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  1. DR4CO

    "limited edition" ships?

    As an Australian, meh. It's a minor annoyance at worst. No worse than all the other Worlds and GenCon exclusives we haven't been able to get over the years. In the grand scheme of things, this is a luxury item for a luxury item. It is of even less practical value than acrylic templates and such. Getting worked up about it's availablity is kind of ridiculous.
  2. DR4CO

    Who uses crit tokens?

    They're not worth the clutter... until you realise that you've irreversibly ruined the board state because the Damaged Sensor means you shouldn't have been able to take the lock that allowed your torpedo to destroy the enemy ship three turns ago. Or that the Damaged Engine means you should have been stressed after your turn and unable to reposition into that key block. Or that you should have blown up by now from the Loose Stabiliser. I could go on for days with tales of games that have compromised by missed damaged cards which likely wouldn't have been missed if people just used the bloody tokens.
  3. DR4CO

    Paige Tico and VTG

    There's a once per opportunity rule, but if you get multiple opportunities to use an ability in a round then you can use it each time (assuming there isn't another restriction, of course).
  4. DR4CO

    Regionals Data Project 2018-2019 Season

    @Truthiness I have the results from the second Regional in Queensland, Australia. Well, most of them -- missing the 10th place list at the moment. 1st Place: Simon Mahony (2/1, 25 points, 725 MoV) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Superior Positions Imperial Star Destroyer Kuat Refit + Admiral Ozzel + Strategic Advisor + Boarding Troopers + Early Warning System + Leading Shots + External Racks + Avenger [158] Raider I-class Corvette + Darth Vader + External Racks [50] Gozanti-class Cruisers + Repair Crews [27] Gozanti-class Cruisers + Hondo Ohnaka [25] Dengar + Major Rhymer + Morna Kee + VT-49 Decimator x3 389 points 2nd Place: Kia Seeto (3/0, 23 points, 460 MoV) Objectives: UNKNOWN Gladiator I + Ordnance Experts + Engine Techs + Assault Proton Torpedoes + Demolisher [83] Gladiator I + Ordnance Experts + Engine Techs + Assault Proton Torpedoes [73] Raider I + Admiral Sloane + Expanded Hangar Bay [73] Gozanti Cruisers [23] Gozanti Cruisers [23] Maarek Stele + Dengar + Colonel Jendon + Whisper + TIE Defender Squadron + Mauler Mithel + Valen Rudor 400 points 3rd Place: Rod Franze (2/1, 22 points, 436 MoV) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Minefields MC80 Assault Cruiser + Admiral Ackbar + Lando Calrissian + Advanced Projectors + Early Warning System + Leading Shots + Engine Techs + Quad Battery Turrets + Defiance [191] Hammerhead Torpedo + External Racks [39] Hammerhead Torpedo +External Racks [39] GR-75 Medium Transports + Expanded Hangar Bay [23] GR-75 Medium Transports + Expanded Hangar Bay [23] Jan Ors + X-wing Squadron x5 399 points 4th Place: Scott Bellamy (2/1, 19 points, 479 MoV) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Contested Outpost, Intel Sweep MC80 Assault Cruiser + Admiral Ackbar + Strategic Adviser + Electronic Countermeasures + Advanced Projectors + Leading Shots + Engine Techs + Quad Battery Turrets + Home One [193] Assault Frigate Mk.II B + Raymus Antilles + Gunnery Team + Advanced Projectors + Dual Turbolaser Turrets [97] Assault Frigate Mk.II B + Caitken and Shollan + Advanced Projectors + Dual Turbolaser Turrets [89] GR-75 Medium Transports + Comms Net [20] 399 points 5th Place: Ben Doyle (2/1, 16 points, 316 MoV) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Contested Outpost, Superior Positions Kuat Refit + Grand Admiral Thrawn + Strategic Adviser + Ruthless Strategists + Electronic Countermeasures + Leading Shots + Ordnance Pods [166] Gladiator II + Agent Kallus + Ruthless Strategists + External Racks + Demolisher [82] Gozanti-class Cruisers + Bomber Command Center [31] Gozanti-class Cruisers + Comms Net [25] Major Rhymer + Captain Jonus + Lambda Shuttle + Jumpmaster + Black Squadron + Gamma Squadron + TIE Bomber Squadron x2 400 points 6th Place: Jayde Scott (1/2, 15 points, 301 MoV) Objectives: Advanced Gunnery, Fire Lanes, Sensor Net Interdictor Suppression + Moff Jerjerrod + Captain Brunson + Fighter Coordination Team + Grav Shift Reroute + Targeting Scrambler + Interdictor [131] ISD Kuat + Strategic Adviser + Boarding Troopers + Early Warning System + Leading Shots + External Racks + Avenger [138] Gozanti + Comms Net [25] Gozanti + Comms Net [25] Raider I + Ordnance Experts + External Racks [51] Lambda x2 400 points 7th Place: Robert Russel Objectives: Advanced Gunnery + Planetary Ion Cannon + Solar Corona MC80 Command Cruiser + Admiral Raddus + Strategic Adviser + Engine Techs + Electronic Countermeasures + Leading Shots + XI7 Turbolasers + Defiance [166] MC75 Armored Cruiser + Hondo Ohnaka + Boarding Troopers + Electronic Countermeasures + External Racks + Leading Shots + Quad Battery Turrets + Aspiration [131] GR-75 Transports + Leia Organa + Comms Net + Bright Hope [25] GR-75 Transports + Ahsoka Tano + Comms Net + Quantum Storm [23] Shara + Tycho + A-wing x2 400 points 8th Place: Lucas Ponce de Leon (1/2, 11 points, 270 MoV) Objectives: Opening Salvo, Fire Lanes, Solar Corona ISD Cymoon 1 Refit + Grand Moff Tarkin + Strategic Adviser + Intensify Firepower! + Gunnery Team + Quad Battery Turrets + XI7 Turbolasers + Sovereign [182] Arquitens Command Cruiser + Engine Techs + Quad Battery Turrets [72] Arquitens Command Cruiser + Engine Techs + Quad Battery Turrets [72] Arquitens Command Cruiser + Engine Techs + Quad Battery Turrets [72] 398 points 9th Place: Robert Leavey (1/2, 9 points, 197 MoV) Objectives: UNKNOWN Imperial I-class Star Destroyer + Governor Pryce + Flight Controllers + Boosted Comms + Expanded Hangar Bay + Leading Shots + Relentless [139] Raider I-class Corvette + Admiral Sloane + Ordnance Experts + External Racks [75] Raider I-class Corvette + Ordnance Experts + External Racks [51] Raider I-class Corvette + Ordnance Experts + External Racks [51] Dengar + Howlrunner + 5 x Tie Fighter Squadron 392 points
  5. DR4CO

