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  1. Boba PTL Engine upgrade K4 droid Slave-1 Inertial Dampeners For 50 points. All three actions TL, Focus and Evade after using a green maneuver. I also team him with Scum Kath withe the same build called "Making Mandalorian Babies"
  2. Leebo with determination and HLC! I have had a good track record and so many people forget about the 360degree arc that Leebo has!
  3. PTL on Horton for TL and Focus on torp attacks.
  4. It was my mates birthday and we had a day long x-wing session with BIG games. At the start of the day he handed us printed pilot cards with our names on, a skill, a ps ability and ship....with some flavour text! It was great! Jon "Hell Yeah" Fawcett (My name and the fact that I regularly shout "Hell yeah" and I am a noisy bugger) Y-wing (My favourite ship) PS 7 Skill: After you take a Target lock action: immediately make a primary weapon attack. You can not attack again this round. The guy who made these tried to reflect our personalities too.#
  5. Unless you wait until you have fired all your other weapons first?
  6. Yesterday fired: 1x cluster missile 2x Assault missiles 2x homing missiles at a bounty hunter with no focus or evade tokens....total of 22 attack dice. The bounty hunter had 1 hull left! I then had to finish him off with 2 z95 firing at range two to finally kill him!
  7. The Battle-vette! 2x Quad guns Turbo laser Han Solo Weapons Engineer Merc Co-pilot Sensor team Engineering team Tantive 4 upgrade
  8. We reign over Magic players (or snap for adults!).
  9. pronounce his name like a Yorkshire man would say "He Turns about".
  10. I've been running Corran Horn: Horn +PTL+FCS+APT+Stealth A great little ship to deliver a massive blow and if the ship is still alive then use Horns ability to finish it off. I am also running Z-95's with Homing missiles to some good affect.
  11. R2 mech all the way makes these babies way more maneuverable
  12. I name mine the Rebel Interceptors!!!
  13. I tried: Corran + FCS + PTL + APT + Stealth 3x Bandits with Homing missiles. I also tried Corran+ FCS + PTL + APT + Stealth Etahn + FCS + PTL + APT + Stealth Gotta love that little Rebel ship.
  14. No one has mentioned that the firespray can be given the slave-1 title and piloted by Boba ------- That's why it is better than the defender! Boba iz da main man!!!
  15. Last night I played Blount: Swarm and Clusters Cracken Swarm and Assault 3x Bandits with Homing missiles. Very solid list that did well if you don't mind getting some ships killed!
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