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  1. You want to get rid of the stress ASAP, though, so the opponent has no chance to flip Proud Tradition.
  2. This is correct. There are a number of pilots, upgrades, and in fact a couple of whole ships released for 2.0 that aren't legal in the Hyperspace format. It's designed to create a different tournament experience from the "everything goes" nature of Extended. For a new player like yourself, I would recommend not bothering about the formats until and unless you decide to investigate tournament play and just play what you own.
  3. I don't know how much a First Edition comparison matters here, given that all of the ships mentioned above were completely unplayable trash at their First Edition prices.
  4. Snap wasn't the issue. He was collateral damage caused by the actually gamebreaking threat of an i5 Holo and i6 Vonreg being able to both Focus/Evade on command, and rather completely escape punishment for messing up with their ship ability (eg. "I'll try to roll out of your arc here. Oh, whoops, looks like it doesn't fit. Oh well, guess I'll just get gifted a Focus from Composure and use my action to Evade so I'm immune to damage or lock and try to kill you instead"). Overall, though, I find myself agreeing with @theBitterFig: while I'm pretty sure they weren't the intended targets, I'm not at all sad to see Composure Snap & Sabine go. I also flew both a fair bit before the change, and while they might not have been overpowered, they were very much "feels bad man" for the opponent as they watched me weaponise both Composure and the pilot abilities in complete defiance of their intended effects.
  5. i6 Precog and Advanced Sensors Defenders most definitely do not count as jank. 😛
  6. This. Bring it back, but take R2 Astromech out.
  7. Thrustmaster makes sticks that are PlayStation and PC compatible. I use one myself and have had no complaints.
  8. Certainly possible. But I'd prefer to keep the changes as simple as possible; explaining "Boba is charge based now" is easier than explaining "Boba is charge based, and also needs (X) upgrade equipped now".
  9. 1-3. Supernatural, Precog and Advanced Sensors all changed to "During the System Phase, you may [do things]." Precog and Sensors further changed to, "If you do, skip your Perform Action step this round." Supernatural gets to be the more expensive option that allows further actions during the normal activation. 4. Ensnare changed to "At the end of the Activation Phase, you may spend a Focus token to [do things]." 5. Boba Fett gets 2 recurring charges, and ability changed to "While attacking or defending, you may spend 1 charge to [do things]."
  10. Not on Gunboats (I've put them on Wedge before, because I got so sick of only dealing 1-2 damage with his Proton Torpedoes that I decided I might as well save some points). On the Gunboats, for the same price you can get an Ion Cannon, and while it's worse at range 3, it doesn't require you to announce your target ahead of time and doesn't have a dead zone at range 1, so I think that it's a little better overall.
  11. I'd question the necessity. The generics and Echo have mostly calmed down to be just another ship. The problem child is Whisper, who has a bunch of contributing factors making her so dominant.
  12. Speaking cynically, probably an appearance in one of the new pieces of media.
  13. Ten can spend both in a turn if he gets the double tap off. And if you're worried about double stress, you can just opt not to generate a stress on one of the others if need be.
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