    Trajectory simulator (1e!!!)

    Oh, we're talking HOTAC. This makes more sense now. As it was a fan made play mode, the base game never made allowances for HOTAC. You'll probably find a few setups that won't work on it.
  6. I wouldn't hold your breath for it to change, though. Proach/Yushun feels like an oversight/mistake in their design, but the overall rule likely exists specifically to stop "have your cake and eat it, too" setups like this one.
  7. DR4CO

    Why does the Arc-170 have a gunner slot?

    Because it does. Not every upgrade slot needs to have amazing options available immediately -- particularly given we have maybe 3 waves worth of upgrade cards trying to fit out 14 waves worth of ships.
  8. The answer can be found under Replacement Effects on page 2 of the Rules Reference: When a replacement effect resolves, the replaced effect is treated as having not occurred. If Nien uses Static Discharge Vanes, he is considered to have not received the ion token. Since he never received the ion token, he hasn't resolved Black One and can't remove the weapons disabled token.
  9. BroBots seem to like them full stop, based on my initial tests. Paying no points to get the option to go "Well, I blanked out/you rolled natties, guess I switch to the cannon" is actually just fine.
  10. If and when we get some, yes. But they are yet to produce obstacles outside of the cardboard ones.
  11. DR4CO

    Can a E-Wing Target Lock at range 0?

    To expand on that a little bit, one of the Golden Rules is: "If a card ability uses the word “cannot,” that effect is absolute and cannot be overridden by other effects." Since Experimental Scanners uses the word "cannot", it can't be overridden by anything. Compare with Colonel Jendon's pilot ability, which doesn't use the word cannot and therefore can be overridden by ST-321.
  12. No, they are not. Obstacles fall under "Objects" in the Tournament Regulations, and are considered an "Essential" component. You can only use the original cardboard punch-outs in a tournament situation.
  13. I don't actually think initiative based pricing is a good idea in general. Because just about everything gets better at higher initiative, so the argument never stops, and it doesn't actually work. Like yeah, sure, you could put a 6 point Proton Torpedo on your Blue Squad T-65 and gush about how much value he provides, but you're not really going to do that. You're going to put it on an i2 E-wing and break the game with Experimental Scanners. Or on i2 Bombers and break the game with Jendon. And, believe me, you might think you want to live in a world where you can spam this card, but you really don't. We had the same thing in 1st Edition with Harpoons, and everyone hated it. Only Protons are better because you can fire them twice. Initiative based pricing is a trap in general -- people will just play the card where it's best. That's what it should be priced for.
  14. DR4CO

    Nien Multiple Stress

    In 1st Edition, stress tokens were applied one at a time, so Nien could indeed remove as many as he liked (provided all other conditions were met, of course). 2nd Edition neither has that rule, nor a rule that states the opposite, leaving us a little in the lurch. As @meffo says, you almost need to check this event by event or game by game until FFG graces us with a ruling on the matter.
  15. DR4CO

    Meanwhile, they quietly killed Double-tap Dash

    Almost certainly a balancing factor so they could get away with having evade on the action bar at all. Otherwise every single Jedi starfighter would get to token stack like a Defender whenever it wanted. Which they'll still be able to do, but it'll cost them something.