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  1. I'm in a local campaign using the Team Covenant campaign rules. My squad leader, Soontir Fell, has earned an additional ship qualification. Which Imperial ship should be added to his side of the flight line?
  2. jem

    Countering Y-Wings

    What assets and techniques can Imperials use to counter Y-Wings with ion cannons?
  3. How did the Tournament finish? What players and builds placed?
  4. Will be intown for a soccer tournament but save me a spot if the soccer tourney rains out.
  5. The gameday would be ideal but we may be in London on the 29th, will keep you posted. I was once able to attend a tournament in Bergan op Zoom. I live in Georgia in the States. Think Freisland.
  6. You must have flown well but it is hard to tell with all the glare.
  7. I will be visiting the Netherlands and Belgium at the end of the year. Maybe we can get a game in between second Christmas and New Years. I'll research jenevers in Schiedam one day and may still be able to play.
  8. jem

    My Worlds Experience

    We always have room for improvement and if you were luckier or played better you would have made the cut. As would the people behind you. Did your opponent strength factor in?
  9. Nice read and back ground to rules mechanics always makes things better.
  10. Hopefully posting in the wrong section doesn't reflect on your tournament chances.
  11. So they only way to remove an ion token is to suffer the ion effect?
  12. jem

    Christmas Advice

    A Firespray would help by partially balancing out the Falcon.
  13. Can anyone point me to the rules concerning getting rid of partial ionization on a big ship? Would one ionization token stay on the targeted large ship until a second ionization is received? danke
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