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  1. I'm looking to establish a play group in the Ohio Valley area. I'm willing to demo the game to interested individuals at any of the FLGS in the area (Saint Clairsville, Steubenville, Wheeling, Weirton) and would like to eventually grow the player count to the point that organized play would be an option. Any interested parties, leave a reply and we can work out a time and place for a demo.
  2. Wondering if there's either a group that plays LCGs or interest in establishing one in the southeastern portion of Ohio. I am predominantly interested in Netrunner, personally, but am interested in a few of the others as well. As point of reference for the region I'm in, Zanesville, Saint Clairsville, New Philadelphia and Cambridge are within my preferred driving area, but depending on the situation, I could drive further if necessary.
  3. Totally didn't post this in the right spot. Please disregard.
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