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  1. I signed up on Roll20 and will get the other guy to also.
  2. It seems the player finder is dead as I have not seen anything moving there so I am putting up my advertisement for my friend and I who are looking for a game that is just starting or one already going (preferring a group noob friendly). We are both fairly new to the Warhammer scene, him more than me. We are avid players of games and have fallen in love (so to speak) with it. I have played a few games of Deathwatch myself along with a few table top battles. We are looking for a game that would involve a voice program such as skype to play the game, the time frame would be friday-sunday for available days as he is in Germany and coordinating times would be more difficult during the week. We would both prefer a game both involving a decent amount narrative as well as combat. Our ideas of characters range from assault, devastator, scout/sniper and tactical. Myself preferring a Space Wolf Assault or Dark Angel Scout/Sniper (using a tactical marine setup and deploying with a sniper rifle or silenced bolter). We both look forward to any replies.
  3. Jflow


    ROLE: 2 Players LOOKING FOR: Deathwatch game (prefer one friendly to new players) TYPE OF GAME: Online SESSION SPECIFICS: Voice service (skype preferred) REGION: USA and Germany SESSION TIME AND TIMEZONE: Weekends (Friday-Sunday are usable) UTC -08:00 US Pacific and GMT+1 or German GAME STYLE: Both Narrative and Combat GAME SPECIFICS: Assault or Heavy Bolter and for him probably a Tactical COMMENTS: PM me for any questions or invites thank you!
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