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  1. i was actually thinking of getting Dominion or Descent 2nd ed. for Christmas... so i guess im going to get Descent xD.
  2. Oh, that's really cool 0.0 . Well, you have been a charm Julia, thanks for everything ;D All doubts dissipated ;D ! Thanks a lot! Just to be curious, what other boardgames do you like? Finally, sorry for al the typos in my post xD, seems like i have some butter in my fingers 0.0
  3. i loved all the dunwich AO's, for what i have read, they all seem really cool. And yes, some of IH seemed really cool, but others not so much.. I actually think that Rhan seems like fun xD, but i guess i have to fight against him. And what about Quachil-Uttaus? He seems wuite fun too I made an edit in my previous post ! Maybe you missed it x3, if you could resolve that final question i would be glad !
  4. Thanks for the quick response Julia, and those charts are quite interesting. I knew we were using the elder signs wrong all this time -.- , well actually im happy about it, games are going to be harder :3 . Im deffinitely going to put Mandy in rest for some time, just to see how things go. Dont get me wrong, i LOVE her (despite i have never used her) , i like pretty much all the base game characters so far.. except for Vincent Lee, who seems a little weak and slow, and has very bad karma ._. , everytime someone uses him, is a disaster for that person ( a friend got stuck THREE EXTRA TURNS in another world with vincent xD ) . Can i ask you what you think about the AO's in Dunwich and Innsmouth ? I have been obssessed with them lately, they seem to be SO MUCH FUN, and their mechanics look a little more elaborated than the base game AO's . PS: About the printing of the promo cards, i'll have them next week ;D ! PS2: Sorry for the bad english, not my mother language ! EDIT: Oh, i remembered one more question! Let's say, im in the 1rst or 2nd half of another world, and an event there tells me to go back to Arkham... is it considered that gate to have been explored? Or the gate expells you and yu have to enter AGAIN? Same thing with the find portal card.. if i use it, is it considered that i have explored the gate from which im coming from?
  5. Hi! A couple of months ago, i got my hands on this incredible game ( allready ordered Dunwich, Innsmouth and Lurker! ) . I have played it a couple of times, i'll try to recall all of them here (i'll do this because there's a question about this i want to ask) : - My first game was against Yig, i read that Azathoth was the beginner's choice, but the fact that he pretty muchadded NOTHING to thegame was kind of "meh" to me, so we ( a group of 6 people ) went against Yig ;D . We had to go back to the rulebook a couple of times for being the very first time we played, but it was a beautiful game! Yig woke up, and we were not experienced enough to prevent his curse, so anyone was blessed xD, but we managed to kill him, thanks to a clued up Joe Dimond with a shotgun ! We didn't even know at that moment that this combination was so lethal xD, so iguess we were lucky! - Second game, against Ithaqua, took place immediatly after the Yig one, we were all very hyped and decided to play another game, but it had to be cancelled when we realized it was 5 am in the morning 0.0 . - Third game, it was against ithaqua again, a group of 4, we sealed him without any problem -Fourth, against Yig again ( i played with other people ) but this time i knew we had to get blessed. Yig woke up, but this time it was a walk in the park xD. - Fifth was another cancelled game, against Nyarlathothep ): - Sixth, Nyarly again, a new group of 4, we managed to seal him away ;D . - Seventh and my last one until now, the terrible Yogh-Sothoth 0.0 . Actually i thought it was going to be harder, we managed to seal him with the doom track at 7 i think. So now, some questions and reflexions: Until now, i have never lost a game, which kind of confueses me, because i keep reading how hard this game is, so i tried to figure out why... and i think i know why ! ---> Mandy Thompson... She was a constant in our games, at the moment i read her special ability, i knew she was OP. I realised this against Yog, thinking " Why wasnt it THAT hard? " i realised it was her all this time xD, closing the gates would have been a pain in the ass without her! I think i will try to avoid our group for using her next time, and it will be against Shub-Niggurath ! So i hope ( yes, I HOPE ) we get our asses served to us. I just want to know if it was her all this time 0.0 . So, what do you think about it ? Could it be Mandy Thompson? Is she really THAT OP ? Im prettyconvinced it was here all this time ! And here, another question: I think we have been using the Elder Signs wrong.. i mean, the card itself is pretty confusing... It says " any phase... " so, like, i cant use it in the movement phase, and then have an encounter in the same location? And is it an aoutomatic close+seal ? AND i have read that, to use it propperly, you first have to EXPLORE the other world, come back, and then use it in the encounter phase to instant close+seal ... so how does it exactly works? And my final question: How well does the difficulty scalates? I mean, my last game against Yog was a 7 people game.. and i think that it was another factor that made the game easier... we had all areas covered ( we had 2 investigators cleaning the monsters, 2-3 managing the gates, and we had 1-2 guys at times like doing pretty much nothing relevant /: ) . Is it like a known issue? I mean, you dont need 5 ppl to kill monsters, and you deffinitely dont want EVERYBODY to take clues to seal ( just let the ppl with more clues get them ) so, what happens to the other people? what do they do? Well, that's all ! I have been really enjoying the game so far, but i want it to get harder! I hope the expansions fix this!
  6. I would deffinitely buy the promo content, if it comes able at any moment ! See, i live in Argentina, and it's impossible to assist to any FFG related event, where the promo content is given. I have also searched on EBay, with no success /: So, is there any way of getting these? PS: This is my first post ! Been playing the game since like a month, is my second complex board game ( Game of Thrones 2nd ed. being the first one ever! ) and MAN, im loving it ! Everything FFG related has so much work into it. Respect from Argentina !
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