 5 shots of the game sounds like a balance nightmare. Not to mention it'd let him deny range bonus, turning him into a combination Soontir & Grand Inquisitor only with twice the HP. This does not sound wholesome. There is no world in which FFG decide that they'd like to try and figure that out just to give the M3-A a buff. They'll make whatever rules exceptions they have to make to avoid it. I suggest you all make peace with that.
  3. Apologies -- I wasn't remembering the card quite right. Been a little while. 😂 You're right, you had to decide on the boost at the beginning of the activation phase. But you got to decide whether you wanted to T-Roll or turn on command. So you could dial in the turn, and if it was safe go for the T-Roll, if it wasn't safe just do the regular turn and Focus for defence or barrel roll out of range. It was kinda gross.
  4. I wasn't one of the people who seem to have scarred Fig for life, but I dabble with the named X-wings in late 1st Edition. They were actually pretty good -- being able to decide whether to do a 3-turn boost and leave, or a 3-tallon and come about with a PS9 Wedge and a PS10 Wes was pretty strong. Never had time to properly figure out if it had real legs or not, but I suspect it would have.
  5. I would imagine one's strategy advice would be assisted by knowing basic list building requirements.
  6. The one-copy-per-ship rule has been there since launch. I'm honestly wondering how you missed it.
  7. No more than one copy of any upgrade per ship still applies to Epic.
  8. I am also disappointed but not surprised. I've gotten used to OP making the worst of all possible decisions for competitive X-wing of late. 🙄
  9. In no particular order: Republic 2x2: For those not familiar, 2 Delta-7Bs and 2 Gold Squadron V-19s. I started flying it when Republic first landed and, when nothing else clicked, defaulted back to it 2 days before the Sydney SOS. It then carried me to the Top 4. RAC + Fel: A late entry, as I only flew it for the first time this weekend and, to my surprise, found it to be a lot of fun and much more effective than I thought. It's not particularly subtle -- just use RAC as a giant battering ram whose job is to trade for enough of the enemy that Fel can clean up. But hey, it works. Inquisitive Vynder: The Jendon + Quizzies list, but switches Grand Quiz out for a Diamond-Boron Major Vynder. Almost certainly a downgrade overall (although sending a Diamond-Boron into a Vulture swarm and following it with a Concussion is perhaps my favourite thing to do in 2.0), but what can I say? The power of GUNBOAT compelled me. Poe AAA: I ended up putting this away because I decided it wasn't strong enough competitively, but it was a lot of fun. Might pick it up again now I'm done with competitive play for a little while. Stressful Botting: 88A, 88B, 4-LOM. Like Poe AAA, got shelved because it wasn't good enough (but it's not that far off), but as a 1.0 BroBot main it was most enjoyable.
  10. If we're being honest, if you want to fly an all-i5 list, then Obi-Wan + Plo + Ric is strictly better in almost every way. The Republic ships have Force, can use said Force to fully-mod attacks on command, can double-reposition, have access to Sense, and the one who can't do any of that can token stack like a Defender. They also have more total HP if you factor in the regen. The only advantage the Resistance list has is the extra arcs allowing it greater time on target, but that doesn't even come close to evening out all of the advantages the Republic ships have.
  11. Not really, though, because in all those cases where Sense isn't helping, you've still saved a bunch of points that have been reinvested elsewhere, making your list more effective overall.
  12. Because saving 5-10 points by not bothering with the i6 and just giving one/both of the i5s Sense is better value for money.
  13. Dash is far too blunt an instrument to be an ace.
  14. Yes. As you say, the ships were Coordinated, and that's what Toryn looks for. Much action economy. Very wow.
  15. 1. Take the three most powerful Scum pilot abilities you can find. 2. Put them into Aggressors. 3. Equip IG-2000. Congratulations, you now have three ships all running around with all three pilot abilities. Enjoy!
  16. As one might expect, it varies by ship and pilot and some are in better spots than others, but in general, yes. I can't really think of a better example than the World championship just gone. The final table had 8 ships involved, half of which were movie ships (a TIE Advanced, an A-wing, a B-wing, and a X-wing), and three more (a TIE Advanced Proto and two Z-95s) that are TV canon, if not movie ships. 2.0 is far from perfect, but if you're interested in being able to fly a pretty wide array of your models, it is succeeding pretty well.
  17. Yeah, I'm @Kaptin Krunch on this one: it's entirely possible FFG have painted themselves into a corner and can never let this ship actually be playable. The bomber isn't like Leia crew, where having it be too cheap for 6 months would only cause a few headaches. The bomber is more like Dash, where there is little-to-no room between good and broken, and if we cross over that second line the result will be 6 months of meta-warping despair for all of us. Not my experience -- at least, not before the July update. When you've got a pair of Proton Torpedoes following the bombs in, beef is not that much of a problem at all. Also see Nymiranda from 1.0, which didn't mind beef at all because they had a pair of Harpoons to send in after the bombs. Over-buffed BSFs following the bombs with VTG double-taps would be pretty similar.
  18. Yeah... no. Let's not make Barrage Rocket Poe a thing. Thanks.
  19. I know a lot of people who have been using their cardboard templates for a while now. Helped in no small part because those plastic... things are absolutely hideous out of the box. And, even if one buys the templates, $17.70 is most of the way towards another ship, so that's not actually an insignificant saving in this situation.
  20. Well, I have played against him without the Han/Roark nonsense, and while it was more tolerable, it wasn't by a lot. You say he's like Mining TIEs or Vultures, and I must disagree vehemently with this statement. The only similarity is the cheating on rocks, but where the TIEs and Vultures have to actually come and fight, Dash just flies away and fires his endless supply of Proton Torpedoes. Games against him are less interesting by an order of magnitude. So, no, Dash is still broken, he's not at all interesting or fun to play against (YMMV on how he feels to play with, but "toilet bowl and sling 4-dice and let the variance decide" is not my idea of an interesting game), and I'm pretty sure I don't want to live in a world where he isn't overpriced.
  21. Based on people's reaction to that mechanic in X-wing, not well.
  22. And how much success does the supposedly undercosted Thane Kyrell see? If you answered not a lot, you'd be exactly right. Accoding to @Brunas's ATC, he's sitting around 40% overall winrate -- which, while not the worst, is pretty far from what I'd call 'good'.
  23. I would wager most people aren't aware of it, if only because of how niche the situation is. It only matters if: 1) Someone is playing Midnight; 2) This someone plays someone who has fielded ion weapons; 3) Midnight takes a lock on a ship carrying an ion weapon; 4) That ship then shoots at Midnight and dice variance lets it get through. That's a very specific sequence of events that needs to happen for this to even come up. Not really. You still need to actually roll the hits, and since you can't modify your dice you will often end up sitting there with your hit-focus-blank feeling very sad as the ace dismissively dodges your attack.
  24. My not owning any CIS is kind of a big limiting factor, and I'm not about to buy into a faction for something that's 100% destined for a nerf.
  25. This was brought up recently and the consensus was, as weird as it sounds, the answer is yes: if you can't modify your dice, you cannot spend the dice to deal that first point of damage, so all of your dice deal ion tokens. Fortunately the Ion Weapons are worded such as it doesn't matter if that first dice is actually spent or not. Since all remaining hits/crits deal ion tokens instead, the unspent dice just gets added to that group. Thus there's no danger of having ion weapons dealing full damage here. Remember that the lock from Midnight only matters when shooting at Midnight; if the locked ion carrier shoots at, say, Kylo, it modifies its dice as normal.
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