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  1. Flight-Assist Astromech. With charges and suitably costed, of course. That card was a lot of fun to use, and one of the few that was equally valuable on low and high initiative.
  2. What's this? Someone's being reasonable on the internet? BURN THE HERETIC!!! 😛
  3. There would be a risk of your opponent calling you for stalling / slow play if you were too pedantic about this, though. Do so at your own risk.
  4. DR4CO

    Improving x wing

    You're describing a meta dominated by three lists. We're seeing three different archetypes, which are represented by multiple factions, all of which put their own slight twist on each of the archetypes in question (ie. Imperial aces are quite different from Republic aces, Rebel beef is quite different from Resistance Beef, etc).
  5. Both shops are open till 10pm on game nights. I generally don't get in until 6:00 and still get at least 2, often 3 games in. Occasionally four, if a couple are particularly one-sided.
  6. Unfortunately you seem to be dead in between the two primary shops in Brisbane -- Ace Comics & Games at Annerley and The Magic Vault at Alderley. Both are about a half hour trip by public transport. If you decide it's worth it, the regular game nights are Wednesday for the Magic Vault and Friday for Ace. Both kick off in the early afternoon. EDIT: Although, I suppose fair warning is in order: depending on what exactly you mean by a few weeks, things might be rather quiet locally. There are two major tournaments in Sydney on consecutive weekends in early September which many of the local players are attending.
  7. Unique pilots on opposite sides of the same base means they only need to print half as many, which would allow more pilots in the pack (or keep it's size and cost down). There are pros and cons whichever way you go.
  8. Also, there's already an established baseline for all of these pilots. FFG don't need to figure out what the chassis is worth, how much it should pay for initiative, then figure out what each pilot ability is worth. Instead they can just skip straight to the last one. At least, in theory.
  9. As a counterpoint, there's no need for tokens, dials, ship ID markers, plastic bases, or upgrade cards in these packs. That's a lot of space saved over what had to be crammed into the conversion kits.
  10. DR4CO

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    Oh no, I'm not excited about the prospect. I'm arguing that it'd be so disgustingly good that FFG couldn't possibly be silly enough to do it.
  11. DR4CO

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    2-dice guns do actually hurt things these days. We're not shooting into Palp + Autothrusters + Focus + Evade anymore. And Hera would be unique in that she could dial in aggressive move, wait and see if the opponent turned on her, then switch it for a safe one if necessary. She doesn't have to hedge like other aces and could push for good shots in near-complete safety. EDIT: Also, PRockets are a thing. And, again, Hera can just wait and see which move she needs to do to line them up.
  12. DR4CO

    WAVE 6 [image heavy]

    @Hiemfire Yes, Hera's ability would be strong in both of those ships. Too strong, in point of fact. As @SabineKey says, Hera in an A-wing is an i5 ship which can pick between 7 different options when she flips her dial, ranging from turns in either direction to a 5-straight, then can double-reposition afterwards before doing it all again next turn. And the B-wing is only marginally worse; she could do anything from go straight to hard-turn to flip. Sure, there's the downside of stress -- oh hi, Cassian. About the only safe ship to give Hera that she flew in Rebels is an X-wing, as it's got reasonable but not extreme options for both red and blue moves (even with an R4 involved).
  13. DR4CO

    Figuring out Ric

    I see people make this mistake all the time when playing against swarms of any variety. Yes, killing the force multiplier first is ideal, but your opponent isn't going to let you have it and you'll lose the game chasing it. The first objective when fighting a swarm of any variety is not to die. You take what shots come your way, against whoever happens to be in arc, while achieving that objective. Eventually your damage will stack up enough to kill something, meaning there are now less arcs to dodge, so you can push for the next kill and make it easier again to get the next one. Repeat until you run of things to kill.
  14. Nym with a Goon + EPB costs 93 points, and Nym hasn't been armed yet. Realistically you're putting Tragedy Sim and another one, possibly two bombs on Nym. So let's say it costs more like 110 points to get Nym and an Electro-Proton Bomb on the table together, and it involves being stuck with an otherwise pretty useless Y-wing. If you're bringing an Andrasta Firespray you've basically committed to a 2-ship list. And, crucially, neither of those ships can take Tragedy Sim, so they need to get the bomb into position the old fashioned way. If Nym could equip the bomb himself, it would only cost 76 points, he'd still have capacity to bring a second bomb, he'd be free to invest in wingmen that are actually useful, and he could launch it into the middle of the map on turn 2 from complete safety. That would be dumb.
  15. Less dumb that it would be for Nym to be able to equip the silly thing.
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