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  1. It can take Advanced Sensors, as well--so you could actually decloak, barrel roll, THEN execute your maneuver. Someone needs to make another map of all possible resulting firing arcs. . Let's see, Whisper with Engine Upgrade, PTL and Adv Sensors. [...]Possibilities? There's... too many of 'em! Don't forgett the Navigator Crew Upgrade. It has a System Icon and a Crew Icon.
  2. Why not? Being Ionized A) Doesn't stop actions. B) The decloaking and 2-> movement isn't an action or any other keyword... I can't see why an ionized Phantom, can't Barrel Roll 2-> then Decloak, then be forced to move the ionized 1->, then perform an action (or 2 if it can have PtL). What am I missing that would cause this not to be able to be done? Cheers FAQ page 3: Q: If a ship does not have a dial assigned to it when it activates during the Activation phase, can it resolve any effects that refer to its maneuver dial? A: No. For example, a HWK-290 with an ion token cannot use the effect of Navigator to change the speed of its maneuver.
  3. You know, the original source was ffg by itself. http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/news/wave4/cloak-action.png http://www.fantasyflightgames.com/ffg_content/x-wing/news/wave4/decloak.png
  4. So... triggered abilites... "When trigger condition is met resolve effect" "When attacking... " Everytime I am attacking I resolve that effect. If theres a "may" in the effect I can choose to resolve or not resolve that effect. "When attacking" triggers everytime I am attacking. Why should anybody be allowed to trigger it multiple times during one single attack? If there are multiple attacks than every attack triggers, but we are talking about 1 single attack. When someone with Oportunist attacks, or Backstabber attacks, or any other ability that starts with "When attacking". Th trigger is met. How often is the trigger met? One time. So resolve the effect one time. There is no possibilty that triggeres works diffrently for every single card. Same for Elusiveness. The trigger is "When defending". Resolve the effect every time you are defending. Why are you still arguing about effects? The whole problem was from the beginning: how often are you allowed to resolve the effect. This is about triggers (aka conditions). Ignore the effect! Tell me one single card with a trigger written on it that will resolve more often as it was triggered. Is there any?
  5. Even magic has abilities with conditions... Triggerd Ability. Ask any MtG player, this part works the same. "when condition A is true, you may resolve effect B to resolve effect C" Let's try it with the cost (effect B) as part of the condition: "When ((condition A is true) and (effect B is resolved)), resolve effect C" The cost (effect B) is now part of the condition... and it still triggers only 1 time since "condition A" is still part of the whole condition. Edit: Since there are some people here arguing with Magic Rules... The card reads like this: "When 'ship' creature attacks, you may pay 1 'stress' mana. 'ship' creature gets +1/+0 if you paid 1 'stress' mana" And not like "When 'ship' creature attacks, 'ship' creature gains: "pay 1 stress mana: 'ship' creature gets +1/+0"" See the diffrence?
  6. Three pages... just because of a conditional ability? There is a condition "When attacking" The ability can be used whenever the condition is met. The same gamestate can not trigger the same condition more than once. There are conditional abilites with the potential to trigger themself, but it's wirtten on the card itself it's not allowed. Like Luke/Gunner would create an endless chain of attacks if every attack misses. Or Push the Limit would trigger itself for even more actions. But Opportunist is not able to trigger itself, so no endless chain. Why can't a condition be triggerd multiple times with the same gamestate? "Whenever I won a game against you, I may pay 1$ to the bank to make you pay me 10$". If I have 10$ and you have 100$, and I won one game against you... now how much money am i allowed to get? Am I allowed to make you pay me 10$ ten times, because I am able to pay the cost ten times?
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